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17:15  12 october  2021
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Too hot for climate change: Limiting population growth

  Too hot for climate change: Limiting population growth Despite widespread recognition that humans are to blame for climate change, limiting the growth of populations is largely taboo and, with few exceptions, remains off the table during negotiations of climate change.With the world now approaching 8 billion human inhabitants, limiting the demographic growth of nations is not only ignored, but many countries continue to push for the interminable growth of their populations.

Smart Mobility is a young and strongly growing industry in Germany. As the infographic on the basis of a forecast of the Statista Mobility Market Outlooks shows, a market volume of around 90 billion euros is achieved in 2026. This corresponds to annual revenue growth of 22.9 percent (CAGR 2021-2026). The largest market segment is the "electromobility" with an expected volume of € 26.3 billion this year. In the worldwide comparison, the Smart Mobility Industry in Germany is currently ranking 3, behind China and the USA.

Smart Mobility combines various elements from the areas of technology and mobility, taking numerous problems in the sights, which are caused by urbanization, including CO2 emissions or congestion. The vision focuses on that there is no emissions and no accidents someday. Smart Mobility not only includes alternative types of means of transport (eg electric vehicles instead of traditional drive methods), but also newly invented types of carriage (eg ridesharing). The term often describes a mobility that is energy-efficient, emission, safe, convenient and affordable and which can be used intelligently.

Alliance of traffic associations calls for Sustainable Mobility Summit

 Alliance of traffic associations calls for Sustainable Mobility Summit An alliance for sustainable mobility industry has demanded a summit for sustainable mobility in Munich on the occasion of the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA). The summit should take place "within the first 100 days of the new federal government", the Alliance declared on Monday. The Alliance of Allianz Pro rail, the Federal Association of Future was initiated, the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) and the Bundesverband Carsharing (BCS).

The following sub-segments have been incorporated into the revenue data: Battery electric vehicles (BEVS), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVS), electric road vehicles, public charging stations, alternating and direct current connections, free-floating car and bikesharing bookings, bookings of station-based Car and Bikesharing, Taxi companies offering their services via an app (eg Free Now), car rental bookings, platforms that users can book trips offered by drivers with their private vehicles (eg Uber) and Platforms offering shared rides (ride pooling) with other riders (eg Moia, Via).

The Statista Mobility Market Outlook presents current market numbers and forecasts to the markets for motor vehicles and mobility services worldwide - sales, sales, prices and brands.

The graph shows the estimated revenues in the Smart Mobility Market in Germany by segment.

Umsatz im Smart Mobility Markt in Deutschland © Provided by Statista Sales in the Smart Mobility Market in Germany

China exports up 28% in September; surplus with US at $42B .
BEIJING (AP) — China’s import and export growth slowed in September amid shipping bottlenecks and other disruptions combined with coronavirus outbreaks, according to customs data reported Wednesday. The report showed exports rose 28.1% to $305.7 billion. That was slightly slower than the 33% increase logged in August, but faster than economists had forecast. Imports rose 17.6% to $240 billion, less than the previous month’s 26% but a bit more than expected. Disruptions in industrial supply chains have persisted after last year’s global economic downturn. Rising infections in the United States and some other markets also dampened consumer sentiment.

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