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05:00  22 december  2021
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Ask anyone what Cryptocurrency is, you will get tons of answers stating the popularity of Cryptocurrency. And recommendations to the top currencies to buy. Along with, well, a small proportion of people who still think Cryptocurrency is an illegal gambling house with masters making money out of their customers. However, despite all the fake rumors, Cryptocurrency has been a pretty solid competitor, and currencies and other payment modes diversified in different regions.

Inspired by all the recommendations, you would also want to buy some virtual currencies or coins and potentially earn a lot of money. To learn about trading, check how bitcoin solves the double spending problem.

Well, your dream is getting a little break as Cryptocurrency, being as popular as recommended, is not a thing you could just put in your pocket and run to your nearest store. Buying Cryptocurrency or "mining" of a cryptocurrency requires different tools and accessories and a lot of studies to become familiar with the process.

Fortunately, you don't need to have a degree as minimum requirements, and many crypto platforms are providing you with necessary accessories to buy or mine your desired Cryptocurrency. We have created a list of cryptocurrency mining platforms that will help you in your journey and are pocket-friendly to save much of your time.

● Coin Base

Coin base is a viral cryptocurrency exchange platform remembered for its excellent services. Using their pro version helps you more by providing more comparable data and statistics helps determine the correct market value of a cryptocurrency and saves you from potential loss.

It also has premium and secured transaction offers with minimal transaction fees and accessibility to diverse stocks of commodities for you to choose from. They also provide you with insurance policies if a hacker wants to sniff out your money successfully.

● Cash App

Cash app is another competitor in this list, a fully secure platform, and pretty much works as a payment app. Using this platform, you can pay in Cryptocurrency to buy commodities from any market, store, or retail service that accepts crypto payments. Its Overall design and UI are easy to grasp, making it ideal for newbies who are not familiar with the atmosphere.

Registering on this platform will unlock your wallet accessibility, and you can also invest in trending Cryptocurrency, making a profit that will be transferred directly to your wallet. But, unfortunately, AS easy as convenient as it sounds, the options in Cryptocurrency are limited to bitcoin, and you have to own the private keys to your wallet storing cryptocurrencies to mark them as your possession.

● Binance

Binance is recognized as one of the best platforms. With 150+ cryptocurrencies in the option, you have a wide range of options to select from. You can buy or trade Cryptocurrency anytime and on any device referable. It also provides data and statistics regarding cryptocurrency demand and value in the world market, and even more, features if you upgrade to its advance service subscription. It's recommendable because of its large active user base, guaranteeing its safe and secure use.

● Coinsmart

What makes it unique is its transaction verification speed. Transactions made using these platforms are relatively easy and fast. With this platform, you have access to buy from a large variety of cryptocurrencies, and trading becomes easy with its customizable trading filter choosing the best offers for you.

Coinsmart features fast transactions, and it is one of the largest exchange platforms in the run. You can access it on any device you find, available on many platforms. Known for its quick payment’s verifications, it is a good option for those who want to earn profits or send them to friends or anyone needed.

The platforms mentioned above are perfectly secured, as defined by their loyal users, and have distinct features suitable for each of the matched groups of users. Moreover, the offers provided by these platforms are attractive and mouthwatering; you should always keep in mind that Cryptocurrency is a volatile currency, basically known for its staggering market value with various ups and downs. So, it would help if you always were cautious about the value of Cryptocurrency in your wallet to ensure not getting dumped into loss on your cryptocurrency journey.

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