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playing children in the garden: How much children's noise is allowed?

Saturday  16:00,   02 april 2022

Parents know the problem as well as childless neighbors: loud children in the garden ensure discussion again and again. That says consumer protection to the children's noise © iStockphoto Children's noise in the garden: How much is allowed?... >>>

The Mode: Repetto starts in the pre-order

Friday  19:50,   01 april 2022

promise of a more responsible fashion, the pre-order has the wind on the stern. Among the marks to try: Repetto. © press Buy less to dress better, find alternative manufacturing methods ... In recent years, the textile sector finally seems to take... >>>

war in Ukraine: conscription, true-false stake for the Russian army?

Friday  15:45,   01 april 2022

© Alexander Nemenov / AFP Russian soldiers in front of the flame of the unknown soldier. Russia launches Friday 1 April the " Spring Campaign ". Nearly 250,000 men aged 18 to 27 must perform their one-year military services. Despite these... >>>

Always the same question: light or heavy group?

Friday  07:15,   01 april 2022

on the always equal question according to the advantages of a heavy or a supposedly lightweight World Cup group answers Jürgen Klinsmann Rational. © Darko Bandic / AP / DPA The logo of the World Cup in Qatar is facing the Doha Exhibition and... >>>

Cameroon: a call to the general strike to denounce "widespread depletion"

Friday  05:30,   01 april 2022

© Sunday Alamba Photo of the Mokolo Market, in Yaoundé, 11 OtoBre 2018. (picture of illustration) A collective of representatives Consumers and workers in the formal and informal sector deposited with the authorities a notice for a call for a... >>>

Hubble Telescope discovered star from the early days of the universe

Thursday  21:50,   31 march 2022

It is an astronomical record: the Hubble telescope of NASA captured the light of a star, which sparkled in the sky before 12.9 billion years ago. © Nasa / ESA / AP Photo / Picture Alliance The arrow marked Earendel, the Morridest star, which has... >>>

Technik: Dyson launches the market - no joke

Thursday  21:50,   31 march 2022

It looks like a mix of diving mask, muzzle and the props from a techno video - and the GAG ​​with the April Foole immediately went around the world, as Dyson this product has introduced: the "zone". It should actually come to the market in autumn.... >>>

22 billion dollars sales with mobile games

Thursday  16:05,   31 march 2022

© default_credit genhin impact screenshot 2022-03-31 124409 Mobile games boom: 44 percent of all Google play downloads and 28 percent of all iOS downloads are attracted to mobile games. Overall, 22 billion dollars accounted for 14 billion... >>>

The fly or lost iPhone will no longer be repaired in the Apple Stores

Thursday  02:05,   31 march 2022

© Pixabay The stolen or lost iPhone will no longer be repaired in the Apple Stores the official or approved stores can refer to the database of the Gsm association. This is a news that could perhaps deter thieves from stepping up your cell phones,... >>>

Judgment in France: Google Must Change Play Store Rules

Wednesday  19:40,   30 march 2022

© Default_Credit Google Play (Image: Google) A court criticized that developers can not negotiate the terms and conditions with Google. Among other things, it's about the height of Google's commission. The court also imposes a fine of 2 million... >>>

musiala stands out, space falls: The notes to the Netherlands-Germany

Wednesday  12:20,   30 march 2022

The Colorado Avalanche have called the first team in the NHL this season the 100-point mark. Bestphalia have also set up the Florida Panthers with the victory against Montreal. © Imago / Zuma Press Valeri Nichushkin (Mi.) met twice for the Colorado >>>

bad for the mattress: Which mistakes many commit when putting them

Wednesday  11:50,   30 march 2022

with the bedding is that such a thing. Many of us have learned from Klein: when you get up, the bedding is neatly folded on the mattress. Either one holds in adult life at this habit. Or you just let the blanket be lying on the bed in the morning,... >>>

The "lamentable" gesture of Domenech

Wednesday  07:50,   30 march 2022

© supplied by Sports.co.uk Raymond Domenech The reception of South Africa, Tuesday, in Lille referred to a painful memory. Because if in 1998, Aimé Jacquet Futtered troops started their victorious campaign by dominating South Africans (3-0), the... >>>

Tesla: more than 4000 black employees denounce the company for racist and harassment remarks, the US firm of Elon Musk challenges these accusations

Tuesday  19:55,   29 march 2022

© ** © ** David Butow / For the Times Tesla: more than 4000 Black employees denounce the company for racist and harassment remarks, the American firm of Elon Musk challenges these charges. WARNING: Some remarks in the article can strike the... >>>

The artist Jeff Koons wants to send sculptures on the moon

Tuesday  19:05,   29 march 2022

© Carmen Jaspersen / AFP The famous "Balloon Dog" of Jeff Koons, exhibited in Germany, October 17, 2019. American neo-pop artist Jeff Koons Want to send sculptures on the moon, announced Tuesday 29 March 2022 Galleries Pace. It is still unknown how >>>