Technology necessities will see their price increase!

15:50  20 october  2021
15:50  20 october  2021 Source:   femina.fr

Possible rise in baguette prices poses crunch for the French

  Possible rise in baguette prices poses crunch for the French PARIS (AP) — A hike in the cost of wheat is alarming French households who fear a possible rise in the price of the prized baguette, seen by many as a barometer of the country's economic health. Many boulangeries around France are putting up signs, warning customers that the long, crunchy staple could be going up in price by 3 to 5 centimes (4 to 6 cents), from its average of about 89 centimes (just over $1). “Although that might not seem like a lot, it’s a huge increase. The baguette is precious. It has only gone up 23 centimes in the last 20 years,” said Dominique Anract, president of the French Confederation of Bakeries and Pastry Shops.


Prices continue to rise as it is for petrol, gas or commodities such as coffee, pasta, bread ... What should we really expect for the prices of our products day-to-day ? Version Femina explains everything in this article! © iStock

Les produits de première nécessité vont voir leur prix augmenter ! essential products will see their price increase!

Since the beginning of the year, many commodities have seen their prices increase: + 62.2% for coffee, 14.6% for wheat, 29.5% for sugar or 49.6 % to the pulp. One can also add the price of the packaging and also transport costs skyrocketing. We are in a major inflation that manufacturers have more and more difficulty absorbing media reports West France.

First flames, then fees: Tahoe evacuees report price-gouging

  First flames, then fees: Tahoe evacuees report price-gouging STATELINE, Nev. (AP) — As fearful Lake Tahoe residents packed up belongings and fled a raging wildfire burning toward the California-Nevada border, some encountered an unexpected obstacle: price gouging. A rideshare company quoted a fee of more than $1,500 to be transported from the smoke-choked ski resort at Heavenly Valley to the safety of Reno-Tahoe International Airport, about eight times the going rate. A Nevada hotel-casino outside the evacuation order zone advertised a two-night stay for $1,090.72, almost four times the midweek rate offered a day earlier.

A significant increase in prices NielsenIQ The research firm has rendered accounts. The institute conducted a simulation to estimate the increase in prices in supermarkets and hypermarkets. The result is clear. The higher prices could reach 2% to 23% depending on the product categories, with up to 23% increase for toilet paper, up 15% for coffee and 12% for pasta.

However, this differs if we speak of a national brand or private label. Among retailers, the share of raw materials in the final price is much higher. Nielsen therefore analyzed a basket of 12 everyday products (spaghetti, olive, oil organic milk, box of six eggs, ground coffee ...). "If basket consists only of national brands, the price increase is limited to 3.2%," Nielsen analyzed. "On the other hand, if the basket is composed solely of distributors first price brands, the increase reached 11%."

Biden administration's opportunity to usher in healthcare price transparency

  Biden administration's opportunity to usher in healthcare price transparency The Wall Street Journal reported that prices can vary by ten times within the same hospital depending on the payer. An estimate that's the midpoint of such price variation provides patients with no financial certainty regarding their final bill and makes shopping impossible.Price estimators are just more pricing games from hospitals desperate to keep their real prices hidden so they can continue profiteering by keeping patients in the dark.

Nielsen acknowledges that for now, the increase is still very visible. Prices actually fell by 0.5% last year. Only for some products, the increase has already begun. Particularly for eggs (+ 3.4%) and pasta (2.9%) "Future developments will therefore be scrutinized," warns Nielsen. "Prudence, however, because the theoretical impact of inflation calculated here may well be mitigated by the players in the retail, industrial and distributors who have at heart to limit the impact on consumers' wallets. "

A text originally law

rise MPs and senators passed on 10 October to reach an agreement on the text that prenome "Egalim 2." This text aims to reinforce the first law "Egalim" that can compensate more precisely producers. "a clause of automatic price revision if large variation in costs such added "explains media West France. A new satisfactory for producers who may disappoint some consumers.

Energy bills could rise by hundreds of pounds

  Energy bills could rise by hundreds of pounds Consumers should be prepared for volatile gas prices and more suppliers collapsing, analysts say.Consumers should be prepared for further volatile gas prices and more suppliers collapsing, analysts from Cornwall Insight said.

According to many experts, the increase should not be huge. One way reassure the consum ator on future purchases. "For a 500 gram packet of pasta, it is 6-7 cents higher," admits on radio RMC Michel Biero, purchasing manager for Lidl stores. "We're talking about one or two cents on a loaf of bread or a jar of jam," valid Jean-Philippe André, president of the National Association of Food Industries (Asia).

"The share of food in the household budget continues to decline and is now close to 10%," said Asia Association in a statement. So it will be a slight increase, which is not equal to the gas bill could be upwards of 453 euros for some households according to recent calculations of the Energy Regulatory Comission (CRE)

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North Carolina Democratic Rep. David Price won't run again .
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Democratic U.S. Rep. David Price, the current dean of North Carolina's congressional delegation, announced Monday he won't seek reelection in 2022. The 81-year-old Price has represented the 4th District seat in the Raleigh-Durham area for all but one term since first joining Congress in 1987. Price made the announcement as state lawmakers are starting to redraw North Carolina's U.S. House district boundaries based on 2020 census figures. Even with Republican control of the General Assembly, most any reconfigured district drawn in the heavily Democratic region of the state would have made Price a heavy favorite to win next year.

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