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12:00  05 october  2021
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The gambling industry in India has been booming for years. However, since creating online gambling establishments, gambling has taken on a more technological and mass character.

The absolute leader of gambling entertainment in India is casinos. Operators offer a fairly standard range - roulette, several types of card games, slots.

Sports betting comes in the next place on the list. The latest and the most popular are such things as football events and races. However, big Tennis, ice hockey, as well as basketball, and other native European betting are of little interest to Indians.

The modern assortment of slot machines, emulators, and thematic games can surprise the most demanding players of online casino in India. Even mobile versions of games and applications have become something commonplace every day. Therefore, to attract the attention of gamblers, many top online casinos in India continue to develop and form new, more technological offers. And some of their ideas are incredible.

Pros of online casinos

Despite everything, the advantages of online casinos are more than any disadvantages. The main disadvantage of playing games online is the inability to experience the natural environment at the gaming table. This disadvantage is most unfortunate for individuals who are used to trying to play in a traditional casino. But new players that have not tried to play in traditional casinos do not consider this a significant disadvantage.

Some time ago, the dissatisfaction was caused by insufficient security of deposits, lack of confidence in the honesty of online institutions, games, characterized by a great primitiveness, and a few minor drawbacks. However, at the present stage of development, games producers have got rid of most of the shortcomings. Also, now withdraw money from an online casino has become much easier than before.

Game development

At this time, companies and firms that develop games, quite a lot, and they continue to appear. It is a perfect kind of business. Today in this area of fierce competition. Young companies have different fates: some go bankrupt, more prominent manufacturers absorb others, and only a few breakthroughs to the top.

One example of a company that made it to the top is Yggdrasil. Until recently, no one had heard of it, but now it is on the trend of software producers; its games are in demand worldwide.

Innovation in the gaming industry

Despite the abundance of different online games, their manufacturers are developing many new ones. Some time ago, players admired 3D graphics in slots, and now it no longer surprises anyone. So manufacturers decided to make games based on virtual reality, with several levels and improving the characters. What else will come to mind game makers? We can only guess.

Live croupiers

Live dealers have become commonplace in most casinos lately. There are live dealers at the tables, who deal cards, etc., but they don't handle any financial transactions; the online game does.

Usually, a table with a large set of features on the side of the broadcast, where the bets are placed. Thus, a casino with live dealers recreates the atmosphere of actual casino table games. In addition, it attracts players who are distrustful of various random number generators.

Online casino versions for mobile devices

These days, players are not using a personal computer as they are using various smartphones and tablets. But, of course, online casino game software manufacturers have made versions for these gadgets as well.

Almost all well-known brands in the gaming business offer a version of games for mobile devices. It is faster to load, has more modest graphics, and is adapted to sensor control.

Virtual reality in online casinos

Today, the scope of VR is constantly increasing and includes the use of both mobile headsets and special helmets that transport you into a new world. This technology allows you to become part of a new space. Unfortunately, the prototypes were cumbersome, and the graphics left a lot to be desired. But now, modern virtual reality helmets do not have tons of wires, are compact enough and accessible to many. In addition, today's compact headsets like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR are available to many users.

NetEnt is one of the first vendors of casino software, which began working with virtual reality. Their popular Gonzo slot has been adapted for VR helmets. Using controllers and head motion capture, gamers can control the slot machine. The Web VR industry is still in its very early stages. However, many gambling providers are making efforts to popularize it in the future.

Augmented reality and online casinos

Fans of the famous gaming masterpiece Pokémon Go could personally experience the possibilities of augmented reality - AR. Such technology supplements the existing graphical capabilities, while VR brings the gamer inside the process itself. Unfortunately, augmented reality in the Ukrainian online casino industry has not yet found a significant response. Nevertheless, the works are in progress.

AR gambling can be implemented using wearable gadgets, projectors, or portable electronics. A hologram of a gambling establishment in an ordinary living room would be great entertainment for a friendly company and a fun time. The personal home gambling dealer is one of the perspectives of the gambling market.

Skills-Based Gambling

The gaming industry is affecting gambling entertainment as well. A new trend emerging in the United States (Atlantic City) provides a symbiosis of computer games and slots. Colorful graphics and rewards for skills do not leave players indifferent. Video Gambling Machines (VGM) are created to attract gamblers interested in exciting graphics, an exciting storyline, and the opportunity to win by applying skills. Cameco's VGM games already have thousands of fans. Considering the popularity of computer entertainment among young audiences, the industry has room to grow.


Cybersports is evolving at a galloping pace. Digital games have gone from a niche pastime for "geeks" to a multi-million dollar industry. Gamers play popular online projects like DotA 2 or League of Legends in front of a live audience of thousands and millions of Internet viewers. Such events inevitably become sweepstakes with bets on their favorite team.

Cybersport is very similar to the gambling industry or betting, as it has a similar betting principle. However, modern technological capabilities allow gambling to grow and form new niches of interest to millions of players. Just ten years ago, it was hard even to imagine such a variety of entertainment. Likewise, the current producers of games for virtual casinos adopt new technologies and are ready to surprise the audience of gamers with their novelties.

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