Technology Microsoft warns against a serious vulnerability in MacOS

13:00  02 november  2021
13:00  02 november  2021 Source:   silicon.de

attack with Office documents: Microsoft announces newly discovered vulnerability

 attack with Office documents: Microsoft announces newly discovered vulnerability A newly discovered vulnerability could Office documents be exploited via manipulated. But there are ways to protect against such attacks. © Wachiwit / Shutterstock.com Office documents can serve as a gateway attackers. According to Microsoft, the underlying vulnerability is being actively exploited by attackers. Affected by the flaw are Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and Windows 2008 and 2019. Specifically, is the gap in the browser engine MSHTML .

Sicherheitslücken (Bild: Shutterstock.com/bofotolux). © default_credit vulnerabilities (Image: shutterstock.com/bofotolux). It allows the installation of a root kit. A bug levers the System Integrity Protection security function. Apple already distributes patches to Macos Monterey, Big Sur and Catalina.

Microsoft security researchers have discovered a very critical vulnerability in Apple's desktop operating system MacOS . It is in a security feature called System Integrity Protection. An attacker may possibly insert a harmful kernel driver for unpacked systems and set up a root kit. A patch of Apple is already available.

According to Microsoft, a harmful kernel driver can provide a hardware interface that allows you to "overwrite system files or permanently install a non-trackable malware". The discovery of the bug shows that Microsoft is increasingly focusing on enterprise customers using a mix of Windows and MacOS.

Microsoft warns Azure customers from other possible data leaks

 Microsoft warns Azure customers from other possible data leaks San Francisco (Reuters) - Microsoft's world's largest software concerture again warns some of its azure cloud customers from a security gap, which could have enabled hackers to access their data. © Reuters Archives: A Microsoft logo at a New York City district of New York, United States, January 25, 2021.

"This security vulnerability on the operating system level and others who are inevitably revealed increase the number of possible attack vectors that can exploit attackers", explained Jonathan Bar OR from the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team. "Since networks are becoming more and more heterogeneous, the number of threats to try to compromise non-Windows devices."

System Integrity Protection actually scents MacOS with the help of Apple's Sandbox to users with root rights. The error found by Microsoft occurred in connection with system updates that require unrestricted access to protected directories. Apple has introduced a specific group of permissions that purposely deal with system integrity protection tests.

"Over the years, Apple SIP hardened with improved restrictions against attacks", supplemented Or. "One of the most notable SIP restrictions is the limitation of the file system. This is especially important for red teamers and malicious actors, as the damage you can do on the critical components of a device, directly depends on your ability to write unlimited data to the hard disk. "

The vulnerability in question with the CV-2021-30892 identifier has been eliminated by Apple with MacOS Monterey 12.01. Security updates are also available for the previous versions Catalina and Big Sur.

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