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5G: Examining facts, lies and bizarre conspiracy theories

Friday  23:54,   26 february 2021

How a robust 5G infrastructure can solve some of America's biggest problems and (hopefully) convince the world that 5G is safe.These changes will help businesses create new products, make it easier for individuals to access services, and even... >>>

Streaming music made up 83 percent of the record industry's revenue in 2020

Friday  23:54,   26 february 2021

The coronavirus pandemic may have made it nearly impossible to check out live shows last year, but the music industry still found a way to grow despite all the hardships. According to the Recording Industry Association of America’s annual year-end... >>>

Does Windows 10X come as "The new Windows"?

Friday  19:00,   26 february 2021

© Provided by Dr. Windows Windows 10X Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows 10, which we know as Windows 10X and which was originally intended for the Surface Neo, which has since been postponed indefinitely. After the last leaks it is... >>>

Apple now shows device repairability scores in France

Friday  18:42,   26 february 2021

With the EU outlining a green deal that seeks to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, scrutiny has turned to the shelf life of gadgets that contribute to the barrage of e-waste produced annually on the continent. In a bid to tackle the junk problem,... >>>

Vergecast: 2021 plans for Spotify, Paramount Plus, and 5G

Friday  18:41,   26 february 2021

The Verge reporters lay out this week’s newsThis week, co-hosts Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn start off the show with Verge reporter Allison Johnson to discuss the state of 5G in America: T-Mobile bringing back their unlimited 5G plan with no... >>>

FCC to provide $50 subsidies on internet for low-income households

Friday  18:10,   26 february 2021

The Federal Communications Commission greenlit a program to provide low-income households with $50 a month subsidies for broadband internet. The FCC unanimously voted on Thursday to establish the $3.2 billion Emergency Broadband Benefit Program,... >>>

The Grift and Cybercrime Blight on the Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

Friday  18:05,   26 february 2021

Last August, federal agents searched the Redmond, Washington, laboratory of Johnny Stine, a bootleg biotechnician whom they’d been investigating since March. As they fanned across Stine’s warehouse, they encountered your typical scientist fare: lab... >>>

Boeing share weaker: Boeing 777 has to make an emergency landing in Moscow - million dollar fine for disregarding conditions

Friday  17:59,   26 february 2021

After an engine failure, a Boeing 777 made an emergency landing in the Russian capital Moscow. © Provided by Finanz.net MIKE CLARKE / AFP / Getty Images A few days after the engine failure of an Boeing 777 in the USA, another wide-body jet of this... >>>

FCC approves $50 monthly internet subsidies for low-income households during pandemic

Friday  17:11,   26 february 2021

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday approved final rules for a new broadband subsidy program that could help struggling families pay for internet service during the pandemic. © Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty Images A person works from... >>>

FCC authorizes $50 discounts for low-income households’ internet bills

Friday  17:11,   26 february 2021

Congress approved $3.2 billion for the program in December as part of a coronavirus relief packageThe $3.2 billion for the program was approved by Congress in December as part of a $900 billion coronavirus relief package. The subsidies are available >>>

Citizen will now tell you why helicopters are flying overhead

Friday  16:41,   26 february 2021

The helicopter tracker is comingThe team tells The Verge it employs a 24/7 group to review 911 communications, and now they’ll review data about police helicopters, too. Like any other info on Citizen, users can add their own videos and comments... >>>

United States. The Cherokees no longer want their name associated with that of an

Friday  15:52,   26 february 2021

car © Leigh Vogel-AFP Deb Haaland, the first Indian woman to be appointed minister in the United States. The leader of this great Indian tribe in the United States asks Jeep to change the name of his best-selling vehicle. American Indians no longer >>>

Flying cars over Los Angeles by 2024

Friday  15:51,   26 february 2021

A bold Urban Air Mobility pledge could push a new form of transportation to the forefront.The testbed is well-chosen. Southern California has severe mobility challenges, including consistently gridlocked traffic, under-utilized or poorly developed... >>>

Telekom with sales of more than 100 billion euros for the first time

Friday  14:00,   26 february 2021

After taking over US competitor Sprint, Deutsche Telekom made a three-digit billion turnover for the first time in its history. © Oliver Berg / dpa In the current year, Telekom wants to go a step further and increase its operating profit.... >>>

A Boeing 777 lands urgently in Moscow after an engine problem

Friday  13:08,   26 february 2021

© Supplied by Le Parisien Le Parisien New fear for a Boeing 777 . A plane from the Russian company Rossiya had to make an emergency landing in Moscow on Friday after an engine problem, she announced in the morning. "During cargo flight 4520 Hong... >>>