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ELON MUSK integrates the board of Twitter

Tuesday  19:20,   05 april 2022

© Patrick Pleul / AFP The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, during the "Gigafactory" of Tesla in Gruenheide, southeast of Berlin, on March 22, 2022. Photo of archives. The billionaire ELON MUSK integrates the Board of Directors of Twitter, the day after the >>>

unrecognized: Google Maps with Incognitoma Mode Use

Tuesday  19:08,   05 april 2022

Google Maps has an incognitoma mode. Its activation stops recording some data and should protect the privacy of users even better. © Provided by finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images Google, the subsidiary of Alphabet stores less data... >>>

Defense: Bulgaria will buy 8 US combat aircraft F-16

Tuesday  19:08,   05 april 2022

© Supplied by the Tribune Poland has since 2003 F-16 C / D Block 52+ have been, but their availability remains problematic, no Only because of maintenance problem but also because of the reduced number of drivers able to control them. Bulgaria will >>>

WhatsApp restricts forwarding messages even more An

Tuesday  18:50,   05 april 2022

If you like to forward WhatsApp messages, will be heavier in the future. Because the company wants to further restrict the function for forwarding. © Shutterstock WhatsApp wants to further restrict the function for forwarding. in the fight against... >>>

Lille-Lens On tension

Tuesday  18:40,   05 april 2022

This is the analysis made by the state that prohibited the displacement of the Lensois supporters on April 16 in Lille and Stadium Pierre-Mauroy. © Provided by Football 365 Lille Supporters Zero Risk. It seems that French prefectures play caution... >>>

Tesla boss becomes the largest Twitter shareholder: What does Musk have with great participation?

Monday  22:20,   04 april 2022

Tesla boss Elon Musk has become the largest shareholder of Twitter. The tech billionaire holds a share of 9.2 percent, as the short message service announced on Monday. The Twitter share rose in early US trade by more than a quarter. Musk is one of >>>

Share of 9.2 percent: Tesla boss Musk is the largest Twitter shareholder

Monday  20:30,   04 april 2022

of Tech billionaire now holds a share of 9.2 percent. The Twitter share then rose around one fifth. What does Elon Musk aim for? © Photo: DPA / Patrick Pleul The Tesla Chef Elon Musk. Tesla boss Elon Musk has become the largest shareholder of... >>>

Pokémon card. It rises on the ring with a rare pikachu around the neck

Monday  13:05,   04 april 2022

© Logan Paul / Capture Twitter Logan Paul on the ring on April 2, 2022 with a Pokémon Pikachu card rare around the neck. Logan Paul's YouTuber and Influencer Resets this: After having already done the shot with a Pokémon Dracaufeu card, he... >>>

Microsoft creates business unit for Android

Monday  12:40,   04 april 2022

© Provided by Silicon Already Microsoft wants to publish a Windows 10 insider version that allows direct access to SMS, photos and notifications of the smartphone with the app Your Phone (Image: Microsoft) . He summarizes products such as SwiftKey, >>>

Here everything starts (TF1): Deva is revealed in a great romantic gesture ... What will happen this week?

Monday  11:40,   04 april 2022

Here are the summaries of the episodes of "here everything starts", broadcast on TF1 from Monday 4 to Friday, April 8, 2022. Spoilers ... © ITC / TF1 Here are the summaries of episodes of "here everything starts", Broadcast on TF1 from Monday 4 to... >>>

southern United States facing a vast invasion ... ants

Monday  01:05,   04 april 2022

© Laurence mouton / maxppp / 6pa / maxppp texas, animals, insects, ants, red ants, Texas c ela is soon twenty years old 'They have arrived, but they have not lost their vigor. In the south of the United States (especially in Texas, Florida, Arizona >>>

Christian Keyboard: "The drop in cinemas is not only cyclical"

Sunday  14:05,   03 april 2022

interviewed by "the Sunday newspaper", the comedian alerts on the funding problems facing a French in difficulty film industry. © abaca christian keyboard: christian keyboard is worried about French cinema. Interviewed by " Sunday newspaper today,... >>>

What we did to the good God: the saga judged racist, Christian keyboard goes up to the niche

Sunday  14:05,   03 april 2022

© Pascal the Segretain / Pool / Bestimage What we did to the good God: The saga judged racist, Christian keyboard goes up to the niche Sunday, April 3, Christian Clavier granted an interview to the Sunday newspaper. The actor, on the movie poster... >>>

The strong gesture of Haaland on its future

Saturday  21:15,   02 april 2022

The coveted Erling Haaland has made a decision on its future. © Provided by Mercato 365 Hauand and Barça, it's cold Erling Haaland made its decision and Adidas will be the brand that will sponsor for the next few years. This is a decision that many >>>

"A robot", "Sarkozy in a jupon" .... Jacques Séguéla Valerie torpium "Pécresse, the distress"

Saturday  16:25,   02 april 2022

© Rachid Bellak / Bestimage "A robot", "Sarkozy in a petticoat" .... Jacques Séguéla Valerie torpium "Pécresse, the distress" as the presidential election, Jacques Séguéla took the floor to the point, Friday, April 1, to give his opinion on the... >>>