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09:45  12 october  2021
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focus sessions: Concentration Mode in Windows 11 tried

 focus sessions: Concentration Mode in Windows 11 tried © Contributed by Dr. Windows focus sessions in Windows 11 With Windows 11, Microsoft will even again more classic home users turn to, but that does not change the fact that Windows is mainly a system for work or play. At work, a new mode is to help you to stay focused and to come quickly to the goal: "Focus Sessions". The function is part of the app "clock" has the you miss a new name for the sake of simplicity (previously: Alarm & clock).

Windows Subsystem for Linux © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows Subsystem for Linux

Microsoft decouples the further development of the Windows Subsystem for Linux from the Windows Release Cycle. In the future, the WSL will be available in the store and be supplied with updates.

The new Store of Windows 11 published the Windows Subsystem for Linux as preview. However, the preview status does not refers to the product itself, but merely to the type of deployment.

Windows Subsystem for Linux im Store © Provided by Dr. Windows Windows Subsystem for Linux in the Store

Who clicks on "Download", only gets the same version of the WSL already included in Windows 11 at the moment. In the future, however, this will make a difference. In the Store version, the GUI component WSLG is already included, so no longer has to be installed separately.

Windows 11 on non-compatible PCs: Grace period for insider

 Windows 11 on non-compatible PCs: Grace period for insider © Provided by Dr. Windows Windows Insider Program Windows Insiders who test Windows 11 on a PC that does not meet the minimum requirements have received the message since this week that they need to return to Windows 10 ( Report ). But it seems like something like a grace period. Brandon Leblanc by Microsoft, who cares for the insider program, wrote on Wednesday evening on Twitter that affected insider no longer receive new builds, but continues to be supplied with cumulative updates.

So far, the updating of the WSL was bound to the release cycle of Windows, new features could only be delivered with a feature update for Windows. For Windows 11, there will only be a feature update per year, so it's the more important, as many components as possible, so it can be further developed separately.

Who uses the store version, the WSL does not need to turn on or disable or disable Windows features, the option is in effect with installation of the Store version, because it is installed as standard.

More info is available for this directly from Microsoft: A Preview of WSL in the Microsoft Store is Now Available! - Windows Command Line

Microsoft Edge Processes in the Task Manager of Windows 11 - and what happens when you ended .
© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Edge If the PC is suddenly slow or the fan is fully opened without a recognizable ground, then you usually throw a look into the Windows Task Manager to find out who or what is currently amok. On Windows 11, there are new ways in conjunction with Microsoft Edge, so as not to encounter the entire browser session in the abyss, if something is "hanging".

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