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'Quarantine House' is Twitter's new game for those of us bored out of our gourds

Wednesday  00:26,   08 april 2020

Introducing "Quarantine House," an unofficial Twitter game that has sprung up as weeks of stay-at-home order threaten to drive us all around the bend.That is, according to "Quarantine House," a super unofficial Twitter game that has sprung up as... >>>

Sony's PS5 DualSense controller has a built-in mic and adaptive triggers

Tuesday  23:50,   07 april 2020

So long, DualShock. Sony has taken the wraps off its PlayStation 5 controller and it won’t be clinging onto the branding that has adorned controllers through the last several consoles. Instead, the latest peripheral is called the DualSense, and Sony >>>

Q&A with Greg Burel, former director of the Strategic National Stockpile

Tuesday  23:41,   07 april 2020

Burel served as director of the Strategic National Stockpile for 12 years until his retirement in January.Washington — The coronavirus pandemic has left states from coast-to-coast scrambling to secure ventilators for patients and masks, gloves and... >>>

Samsung will reportedly make the next Galaxy Fold more affordable

Tuesday  23:25,   07 april 2020

In an effort to make its next flagship foldable more accessible, Samsung will offer its Galaxy Fold successor in two storage configurations, according to SamMobile. In addition to a 512GB variant, the company will reportedly sell a 256GB model that... >>>

Snapchat's new lens helps users donate to the WHO’s COVID-19 relief fund

Tuesday  23:20,   07 april 2020

Snapchat’s latest AR filter lets users donate directly to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. With the Snapchat camera, users can scan 23 international currencies in 33 countries. The AR filter will show how... >>>

Facebook launches Tuned, a messaging app for couples

Tuesday  22:55,   07 april 2020

It's a private digital scrapbook where you can share music, moods, photos and love notes.Facebook's new app for... >>>

How to catch Tuesday's big, bright 'pink moon,' the biggest supermoon of 2020

Tuesday  22:45,   07 april 2020

Our natural satellite is going to do its best to get your attention.The moon will at least appear to be larger than normal Tuesday evening into the early morning hours of Wednesday. That's when the celestial phenomenon colloquially known as... >>>

Germany enlists Fitbits and smartwatches in virus battle

Tuesday  22:31,   07 april 2020

Germany's centre for disease control on Tuesday urged people with smartwatches and fitness bands to share their health data to help keep track of the spread of the coronavirus. The Robert Koch Institute said it was launching an app called Corona >>>

EU working on privacy guidelines for phone location tracking of COVID-19

Tuesday  22:25,   07 april 2020

Governments have started tapping geolocation data from phones to help track the pandemic, and privacy advocates are concerned about the lack of formal restrictions.Governments around the world are relying on phone location data to help track the... >>>

Europe's privacy officials are working on geolocation guidelines for tracking COVID-19

Tuesday  21:40,   07 april 2020

Several data protection commissioners across the European Union have already loosened restrictions for collecting information during the pandemic.Governments around the world are relying on phone location data to help track the coronavirus outbreak, >>>

Adjusted coronavirus model predicts fewer people in US will need hospitals, but 82,000 will still die by August

Tuesday  21:20,   07 april 2020

An influential model tracking the coronavirus pandemic in the United States now predicts that fewer people will die and fewer hospital beds will be needed compared to its estimates from last week. © Mary Altaffer/AP A member of the Brooklyn Hospital >>>

How the COVID-19 pandemic has already changed health care technology, and what’s next

Tuesday  21:05,   07 april 2020

Much of the current focus in health care is rightly on the near-term challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. But beyond the current crisis, health care technology veterans are already seeing major changes that promise to become permanent realities —... >>>

Facebook launches an app for couples to talk to each other

Tuesday  20:55,   07 april 2020

Keep a photo diary and check in on each other’s moodsThe app connects to Spotify for music sharing, and a couple can send each other photos, notes, cards, and voice memos. They can also use custom stickers and reactions. It’s free to use and... >>>

'No Man's Sky' update adds giant mechs with jetpacks

Tuesday  20:45,   07 april 2020

Following the major Beyond update back in August, Hello Games has added features to No Man's Sky on a more frequent basis. Following the latest update, there’s a new way to traverse the game’s massive number of planets: inside a giant mech.... >>>

Zoom: Every security issue uncovered in the video chat app

Tuesday  20:45,   07 april 2020

A timeline of Zoom's rapid rise and the security problems that have come to light.Here's everything we know about the Zoom saga, and when it happened. If you aren't familiar with Zoom's security issues, you can start from the bottom and work... >>>