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Only 10% of US adults may have COVID-19 antibodies: Study

Saturday  04:40,   26 september 2020

A new study estimates that less than 10% of Americans have antibodies, meaning about 90% could be vulnerable to the virus. Using data from dialysis centers in the United States, the study, published in The Lancet, estimates that less than 10% of... >>>

Facebook Is Mad at Apple Again

Saturday  04:40,   26 september 2020

There is seemingly no end to the ways that tech companies—and there are many of them—will yell at Apple these days. Some of the ire comes from small developers who are rightfully frustrated that they have to fork over a big percentage of their... >>>

Presidential in Guinea: Cellou Dalein Diallo launches his campaign with fanfare

Saturday  03:40,   26 september 2020

© Cellou BINANI / AFP Supporters of Cellou Dalein DIallo's UFDG parade in the streets of Conakry, September 25, 2020. The UFDG, the main party opposition, launches in turn in the campaign for the presidential election of October... >>>

The Rock's Black Adam Will Be Joined by Aldis Hodge as DC's Hawkman [UPDATED]

Saturday  02:15,   26 september 2020

Actor Aldis Hodge is going from fighting The Invisible Man to becoming Hawkman. Hodge is in final negotiations to play the flying DC superhero, a member of the Justice Society, in the upcoming Black Adam movie starring Dwayne Johnson. Jaume... >>>

United States: TikTok downloads banned from Sunday evening

Saturday  01:15,   26 september 2020

© NICOLAS ASFOURI Americans will no longer be able to download or update the TikTok application from Sunday evening, unless a judge intervenes Fifty days after the first presidential decree against it, and after many negotiations and diplomatic... >>>

Dell XPS 17 review

Saturday  00:40,   26 september 2020

Dell's XPS line has grown up. As we mentioned in our review of the Dell XPS 15, the XPS line has traditionally been focussed on providing a stellar entry-level experience. But with this year's batch of XPS models, Dell has upped the ante. ©... >>>

Roland's WM-1 turns your instruments into (MIDI) cord cutters

Saturday  00:15,   26 september 2020

Let’s face it, when you start building out a fleet of synths, cable management can quickly become an issue, with all those wires connecting everything creating an inescapable rat’s nest. Enter Roland with its new WM-1 Wireless MIDI adapter. It’s a... >>>

Why Amazon's new Alexa conversation feature is so hard to pull off

Friday  22:40,   25 september 2020

Even with years of practice, it can be tricky for humans to understand the back-and-forth and nuances of conversations — we interrupt each other, misunderstand things, and sometimes have to repeat ourselves to get a message across. Now imagine how... >>>

What Is Methane, Anyway?

Friday  22:21,   25 september 2020

Here's a primer on the greenhouse gas and the impact it has on our changing climate.DIVE DEEPER ➡ Read best-in-class Earth science features and get unlimited access to Pop Mech, starting... >>>

San Francisco birds sing differently in the pandemic

Friday  22:16,   25 september 2020

San Francisco birds started singing differently in the quiet of the coronavirus lockdown, says a study in Science. © Double Brow Imagery/Shutterstock The Covid-19 shutdown created a "proverbial silent spring" across the San Francisco Bay Area,... >>>

Google reportedly plans to ban post-election day political ads

Friday  22:16,   25 september 2020

Google will not run any election-related ads after polls for the US presidential election close on November 3rd, according to Axios. In an email obtained by the publication, the search giant warns advertisers they won’t be able to run ads... >>>

Seattle gene therapy biotech startup Immusoft raises $4.5M

Friday  22:16,   25 september 2020

Seattle-based biotech startup Immusoft raised another $4.5 million and landed a $467,000 NIH grant to help further development of its drugs that treat genetic diseases. © Provided by Geekwire Seattle gene therapy biotech startup Immusoft raises... >>>

VIDEO. A major fire broke out in a Huawei building in China

Friday  21:40,   25 september 2020

© Screenshot Twitter The fire started in a Huawei building under construction. On Friday, September 25, a fire broke out in a Huawei building in China. A large cloud of smoke billowed from the building. The fire is now extinguished. A major fire... >>>

Google parent Alphabet settles shareholder lawsuit over sexual misconduct claims

Friday  20:45,   25 september 2020

Alphabet will commit $310 million to corporate diversity initiatives.As part of the settlement, announced Friday, Alphabet will commit $310 million to corporate diversity initiatives, as well as form an advisory board dedicated to diversity and... >>>

Walmart Spilled the Beans on Google's Next Smart Speaker a Week Early

Friday  19:36,   25 september 2020

Google isn’t expected to announce its next smart speaker until Sept. 30 during its Launch Night In event, but it apparently that hasn’t stopped Walmart from spilling the beans a week early. © Photo: Google According to Marcos Frausto who posted... >>>