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18:40  13 october  2021
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Apple comes to media providers such as Netflix and Spotify counter

 Apple comes to media providers such as Netflix and Spotify counter in the dispute over the financial framework conditions in Apple's App-Store, the iPhone Group will meet the providers of media apps. © Benny Marty / Shutterstock.com Apple logo at the company headquarters in Cupertino.

Cupertino. As part of large digital market reforms in the EU, there should also be more competition on digital platforms. On the iPhone that would mean the possibility to load apps from other sources than from Apple themselves. The Group opposes.

 Apple verschärft angesichts der Pläne für neue EU-Regeln die Warnungen vor Risiken durch eine Öffnung des iPhones für App Stores anderer Anbieter.⇥Foto: Fabian Sommer/dpa © Fabian Sommer Apple Streams in view of the plans for new EU rules the warnings from risks through an opening of the iPhone for App Stores others Provider.⇥ photo: Fabian Summer / DPA

Apple Streams the warnings given the plans for new EU rules Before risks by opening the iPhone for App Stores of other providers. Users would be exposed to more dangerous apps, and Apple could protect them worse before, the Group argued in a 30-page paper published on Wednesday.

City of Tallahassee and police unveil app for residents to record interactions with officers

  City of Tallahassee and police unveil app for residents to record interactions with officers The City of Tallahassee and its police department introduced an app where users can stream and upload interactions with officers.Tallahassee Bystander hit app stores Tuesday morning.

On the iPhone, apps can only be installed from the group's in-house platform. Apple points out that so that all apps and updates are examined on his platform of software and human auditors to filter out harmful applications. In addition, developers would have to consider Apple specifications for privacy. In the so-called Sideloading, where apps are loaded onto the iPhone from other sources as the official store, these security measures were warned Apple.

in the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which is developed in the EU, is planned to recruit the opening of platforms for competing providers to strengthen competition. For digital articles and services sold via Apple's platform, a levy of 15 or 30 percent to the Group is due. On devices with the Google System Android, sales through the Play Store of the Group is a member of Google - on the platform, but other app stores are also allowed. Apple was already against the EU plans in June.

Judge rules Apple is not 'illegal monopolist' in high-profile Epic case

  Judge rules Apple is not 'illegal monopolist' in high-profile Epic case Apple is not an illegal monopoly but has engaged in illegal anticompetitive conduct, a California federal judge ruled Friday in the high-profile case brought by Epic Games. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, an Obama appointee, ruled that "the court does not find that it is impossible," but rather that Epic failed to demonstrate that Apple is "an illegal monopolist.""Nonetheless, the trial did show that Apple is engaging in anticompetitive conduct under California's competition laws," the judge said in the decision.

"Sideloading via direct downloads or other app stores would undermine Apple's protective mechanisms for safety and privacy," warned the iPhone Group in his new paper. This is not in the interest of users. Apple talks about counterfeit apps, which became popular applications and manipulated updates of the operating system. Especially the Group refers to dangerous Android apps in circulation and, for example, try to get login information and other data. The online criminals get more incentives in an opening to attack the iPhone, it was said.

Apple critics point out that programs from all sorts of sources can be loaded on the Group's MAC computers. Apple counters that the situation in smartphones was different because it contained a lot of privatous information. US legislative drafts for more competition in the tech industry take the business model in the visor. In the US, Apple recently recorded success in defending his app system on the iPhone. A judge refused the demand of the game company EPIC Games after opening the platform for other App Stores.

Apple delivers less iPhones from .
Bangalore because of chip deficiency. Not only the car industry grows up because microchips were missing. According to the global delivery bottlenecks, Apple can not produce millions of smartphones for a report. That's followed by the stock market. © Richard Drew The latest iPhone models from Apple at the first sale day end of September 2021 in New York (archive photo).

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