Technology EDITO. Presidential: the one who arrives at the priority theme for the French wins

10:50  17 october  2021
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Soccer - Injured Mbappe ruled out of France World Cup qualifiers

  Soccer - Injured Mbappe ruled out of France World Cup qualifiers Soccer - Injured Mbappe ruled out of France World Cup qualifiers"Kylian Mbappe felt a pain in his right calf at the end of the match against Bosnia in Strasbourg on Wednesday, which means he will not be able to take part in the next two matches of the French team, in Ukraine on Saturday and against Finland in Lyon next Tuesday," the FFF said in statement.

L'EDITO DU JDD - Sur Europe 1, le rédacteur en chef du service politique du JDD, David Revault d'Allonnes, revient sur les thématiques qui pourraient s'imposer lors de la prochaine campagne présidentielle. © AFP

The JDD Edito - on Europe 1, the editor of the JDD's Political Service, David Revault of Allonnes, returns to The themes that might impose itself in the next presidential campaign.

What will be the big topic of the presidential campaign? It is not very clear yet, but in any case is an extremely important issue. And strategically decisive.

David Revault of Allonnes: On what ground will the presidential election? On which themes? What will be the key proposals, those that could tip the ballot? At less than six months of the first round, we do not know yet what will be the main theater of the confrontation for the Elysee. This is a decisive question. Because of experience, the candidate who happens to settle on the priority theme for the French is often the one who wins. Jacques Chirac in 1995 on the social divide. Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 on the "work more to win more". And Emmanuel Macron in 2017 on renewal. It is therefore, for the contenders and their teams, to have the hollow nose. To feel the state of opinion. His receptivity to this or that question, his priorities. Because it's the big question. No question at a thousand euros, but can be 20% of the votes. The one that can allow a candidate to hoist in the second round. Or more, if elective affinities.

Virus pummels French Polynesia, straining ties with Paris

  Virus pummels French Polynesia, straining ties with Paris PAPEETE, Tahiti (AP) — France’s worst coronavirus outbreak is unfolding 12 times zones away from Paris, devastating Tahiti and other idyllic islands of French Polynesia. The South Pacific archipelagos lack enough oxygen, ICU beds and morgue space – and their vaccination rate is barely half the national average. Simultaneous outbreaks on remote islands and atolls are straining the ability of local authorities to evacuate patients to the territory’s few hospitals.“The problem is, there are a lot of deaths before we get there,” lamented Vincent Simon, the head of the regional emergency service.

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So what do you think about David? What will be the decisive subject of this campaign?

hard to say. We could have expected that the debate is about the major health crisis that we have just lived. On the government's balance sheet in its management of the COVID epidemic. But while this one seems to move away, the question seems to have fainted. Then he escaped anyone that the pre-campaign had started on regal themes: security, immigration, the fight against Islamism. Essentially pushed by Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, of course. But all the candidates for the right candidate have followed the footsteps. Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse and even the moderate and very European Michel Barnier have all returned in advance on these themes. Identity issues are still important and this time, it feels that they dominate the debate. But beware: we are six months from the deadline, and the wind can still turn. Moreover, there are some signs that do not deceive.

Pope in Slovakia to honor Holocaust dead on Day 2 of tour

  Pope in Slovakia to honor Holocaust dead on Day 2 of tour BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Pope Francis opened his first full day in Slovakia on Monday by meeting with church and state leaders ahead of an encounter with the country’s Jewish community to honor its Holocaust dead and atone for Catholic complicity in World War II-era racial laws and crimes. Francis arrived at the presidential palace, and later at the capital's St. Martin cathedral, looking well and rested on the second day of his four-day pilgrimage to Hungary and Slovakia which marks his first international outing since undergoing intestinal surgery in July.

You think we can attend a change of atmosphere? And what themes could be required?

Purchasing power, of course. And the question of wages. It is a question that always crosses the presidential campaigns. And there, we feel that she is rising. Slowly but surely in the opinion. Inflation, rising gas prices, oil, electricity are heavily felt in the daily lives of the French. And that's not a good presage for Emmanuel Macron. Certainly, it can avail themselves of indicators in good standing: the unemployment rate, growth prospects. But it's almost too beautiful a little too early. The issue of purchasing power is more not in opinion studies. And if it bursts up a few weeks of the first round, it would be catastrophic for the president. This is why Jean Castex will announce this week measures on the price of gasoline for the poorest. And that's why Emmanuel Macron will try to stay on the only economic ground, on which he considers to enjoy a competitive advantage over all his competitors. Not sure that we stay there.

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PARIS (AP) — A survivor of the terrible journey to Auschwitz remembered how the youngest wailed. There were 99 children squeezed among 751 adults gasping for air, crazed by thirst and hunger, aboard convoy No. 63 that departed Paris at 10 minutes past midday on Dec. 17, 1943. The 828 murdered at the death camp from that trainload alone included 3-year-old Francine Baur, her sister Myriam, 9, their brothers Antoine and Pierre, 6 and 10, and their parents Odette and André. All born in France, their French citizenship proved worthless under France's wartime Vichy regime that teamed up with the country's Nazi occupiers and their extermination of Jews.

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