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Stoke Space raises $9.1 million to create a new breed of reusable upper-stage rockets

Thursday  18:51,   25 february 2021

Renton, Wash.-based Stoke Space Technologies has attracted $9.1 million in seed investments for extending rocket reusability to new frontiers. The first goal will be to develop a new kind of reusable upper stage, Stoke co-founder and CEO Andy Lapsa... >>>

Computer company Framework wants you to upgrade and repair your laptop

Thursday  18:51,   25 february 2021

Built around a right-to-repair philosophy, the 13.5-inch Framework Laptop can swap out its main board, battery or even keyboard and ports.Laptops used to come with removable batteries at least, and sometimes they'd have upgradable RAM, storage or... >>>

SEO: This roadmap including free resources has everything you need to know.

Thursday  18:40,   25 february 2021

Anyone who wants to learn search engine optimization can quickly be overwhelmed by the wealth of information and offers. Where to start Which courses are recommended? We'll show you the ultimate roadmap to learn SEO and deepen your knowledge. ©... >>>

DataStax Astra goes serverless

Thursday  18:25,   25 february 2021

DataStax is introducing serverless to its Astra cloud service. While already offered by AWS, this marks the first time that serverless has come to a cloud service based on Apache Cassandra that works on each of the major public clouds.With... >>>

Facebook: Billion investment in news industry

Thursday  17:58,   25 february 2021

Facebook plans to invest at least one billion US dollars in the news industry over the next three years. © Richard Drew / AP The group apparently reacted to the dispute with the Australian government over payment for news content on its platform.... >>>

Fairphone and everphone cooperate

Thursday  17:15,   25 february 2021

© DEFAULT_CREDIT Fairphone_3plus_mood2 Fairphone and everphone will work together in the future. The recently launched Fairphone 3+ is now part of the "Phone as a Service" offering from everphone. Fairphone 3+ is a smartphone that scores with... >>>

Despite lack of chips: Nvidia announces record quarter

Thursday  15:26,   25 february 2021

Thanks to gamer graphics cards and processors for data centers, the manufacturer can exceed expectations. Nvidia plans to launch special products for crypto mining next month. © Shutterstock The product launches from Nvidia have really hit and... >>>

Now you can run Unix on the tiny $4 Raspberry Pi Pico

Thursday  15:15,   25 february 2021

Fuzix, an operating system for very small machines, is now available for the Raspberry Pi Pico."So you can now run Unix on a $4 microcontroller," said Raspberry Pi in its blog post about the... >>>

A third vaccine for the US may be just days away

Thursday  15:15,   25 february 2021

The Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine has met the requirements for emergency use authorization, according to FDA analysis, suggesting that a third shot will join the US vaccination program soon.The efficacy of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot >>>

SteamVR now supports the OpenXR standard

Thursday  14:02,   25 february 2021

SteamVR's latest update for Windows officially adds support for OpenXR, the standard meant to make cross-platform AR and VR apps more common. The Khronos Group launched the OpenXR specification in 2019 to provide developers a way to build a... >>>

What the latest Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine data really means

Thursday  13:52,   25 february 2021

Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine may be effective against variants of the virus, according to the Food and Drug Administration. "This is a very different trial than the trials that were done last fall," said Dr. Dan Barouch, director of the... >>>

Zoom adding automatic closed captioning for all free accounts

Thursday  13:52,   25 february 2021

But starting this week you can manually request the featureAutomatic transcriptions aren’t an entirely new Zoom feature. The service has previously offered AI-powered live transcription for all its paid accounts. Otherwise, meeting hosts have had to >>>

California put the US back on track for nationwide net neutrality

Thursday  13:16,   25 february 2021

A federal judge cleared the way for California to implement its 2018 net neutrality law, creating a nightmare scenario for broadband companies.But the regulatory change turned out to be a Pyrrhic victory for telecom companies. The FCC’s decision... >>>

Best browsers for privacy

Thursday  13:16,   25 february 2021

A browser is your gateway to the web and the cybercriminals looking to take advantage of you. Take steps to move to a more privacy-focused browser.Here is a list of browser security settings you need to check... >>>

AI can write a passing college paper in 20 minutes

Thursday  12:22,   25 february 2021

Natural language processing is on the cusp of changing our relationship with machines forever.That's the finding from EduRef, a resource for students and educators, which ran an experiment to determine if a deep learning language prediction model... >>>