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Anker FCC filing hints at second-gen Amazon Echo Buds with wireless charging

Monday  19:20,   26 october 2020

They could have a new case, tooA diagram of the charging pad from the filings also includes a mention of the second-gen Echo Buds and that they’ll have wireless charging. You can see that on the right side of the image... >>>

Twitter will preemptively debunk election misinformation

Monday  19:20,   26 october 2020

Twitter is taking a new approach in its fight against election misinformation. The company previewed a series of PSAs it will place at the top of US users’ timelines and in search results that are meant to “preemptively” debunk falsehoods about... >>>

The World's First Handheld Calculator Is Up for Auction

Monday  19:20,   26 october 2020

They can do everything from plot complex equations to even play games like Doom (if you have enough rotting potatoes) but the handheld calculator started out as a very simple device capable of performing just four basic mathematical calculations.... >>>

These noise cancelling headphones are way too good to be on sale for $45

Monday  19:10,   26 october 2020

The TaoTronics TT-BH085 wireless noise cancelling headphones are probably the best headphones you've never heard of. This awesome model offers great sound quality and active noise cancelling tech, as well as impressive 40 hours of battery life... >>>

Bissell's robot mops and vacuums at the same time, just don't ask it to navigate

Monday  19:05,   26 october 2020

The Bissell SpinWave can both mop and vacuum floors at once, but too bad it can't navigate around common household obstacles.Few products claim to vacuum and mop, and the ones that do easily cost triple the SpinWave's asking price. Which is why... >>>

OnePlus Announces Two Actually Affordable Phones Are Coming to the U.S.

Monday  19:05,   26 october 2020

When OnePlus released the Nord earlier this summer, I called it a tease because even though it included great specs, a slick design, and 5G support for under $500, OnePlus never had plans to release it in the U.S. (aside from a very limited beta... >>>

YouTube's refreshed mobile player has more streamlined controls

Monday  19:05,   26 october 2020

YouTube is rolling out some updates for its video player page on mobile devices, including streamlined controls, a couple more gestures and suggested actions. The closed captions button and autoplay toggle are now directly on the player. YouTube... >>>

A Hérault resident has lived without electricity for a year because he refuses to install a Linky meter

Monday  18:35,   26 october 2020

© Ouest-France The Linky meter has been disputed for years (photo illustration). A resident of Lignan-sur-Orb (Hérault) has lived without electricity since September 2019. At that time, he refused to have a Linky meter installed in his home,... >>>

charging stations: Mastercard promotes payment infrastructure with 1 million euros

Monday  18:15,   26 october 2020

Mastercard promotes an open payment system that is intended to enable consumer-friendly payment at e-charging stations. The program has now started in Germany and is to be gradually rolled out across Europe. © Shutterstock Charging electric cars.... >>>

Shure made a podcast-friendly alternative to its high-end SM7b radio mic

Monday  17:50,   26 october 2020

A new dynamic USB / XRL hybridThe MV7 was designed to be an affordable alternative to Shure’s standard radio broadcasting dynamic microphone, the SM7b. If you were to walk into almost any radio studio or a higher-budget podcast studio, you will most >>>

Snapchat’s dancing hot dog returns for Election Day

Monday  17:50,   26 october 2020

And it’ll help users make a plan to voteThe hot dog first reappeared in Snapchat’s filter reel on Saturday for Vote Early Day, but it disappeared after the holiday finished. The character is set to return for Election Day on November 3rd, dressed in >>>

Bulldozer thief drove through Florida town allegedly digging up Biden-Harris campaign signs

Monday  17:25,   26 october 2020

James Blight was arrested in Haines City, Florida for allegedly stealing a bulldozer to dig up and vandalize the homes of people displaying Joe Biden signs.James Blight, 26, was arrested and charged Saturday with grand theft auto and trespassing,... >>>

MIT tests autonomous 'Roboat' that can carry two passengers

Monday  16:46,   26 october 2020

We’ve heard plenty about the potential of autonomous vehicles in recent years, but MIT is thinking about different forms of self-driving transportation. For the last five years, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)... >>>

iPhone 12 drop test confirms the new screen helps durability, to an extent

Monday  16:46,   26 october 2020

Apple made much ado over the iPhone 12’s more resilient Ceramic Shield screen, but does it really help? The answer is apparently yes, although you probably won’t want to depend on it too heavily. Allstate Protection Plans has conducted drop tests... >>>

Lenovo’s Chromebook Duet is almost $80 off its original price at Walmart

Monday  16:19,   26 october 2020

It’s down to just... >>>