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'Telescope Did Not See Aliens,' Director of Mysteriously Shut Down Observatory Claims

Friday  22:05,   14 september 2018

It has been a week since the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, was shut down, evacuated, and visited by FBI agents—and the undisclosed “security issue” behind all this activity remains a mystery to the public. ...[...]

How Will Police Solve Murders on Mars?

Friday  19:50,   14 september 2018

If humans ever go to Mars, the worst of our impulses will accompany us there. The Red Planet will not rid us of murder, violence, and blackmail. There will be kidnapping, extortion, and burglary. Given time, we will even see bank...[...]

Settlers of Catan, Pandemic and other digital board games coming to Nintendo Switch

Friday  19:05,   14 september 2018

Also Carcassonne and an adaptation of MunchkinAsmodee digital is bringing digital versions of these titles to the Switch, with local multiplayer options for each, Nintendo announced during its September Nintendo Direct on...[...]

‘Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’ Is Coming To Switch In Japan

Friday  18:51,   14 september 2018

A cloud version of open-world action game “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Japan, Nintendo revealed during a Direct presentation on Thursday. It launches on Oct. 5 alongside the physical and digital versions. A full...[...]

3 'hardcore' fish species discovered on Pacific floor

Friday  18:25,   14 september 2018

Scientists have discovered three new species of "hardcore" fish living in one of the deepest parts of the ocean, the see-through, scale-free creatures perfectly adapted to conditions that would instantly kill most life on Earth. ...[...]

Ancient altar reveals Mayan 'Game of Thrones' dynasty

Friday  17:50,   14 september 2018

A 1,500 year old Mayan altar discovered in a small archeological site in northern Guatemala is drawing comparisons to popular fantasy drama television series "Game of Thrones" for its descriptions of the Kaanul dynasty's political strategies...[...]

NASA has a new, foldable heat shield, and it could be part of a manned Mars mission

Friday  14:51,   14 september 2018

A manned mission to Mars is (very) slowly coming together for the folks at NASA. Load...[...]

SpaceX booked 'world's first' private passenger for a BFR Moon trip

Friday  04:25,   14 september 2018

We haven't seen SpaceX's BFR -- the rocket that it hopes will enable trips around the world, to the Moon, and, eventually, to Mars -- actually take flight yet, but the company says it has already booked a private passenger for a trip around...[...]

‘Final Fantasy VII,’ ‘IX,’ And ‘X’ Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2019

Friday  02:50,   14 september 2018

Some high-definition versions of classic “Final Fantasy” titles are coming to Nintendo Switch next year, Nintendo revealed during a Direct on Thursday. “Final Fantasy VII,” “Final Fantasy IX,” and “Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster” are all on their...[...]

Top German court delays YouTube illegal uploads case to seek EU opinion

Friday  00:51,   14 september 2018

Germany's highest court has postponed a decision on whether YouTube is liable for violations of intellectual property rights on its video platform in order to seek the opinion of European Union judges, a process expected to take one to two...[...]

The Galaxy S10+ might have 5 cameras but no in-display fingerprint sensor

Friday  00:05,   14 september 2018

Forget the iPhone XS and XR for a second, as more rumors featuring Samsung’s next best thing have hit the web. The South Korean giant is already working on three devices supposed to compete against Apple’s three new iPhones. Samsung will celebrate...[...]

New Venture Skybound Stories Will Create Mobile Narrative Experiences

Thursday  19:51,   13 september 2018

Skybound Entertainment and European entertainment company Sky are jointly creating a new mobile narrative gaming company, Skybound Stories, the companies announced via press release Thursday. Skybound Stories will use “new and existing IP” for these [...]

Xbox Partnering With Paul Walker Charity For October Fundraiser

Thursday  18:05,   13 september 2018

Xbox is holdings its fourth annual Game4Paul charity fundraiser on Oct. 11, it announced on Thursday — the same day “Fast and the Furious” actor Paul Walker would’ve turned 45 years old. Walker died five years ago when the Porsche he was riding in...[...]

Alien signals spotted from galaxy 3bn light years away

Thursday  16:47,   13 september 2018

Scientists searching for extraterrestrial life say they have spotted 72 mysterious signals from an alien galaxy using artificial intelligence (AI). require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { [...]

The Nintendo Switch online service is launching on September 18th

Thursday  14:07,   13 september 2018

The Nintendo Switch’s online service is launching in less than a week. In a tweet today, Nintendo revealed that the service will be available on September 18th, and users will be able to download a seven-day trial from the Switch store before...[...]