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01:21  27 january  2022
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at Chancellor's election: Alice Weidel is arguing with TV reporter and scolds the AFD chairman and

 at Chancellor's election: Alice Weidel is arguing with TV reporter and scolds the AFD chairman and Bundestag deputy Alice Weidel , as part of the Chancellor's Election of Olaf Scholz , a controversial interview has given the news channel "Phoenix" on Thursday. And struggled violently with moderator Eduard Scherfer. "The commitment to vaccinating liability is a clear break of election promise, which will notice the voters," weidel explained and talked about the vaccination obligation and the coronavirus in Rage. © dpa The AFD chairman Alice Weithel.

crumbled After setting up the values ​​Unions chairman Max Otte as a federal presidential candidate of the AFD the Conservative Association loses prominent supporters. Ex-secret service chief Hans-Georg Maassen and Dresdner political scientist and former adviser to the Saxony CDU, Werner Patzelt, announced their withdrawal from the union of values. The co-founder of the group, Alexander Mitsch, demanded its dissolution.

Max Ottes Aufstellung als AfD Kandidat führt zum Verlust prominenter Unterstützer der Werteunion. © dpa Max Otte's lineup as AfD candidate results in the loss of prominent supporters of union of values. "Max Otte has exceeded the candidacy a red line."

"Max Otte has exceeded the candidacy a red line. The candidacy on the ticket of the AFD is unacceptable. so that Mr Otte discredited everything the union of values ​​is, "Mitsch said the editorial network Germany (RND). It contradicts the firmly held among others in the WU Statute and the founding manifesto rejecting a collaboration with the AFD.

AFD Advanced Decision on Committee Chairmen

 AFD Advanced Decision on Committee Chairmen The AFD may submit the chairman of the interior committee in the Bundestag - there is massive criticism. However, the decision to conduct the panel is delayed. © Clemens Bilan / EPA The AFD Group in the Bundestag wants to decide only next week, who sends them as chairman in three committees of the Bundestag. Specifically, it is about the interior committee, the Health Committee and the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development.

The idea of ​​the union of values ​​to engage in a substantive renewal of the CDU remains, true. "From the union of values ​​but this impulse can not go out," said Mitsch. "After the election of Friedrich Merz to the CDU leader, the values ​​Union should now resolve in order. The members, who are interested in an economic liberal and conservative policy should be more involved in the CDU / CSU. "

strengthen the AFD at the expense of the CDU?

Mitsch also pleaded for escape Otte presided posts in the union of values. "The board of the union of values ​​would Otte relieve his offices. It is not enough that Otte temporarily resign the presidency, "he said. That the CDU party a process of elimination had set against Otte in motion, is mandatory.

Sharp Critics The Corona Policy: AFD Landtag Deputy Dies Covid-19

 Sharp Critics The Corona Policy: AFD Landtag Deputy Dies Covid-19 of the Baden-Württemberg AfD Landtagsman Bernd Grimmer died of Covid-19. He succeeded in the night of Sunday of his disease, said a spokesman on Monday. Grimmer was 71 years old. © DPA Bernd Grimmer In 2015 In the past few months, he had repeatedly criticized the Corona's Corona Corona Corporation measures. In September he wrote on his Facebook page, the "Corona regime" can only be called "ill". He lamented "alarmism" and "panicmache".

Video: British United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum Ministerial occurs in protest (AFP)

Otte had "embarked on a political ghost ride," said Mitsch. It giving the impression "that he deliberately weakening the conservative forces in the CDU takes into account, in order to strengthen AFD".

Mitsch had founded the union of values ​​in 2017 and was until 2021 the Chairman. The union had criticized among others, the refugee policy of the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel harshly. It saw itself as a conservative corrective within the CDU. The top CDU was under the impression the approach of the union of values ​​to the AFD increasingly at a distance. According to the company has the union of values ​​over 4,000 members, according to other estimates, the number has decreased to around 3500th

process of elimination by CDU against Otte initiated

ex-secret service chief Maaßen spoke overlooking Otte of a "betrayal of the members" of the union of values. Political scientist Patzelt said the union of values ​​lose with this step of influence. The former CDU MP Vera Lengsfeld, member of the union of values, expressed his disgust. "Otte has discredited the Conservatives thoroughly," she wrote on her website.

The new CDU leader Merz had "received a through ball, not to have to worry about a bourgeois realignment of the CDU." It is quite possible that Otte with some of his followers soon servicekit Change to AFD. "The country that loves Otte supposedly, he has done a great disservice," writes Lengsfeld.

The CDU has initiated a process of elimination against Otte. This is contrary to the values ​​of the party, as well as against the decision not to cooperate with the AFD. Otte let it be known that he would withdraw his candidacy if the CDU lays its own President candidates. The CDU has announced together with the SPD, Greens and FDP a second term of incumbent Frank-Walter Steinmeier to support. (RND)

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