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Latest Nintendo Switch Update Adds Ability To Transfer Saves Across Systems

Tuesday  18:05,   16 april 2019

The latest Nintendo Switch system update, version 8.0.0, is out today, bringing with it the ability to transfer individual save data between Switch consoles. Before the update, users were relegated to transferring all user and save data between... >>>

A bunch of PlayStation 5 details just got unveiled: Here's everything we know

Tuesday  18:00,   16 april 2019

Sony's next-generation PlayStation console is deep in development, and the first details were just revealed in a Wired... >>>

NASA spacecraft spots Game of Thrones Stark direwolf on Mars

Tuesday  17:15,   16 april 2019

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter camera team has Game of Thrones fever,... >>>

Samsung is primed for power-saving 5-nanometer chips

Tuesday  16:15,   16 april 2019

Samsung only just started manufacturing 7-nanometer chips recently, but it's already taken another big step in the race to keep up with Moore's... >>>

Israel's moon landing dream lives on with Beresheet 2

Tuesday  15:25,   16 april 2019

You can't keep a good moon mission... >>>

An interstellar meteor may have slammed into Earth

Tuesday  15:25,   16 april 2019

If confirmed, a fireball that careened through our atmosphere in 2014 will be only the second known visitor from beyond our solar... >>>

Wormhole travel could be real, but would also be really slow

Tuesday  13:42,   16 april 2019

More importantly though, we may be able to retrieve information from black... >>>

Social media sites urged to remove 'like' button

Tuesday  12:42,   16 april 2019

Social media sites including Facebook may be forced to turn off the "like" function for British children, thanks to proposed guidelines for online safety. The draft code, which has been compiled by the Information Commissioner's Office, says tactics >>>

Here’s What To Expect From iOS 13

Tuesday  12:42,   16 april 2019

DARK MODE is coming to the... >>>

Apple may release an iPhone SE successor with an awesome new design

Tuesday  12:42,   16 april 2019

Originally introduced more than three years ago, the iPhone SE offered users who prefer a more compact form factor an attractive alternative to Apple's larger-screened... >>>

Google teases new Pixel announcement for May 7th

Tuesday  09:40,   16 april 2019

“Something big is coming to the Pixel universe,” reads a new teaser on the Google... >>>

NASA grants Elon Musk's SpaceX $69 million to fly spacecraft into asteroid

Tuesday  07:50,   16 april 2019

Elon Musk's SpaceX has been awarded a $69 million contract for a mission that will include flying a spacecraft into an asteroid. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

NASA: Meteorites can strike the moon and cause plumes of water to shoot into space

Tuesday  07:50,   16 april 2019

Meteorites can strike the moon and cause bursts of water to shoot up out of the ground. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); That's the main takeaway... >>>

A new super-Earth may orbit the star next door

Tuesday  01:15,   16 april 2019

Subtle shifts in the motion of the nearby star Proxima Centauri suggest that it may host not one but two alien... >>>

Android system updates might soon be found right in the Play Store

Tuesday  01:15,   16 april 2019

An upcoming modification to the Android operating system could make the system software updates native to the Play Store, according to the site... >>>