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California Governor Jerry Brown Says State Will Launch Its Own Pollution Monitoring Satellite

Monday  11:06,   17 september 2018

California Governor Jerry Brown announced on Friday at the Global Climate Action Summit that the state would be launching its “own damn satellite” amid concern that Donald Trump’s administration is minimizing NASA’s role in climate research,...[...]

Bringing an ancient African savings system into the digital age

Sunday  19:28,   16 september 2018

In one suburb of Dakar, Senegal's capital, every week, one person lands a sum of money that is tantamount to a jackpot. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {...[...]

Ditch your phone's built-in web browser for these seven alternatives

Sunday  18:36,   16 september 2018

Protect your privacy, save data, navigate faster, and more. Your phone comes with a built-in web browser...but you can do...[...]

New trackers will help scientists follow elusive critters

Sunday  17:07,   16 september 2018

Researchers hope to map the path of bird flu and other pathogens.Tracking wildlife has improved our understanding of animal activities such as migration and hunting. Yet most species remain invisible to biologists. Transmitter devices that exceed 5...[...]

Facebook's stealth attempt to one-up Amazon: Shipping a product before you even think of buying it

Sunday  14:26,   16 september 2018

Facebook needs to show investors and analysts that it can jump-start earnings growth to restore faith in its stock. The current Facebook business model is based upon renting user intelligence to...[...]

SpaceX plans to reveal the identity of its first Moon trip passenger on Monday

Sunday  14:26,   16 september 2018

SpaceX has long been bullish on the idea of selling seats on its spacecraft to private citizens who are willing to pony up enough cash for a trip into space. The trip, which will take the person (or persons?) on a round-trip journey around...[...]

Is your Google keyboard spitting out gibberish I I Will Don't Always Love WannaYou

Sunday  14:26,   16 september 2018

Google says it's working on a fix for the Gboard bug.Gboard is Google's smart keyboard baked into Android phones (and available on iOS devices too), and several people on Reddit have reported running into problems that make typing on it near...[...]

Amazon's gamepad no longer works with newer Fire TVs

Sunday  10:51,   16 september 2018

If you were hoping to use your recent Fire TV as a game console, you might need to shop carefully. We've asked Amazon if it can comment on the...[...]

Jeff Bezos only expects himself to make three good decisions a day

Sunday  10:05,   16 september 2018

In a global culture of overwork, the world’s richest man has a surprisingly chill daily routine. Load...[...]

Samsung launches three wireless headphones in the US promising best-in-class audio

Sunday  09:27,   16 september 2018

They come in earbud, on-ear and over-the-ear models (they're the N700NC, Y500 and Y100).They come in earbud, on-ear and over-the-ear models (they’re the N700NC, Y500 and Y100) and Samsung says they’ve all been optimized for balanced and...[...]

Google says tweets about slowing its News results are incorrect

Sunday  09:27,   16 september 2018

Comments by the Google News lead appear to have been misinterpreted.The denial came after Alfred Hermida and Doris N. Truong tweeted that Google News lead Valerie Streit told a private group the search giant was considering such a plan. The...[...]

Lost 'unicorn of the sea' adopted by friendly Beluga whales

Saturday  22:31,   15 september 2018

Whale you look at that! A lone narwhal has found his buddies in a pack of juvenile belugas.In a video taken by the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals, a lone narwhal is seen swimming with a group of young beluga whales, probably all...[...]

A 5G iPhone? Why Apple's in no rush to sell you one

Saturday  22:31,   15 september 2018

Everyone else can't stop talking about how great 5G is and how soon they'll have it. Apple's on a different wavelength.One company is unmoved by the hype:...[...]

'Destiny 2: Forsaken' Is Now Teasing Xivu Arath After First Raid Completion

Saturday  20:27,   15 september 2018

It was an eventful start to the weekend for fans of "Destiny 2" as groups of players struggled all day Friday to claim the title of first to complete the Last Wish raid that came with the "Forsaken" expansion. That title was claimed by Clan Redeem...[...]

NASA blasts off space laser satellite to track ice loss

Saturday  19:51,   15 september 2018

NASA's most advanced space laser satellite blasted off Saturday on a mission to track ice loss around the world.Cloaked in pre-dawn darkness, the $1 billion, half-ton ICESat-2 launched aboard a Delta II rocket from Vandenberg Air Force base in...[...]