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14:20  27 september  2021
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is now possible to venture into the Forbidden Forest Hogwarts

 is now possible to venture into the Forbidden Forest Hogwarts © Warner Bros. / Heyday Films / Collection Christophel / Collection Christophel via AFP Harry Potter wizarding school al Forbidden Forest "Follow a forest trail and discover scenes illuminated the Wizarding World of Harry Potter . "This is the promise for this new event signed Warner Bros. . On 21 July, the entertainment studio announced the creation of a meeting place for fans of the magical saga in the heart of UK entitled Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience.

Windows 11 das verbotene Upgrade © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows 11 The Forbidden Upgrade

The upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will be free, but it will remain denied many users because your PC does not meet the minimum requirements. So it is synonymous with the Intel Core i7-7700K in my primary desktop PC, although it still has sufficient performance, not supported by Windows 11. However, because I am convinced that it still works, I've never performed "forbidden upgrade" and will report at this point as it happened to me.

One thing in advance: criticizing Microsoft for the system requirements of Windows 11 is one thing. I do that even, I think that at least partially for pure arbitrariness to boost the sale of new devices. Nevertheless, I am aware: If problems arose on an officially unsupported device's operation, there is only one guilty, namely myself.

Windows 365: Private Customers and Streaming Excluded, Discount for Windows 10 Pro

 Windows 365: Private Customers and Streaming Excluded, Discount for Windows 10 Pro © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows 365 A new product usually raises many questions. Microsoft has therefore published a comprehensive FAQ for Windows 365, in which some interesting information is "hidden". For example, private customers are excluded and the use for server-like purposes can lead to sanctions. There is also discount for Windows 10 Pro users.

I started the self-experiment with the ISO file of Build 22000.194. This is officially an insider version, but what makes no difference, because there are only cumulative maintenance updates for Windows 11 anyway.

is updated is a Windows 10 Pro with all current updates at the stand of September 24, 2021.

After starting the setup, the Warning , which we have already reported. She points out that I have to handle his own risk, which I have to confirm by clicking on "accept" to continue the setup.

Windows 11 Upgradehinweis © Provided by Dr. Windows Windows 11 Upgrade Next

After the note has been confirmed, the Windows 11 Setup proposes a complete upgrade while maintaining all programs and files. Of course, all important data I have previously secured so that I can now click on "Install" and wait, what happens.

Windows 11 on non-compatible PCs: Grace period for insider

 Windows 11 on non-compatible PCs: Grace period for insider © Provided by Dr. Windows Windows Insider Program Windows Insiders who test Windows 11 on a PC that does not meet the minimum requirements have received the message since this week that they need to return to Windows 10 ( Report ). But it seems like something like a grace period. Brandon Leblanc by Microsoft, who cares for the insider program, wrote on Wednesday evening on Twitter that affected insider no longer receive new builds, but continues to be supplied with cumulative updates.

Windows 11 Upgrade © Provided by Dr. Windows Windows 11 Upgrade

You may already suspect it: The rest of the story is little spectacular. The upgrade is running through, the PC is restarted several times, and finally I am on the desktop of Windows 11.

a first short check shows: All data is still there, all installed programs were also taken over, and as far as I have that after three Days and various tests can judge, the programs are all still running.

The start menu is empty or virgin, that is, it looks like a reinstallation, the links of Windows 10 were therefore not taken over (see here ). In addition, some file links seem to have been lost, when opening a JPG file, for example, I got to see the known dialog again, which asks which program of this file type should be opened. In sum but it seems to have been a smooth upgrade.

I have already discovered: I can already discover the final version of Windows 11 in Hyper-V no longer virtualize the final version of Windows 11, the message appears at the beginning of the setup that the hardware is not compatible, and that's (despite activated TPM in Hyper -V). Workaround is the use of older insider ISO (e.g., 22000.132), where this test is not yet included.

Microsoft Makes Preview of Windows 11 available for Business Customers

 Microsoft Makes Preview of Windows 11 available for Business Customers © Provided by Silicon Windows 11 (Image: Microsoft) It is available in Insider Program for Business. There, Microsoft offers a preview of the 21h2 update for Windows 10. Consumers receive a first build of a new development branch of Windows 11. , however, in the Developer Channel Developer Channel in preparation for the market launch of Windows 11 On 5 October, Microsoft has released an on business customer-oriented Preview of the successor of Windows 10.

In addition, I have found that a rollback on Windows 10 is not possible, but this is completely normal for a manually performed inplace upgrade. The opportunity to return to Windows 10 will only give it if you perform the upgrade to Windows 11 via Windows Update.

The exciting part starts now. Microsoft has warned that Windows 11 does not receive any updates on unsupported hardware. It is generally assuming that this statement relates to future feature updates, but you still get maintenance and security updates. The updated app updates e.g. For clock, snipping tool or photos app, have not arrived so far, but this is no longer insider installation with me, I'm on the standard release path.

The coming weeks will show if I'm properly lying with my guess that Windows 11 can also be operated properly on non-compatible hardware. I will report.

Windows 11: Microsoft fires the official starting signal - Important information at a glance .
© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows 11 Brand Image In the end, it could not wait for Microsoft itself: on Monday evening, so at lunchtime in Redmond, you fired the official startup for Windows 11. Free after the motto "In parts of the world is already October 5". Windows boss Panos Panay speaks in the official announcement blog post from starting Windows 11 a new era for the PC. Fortunately, there is no secret made that Windows 11 has come first in order to sell new devices.

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