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MIT's new robot can identify things by sight and by touch

Monday  08:16,   17 june 2019

For humans, it's easy to tell how an object will feel by looking at it or tell what an object looks like by touching it, but this can be a big challenge for machines. Now, a new robot developed by MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence... >>>

NASA to land 1st woman on moon as part of Artemis mission

Monday  07:35,   17 june 2019

NASA's project aims to bring human beings back to the moon by... >>>

Instagram tests easier ways to recover hacked accounts

Monday  07:30,   17 june 2019

Instagram might offer a little more reassurance if your account is ever hijacked. The social network is testing a new in-app account recovery process that should make it easier to recover an account -- and make it harder for thieves to get away with >>>

NASA's spacecraft is orbiting closer to an asteroid than ever before

Monday  00:50,   17 june 2019

In the dark and lonely place that is space, NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission has managed to reach a new level of proximity as it studies an asteroid. After a maneuver, the spacecraft in NASA's asteroid study mission is orbiting closer to a planetary body... >>>

Apple Card vs Apple Pay vs Apple Cash: What you need to know

Sunday  21:25,   16 june 2019

Apple's three payment methods can get confusing... >>>

How to get the most money for your phone when you sell it or trade it in

Sunday  21:25,   16 june 2019

These tips apply to both Android and... >>>

Personal robots won’t catch on until they become more than a novelty

Sunday  21:10,   16 june 2019

Last month, another well-funded social robot startup, Anki, closed its doors for good. And it wasn’t the first. In March, Jibo, which had received $73 million in funding, announced that it was shutting down its servers. Over the past few years,... >>>

New Hampshire installs first historical marker to honor computer programming

Sunday  18:51,   16 june 2019

New Hampshire has installed what appears to be the first historical highway marker honoring computer programming, according to the Concord Monitor. The new sign honors BASIC, Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, a programming language... >>>

Strawberry Moon 2019: Best times to watch and special viewing bonus

Sunday  17:30,   16 june 2019

The Strawberry Moon for 2019 is arriving. Find out why this full moon gets its name and the best places to watch one. There's also a viewing bonus:... >>>

The social media crisis is about expectations, not addiction

Sunday  14:20,   16 june 2019

If we change the way we talk about "phone addiction," we'll have a better shot at addressing... >>>

Apollo moon rocks help transform understanding of the universe

Sunday  14:05,   16 june 2019

Moon rocks look rather nondescript -- they are often gray in color -- but for NASA planetary scientist Samuel Lawrence, they are the "most precious materials on Earth." What is certain is that the lunar samples first gathered by Apollo 11's Neil... >>>

Twitter is bringing back its Mac desktop app

Sunday  07:20,   16 june 2019

The company outlines why it dropped the app last... >>>

Go Ahead, Name That Exoplanet!

Sunday  05:30,   16 june 2019

One benefit of discovery is that you get to name the things you discovered. Astronomy is blessed in this regard. There are more stars in the observable universe than grains of sand on Earth, trillions upon trillions — enough to name a galaxy for... >>>

Why alien moons may be a great place to find extraterrestrial life

Saturday  22:40,   15 june 2019

Though the search for alien life has focused on planets, it's possible that living creatures dwell on moons in our solar system and... >>>

Here come the dark mode browsers — and websites

Saturday  22:40,   15 june 2019

This is a dark web you can get behind, once developers embrace the ability to bypass glaring white... >>>