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NASA is going to fire an atomic clock into space so astronauts know where they’re going

Tuesday  07:25,   18 june 2019

As NASA and other organizations begin to lay the groundwork for crewed missions to places other than an orbiting space station or even the... >>>

The new Pokémon games on the Nintendo Switch won't include every Pokémon, a first for the series

Monday  22:50,   17 june 2019

"Gotta catch 'em all" has been the Pokémon slogan since the '90s, but "Pokémon Sword" and "Pokémon Shield" may have players singing a different... >>>

New Mars crater exposes mysterious darker material

Monday  20:50,   17 june 2019

The Red Planet was hit by an asteroid sometime within the past three years and the resulting crater has exposed a "darker material" underneath Mars' reddish dust that is currently perplexing scientists. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"],... >>>

Spotify now allows advertisers to specifically target podcast listeners

Monday  20:50,   17 june 2019

The podcast ad targeting... >>>

Facebook to unveil new cryptocurrency

Monday  20:50,   17 june 2019

Facebook is set Tuesday to unveil a bid to bring cryptocurrency payments into the mainstream, reportedly with the endorsement of governments and financial... >>>

Comcast remote lets people with physical disabilities control the TV with their eyes

Monday  20:10,   17 june 2019

Comcast launches a free X1 TV remote that lets customers with physical disabilities change channels, surf and sets recordings with their... >>>

In tweet, Samsung recommends scanning QLED TVs for viruses

Monday  19:55,   17 june 2019

Not even smart TVs are safe from viruses and... >>>

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Technology companies need to take responsibility for chaos they create

Monday  19:40,   17 june 2019

Although Cook did not mention companies by name, his commencement speech in Silicon Valley's backyard mentioned data breaches, privacy violations, and even made reference to Theranos, a disgraced startup. "Lately it seems this industry is becoming... >>>

Seriously, Walmart's $64 Tablet Is Kinda Good

Monday  19:40,   17 june 2019

There’s affordable, and then there’s cheap. At $64, Walmart’s exclusive 8-inch Onn Android Tablet is cheap with a capital C. That’s not necessarily a bad thing—the Amazon Fire tablet is similarly inexpensive and there’s something to be said for... >>>

Pokémon Go guide: Best attackers and movesets

Monday  19:20,   17 june 2019

What should you be focusing on powering... >>>

Elon Musk says he deleted his Twitter account, and we're all confused

Monday  19:20,   17 june 2019

That's because his account is still... >>>

Huawei’s CEO reveals expected damage of US sanctions

Monday  13:35,   17 june 2019

Billions in lost revenue and a 40 percent cut in smartphone... >>>

Samsung’s security reminder makes the case for not owning a Samsung smart TV

Monday  13:16,   17 june 2019

Samsung has reminded owners of its smart TVs that they should be regularly scanning for malware using its built in virus scanning software. “Prevent malicious software attacks on your TV by scanning for viruses on your TV every few weeks,” a tweet... >>>

Startup is developing tools to treat astronauts in space

Monday  09:05,   17 june 2019

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Space flight has been a lifelong passion for Dr. C. Marsh Cuttino. As a child growing up in Richmond, he had ambitions of becoming an astronaut. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

American-Israeli radiation vest to be tested on unmanned Orion flight

Monday  08:16,   17 june 2019

An American-Israeli vest designed to protect against the high radiation of deep space will be tested on the Orion EM1 flight next... >>>