Technology "bright", "necessary" or "a little cold": the Rennais discover the new antipode MJC

10:50  25 october  2021
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Rennes To save the UEFA coefficient of France

 Rennes To save the UEFA coefficient of France © provided by Sports.fr A first victory at the head of the Stade Rennais! Unlike the AS Monaco , eliminated from the race to the Champions League by Shakhtar, Wednesday, but donated in the Europa League (to accompany OL and OM), the Stage Rennais could not Loupe in dams in the Europa league conference to play a European cup this season. France will have a 6th European team this season.

À peine l’Antipode MJC inauguré, les usagers ont vite pris leurs aises dans la médiathèque et la bibliothèque permettant d’emprunter des instruments de musique ou l’un des 26 000 livres, CD ou DVD conservés. © West-France barely the antipode MJC inaugurated, the users quickly took their ease in the media library and the library to borrow musical instruments or one of the 26,000 pounds, CDs or DVDs preserved.

The Rennes were able to discover the new MJC antipode installed in the Courrouze district during a festive inauguration weekend these Saturday 23 and Sunday, October 24th. The cultural equipment for which the city of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) has invested more than 21 million euros, fuels curiosity. 6 100 visitors thus squeezed for the two days.

an air of nine floats still in the hallways. We would almost be tempted to put on skates to not dirty the floor. This weekend of 23 and 24 October 2021, the Rennes were invited to discover the new antipode of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) concerts and a host of animations punctuated the two days. 6 100 curious pushed the door of this imposing new equipment, spreading over more than 5,000 m2.

in pictures. The graffitiors of all countries at the work Boulevard du Colombier in Rennes

 in pictures. The graffitiors of all countries at the work Boulevard du Colombier in Rennes © West-France The Austrian "Riot 1394" is one of the 30 international graffitiores invited to paint the "Wall of Fame" boulevard du Colombier in the part of the teenage kicks festival. They come from Austria, Spain or France: this Saturday 11 and Sunday, September 12, 2021, 30 graffitiors repept the "Wall of Fame" of the Colombier Boulevard for the Teenage Kicks festival in Rennes.

Justine, 8 ans, et Nathalie, 49 ans, se sont offert une virée mère fille à la bibliothèque qu’elle fréquentait dans l’ancienne MJC de Cleunay où elles habitent. © West-France Justine, 8 years old, and Nathalie, 49, have offered a mother-in-law trip to the library she attended in the former Cleunay MJC where they live.

"Frankly, it was time for it to open! Judge Nathalie, 48 years beginning to get impatient. Three years of work, and more than 21 million euros, have been needed to get a library out of land, a large concert hall and a recording studio and rehearsal rooms.

"Necessary" and "Good news for schools"

Users of the old Library of the MJC, she lives Boulevard Cleunay, she was waiting to be able to borrow books again with her daughter Justine, 8 years old. "This is really a necessary equipment for the neighborhood that is growing. It's good news for schools. My daughter is in Champion-de-Cicé where, for some activities, they are close. I imagine they will come frequently here. Aesthetic side, Nathalie finds the site "Not bad, but a little cold. There is concrete everywhere ». Justine shares aesthetic diagnosis.

The OM, a sacred dolphin

 The OM, a sacred dolphin © provided by Sports.fr The OM has logically disposed of the Stade Rennais (2-0). The emotion was palpable this Sunday by the velodrome, where had been organized a tribute to Patrice de Peretti, the emblematic supporter of the OM left too early 21 years old. At this celebration prepared upstream was a poignant farewell, via a minute of applause before kickback, another fascinated by the club Phocean, René Malleville, won by cancer this Sunday.

Larbi et Rihab qui résident dans le quartier de Cleunay depuis deux ans sont venus découvrir la bibliothèque qu’ils attendaient « avec impatience ». © West-France Larbi and Rihab residing in the Cleunay district for two years have come to discover the library they were waiting for "impatiently".

A relative coldness rather well balanced by a few touches of colors and cushions cleverly arranged. A few hours after opening, kids already sit on the carpet to read their books. For them the antipode seems adopted.

Mari, 34 ans, habitant du Gros-Chêne est venu découvrir ce nouvel équipement dans un quartier qu’il ne fréquente plus depuis plusieurs années. © West-France Mari, 34, wholesale of the Gros-Oak has come to discover this new equipment in a neighborhood that it has not been frequent for several years.

"It's great to have that next to the house"

too, placed on the vast wooden platform on high windows, seem to have the place quickly. Larbi and Rihab are in full reading. A BD on the zombies for him, a historical novel for her. They have lived for two years in the Cleunay district. They never set foot in the old Cleunay antipode, distant from 600 m. But the new courrouze they find it "really beautiful, warm and well thought out. I admit that if it had not been close to home, I will not have moved. It's great to have that next to the house, " gets excited, 27 years old.

Rihab continues: "This proximity is very important. I came for the library and I discover that it is also proposed activities, one can borrow musical instruments too. It gives ideas.

"Not too much reason to go into this neighborhood"

It is for example possible to practice dance or theater. The music lovers can be lengthened for four weeks of guitars - folk, classic or electric - but also rhythms or ukulés.

Grilling a cigarette outdoors, husband, Rennes of 34, had not set foot in this corner of the city for a long time. "I do not have the opportunity to spend it too much. I live in the Gros-Oak, opposite the city. There, the inauguration and all the animations, it was a good reason to take a ride there. Frankly, it's a success. »

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