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SpaceX launches cargo ship to space station, but Falcon 9 rocket misses landing site

Wednesday  23:05,   05 december 2018

The booster's first stage splashed down off the coast of Cape... >>>

Mystery of dark matter may have been solved

Wednesday  21:05,   05 december 2018

A team of scientists at the University of Oxford may have solved one of the biggest mysteries in modern... >>>

Fortnite Sued By 2 Milly for Stealing “Milly Rock” Dance

Wednesday  20:30,   05 december 2018

Epic Games has been accused of copyright infringement for appropriating the dance from 2 Milly’s 2014... >>>

Fortnite Creative to launch tomorrow for Battle Pass owners

Wednesday  19:30,   05 december 2018

One of the world’s biggest games is getting a huge new mode Epic Games has made the leak official: the new Fortnite Creative mode will be released on Dec. 6 for Battle Pass owners, and all players will get access to their own private islands on Dec. >>>

What are constellations?

Wednesday  11:55,   05 december 2018

Stars tell stories, guide explorers, and help scientists talk about the... >>>

First Baby Born After Uterus Transplant From Dead Donor

Wednesday  10:05,   05 december 2018

A baby has been born to a mother who had a uterus transplant from a deceased woman, in a world first. Experts hope the procedure will give hope to women with fertility... >>>

1st baby born using uterus transplanted from deceased donor

Wednesday  09:41,   05 december 2018

Doctors in Brazil are reporting the world's first baby born to a woman with a uterus transplanted from a deceased... >>>

Brightest comet of the year will zoom near Earth next week

Wednesday  06:55,   05 december 2018

Skywatchers will get a special treat next week as the year’s brightest comet flies across the night... >>>

NASA scientist says Earth may have been visited by aliens

Wednesday  06:40,   05 december 2018

A Nasa scientist says Earth may have already been visited by extraterrestrials - but that humans may not have... >>>

‘Overwatch’s’ Winter Wonderland 2018 Seasonal Event Starts Dec. 11

Tuesday  18:55,   04 december 2018

“Overwatch’s” Winter Wonderland 2018 seasonal event returns on Tuesday, Dec. 11, developer Blizzard Entertainment announced on Tuesday. The amusement park-themed map Blizzard World is getting a holiday makeover, according to a brief teaser clip... >>>

Moldy mouse food postpones SpaceX launch

Tuesday  15:15,   04 december 2018

SpaceX has postponed its cargo launch to the International Space Station until Wednesday after mold was found on food bars for a mouse experiment bound for the orbiting outpost, NASA said. The launch was initially set for Tuesday. The new time is... >>>

There could be hundreds of interstellar asteroids lurking in our solar system

Tuesday  12:40,   04 december 2018

These asteroids will stick around for a long time, so scientists can take their time learning everything about them. A year ago, astronomers spotted something no one had ever seen before: an object visiting our solar system from somewhere else in... >>>

This 500-year-old skeleton died with his boots on

Tuesday  08:20,   04 december 2018

The bones of a medieval man uncovered beside London’s River Thames show signs of a hard life and a mysterious... >>>

CIMON the European space robot cops an attitude in first test run

Tuesday  07:30,   04 december 2018

There are still a few bugs in the system — among them the 11-pound robot's waspish... >>>

Reused rocket takes off carrying 64 satellites

Tuesday  07:20,   04 december 2018

A SpaceX rocket carrying 64 small satellites lifted off from California on Monday, marking the first time the same Falcon 9 rocket has been used in three space missions.The rocket blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, arcing over the Pacific... >>>