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01:00  21 december  2021
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The smartphone has long since become a faithful companion for us humans and it can do much more than just make phone calls. The cleverly installed devices contain a true technological wonder, which makes the smartphone more of a computer than a phone. Gamblers and gamers in particular can no longer imagine everyday life without their cell phones. And ingenious games for your Android smartphone are also available via app.

Minecraft - a highlight for the smartphone, too

Anyone who has ever come into contact with the topic of online games will be familiar with Minecraft. The game, in which you build entire worlds from blocks, is internationally known and popular. And it is finally available for gamers on the smartphone. Creativity and survival are at the top of the agenda in this classic and the wonderful Minecraft era can also last on the cell phone.

Hardly any performance losses and at least as much fun is offered to the player here. Whether alone or together with friends, the game around the blocks and the self-built cities delights young and old and is available via app for Android smartphones.

Pokémon GO - out into the real world

It was a hype when the first people caught Pokémon with their smartphones and until today it has not died down. In 2016, the fun game was released and is still very popular, especially among adults. The app has already recorded more than 100,000,0000 downloads and by now no one is surprised when people run across meadows, crawl into bushes or climb onto benches with their smartphones. It has long been known that a Pokéball is now in use again to catch a free-ranging Pokémon!

Sky: Children of Light - romantic classic game for Android.

It's romantic, gentle and soft - the action and social game Sky: Children of Light. Communication with other players is possible, but only via sounds. The player moves to the impressive world of Sky Kingdom, a kingdom that has lost joy. Each player has a unique character with whom he can fight against ghosts, discover treasures and experience various adventures.

Meeting new characters is exciting, because there may be real players behind them. The Children of Light have the task of returning the crashed stars to their home and make the kingdom shine again.

Among Us - a real blast with friends

Among Us has stormed the charts within a very short time and the simple strategy game brings a lot of fun to the cell phone. The players are dropped somewhere on a map and have the goal of completing various tasks. The problem is that one or more of the troops are traitors and actually have a completely different goal. Anyone can be the traitor, including yourself!

With its humorous episodes, funny cartoon graphics and ever-changing interpretation of each game round, Among Us never gets boring even after a long time and is considered a perennial favorite among strategy games. This level of excitement can otherwise only be achieved by casino games which promise real money winnings and thanks to an ever improving mobile Internet connection, gamblers can spend time at neueonline-casinos.com/casino-ohne-deutsch-lizenz, choose a casino and start gambling right away.

Monument Valley 2 - puzzle lovers take note

Do you love puzzles and also expect a game with a really nice story? Then Monument Valley 2 is exactly the right choice for you. Your task is to pave the way for your character through the different levels. To do this, it is necessary to move buildings and change the architecture. The lovingly told story, which is about loss, family and finding one's personality, makes it exciting and emotional. The exciting storyline alone ensures that the game doesn't lose its fun even after a long time. However, gamers might want to try the first part of the game first to get introduced to the game mechanics in a gentle way.

Call of Duty Mobile - the shooter for all fighters

It is competition-oriented and guaranteed not to be boring with Activision Blizzard's Call of Duty Mobile. The first-person shooter has been thrilling console and PC gamers for years and has now conquered the smartphone world with the successful adaptation. The special feature: The mobile version is by no means worse than the PC and console version. The focus is on fast-paced games against other players, and the optimization for touchscreens provides authentic gameplay.

The game's graphics are particularly impressive and it can stand out against the competition. However, it has to be considered that a powerful smartphone is needed to really play the game optimally.

Stardew Valley - now it's getting romantic

For all romantics and fans of lovingly drawn and heartwarming stories, Stardew Valley is a real must-have among mobile games. As a player, you inherit a farm from your grandfather and are confronted with a small hut and all kinds of garbage. Hardly a stone is left standing here and your task is to create order.

Gradually you'll get to know the inhabitants of the village and learn the secrets of Stardew Valley. There are some quests to solve to improve the farming and the togetherness. Of course, it is also possible to build up your own farm, find a partner and even get married and have children. A loving classic game that brings a lot of fun and exciting hours.

Why gaming on the smartphone is so popular

While it used to be mobile consoles that gamers used to pass the time on the go, this offer is no longer needed due to modern technology and faster smartphones. From generation to generation, smartphones manage more performance and the graphic display is often even better than on a handheld console. In addition, the cell phone has become a permanent companion anyway, so there's no need for extra baggage to be able to play games on the go.

Today's game providers have long since recognized the turnaround, and more and more adaptations of well-known computer games are now appearing as variants for cell phones. The same applies to mobile casinos, which are becoming increasingly popular and are replacing the PC more and more. Anyone who wants to gamble today no longer needs an extra gaming room, but can simply pull their smartphone out of their pocket and enjoy their favorite games flexibly and on the go. After a download, you often don't even need an Internet connection and can play offline!

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