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researchers develop new technology for displays with 10,000 dpi

Monday  16:18,   26 october 2020

research from the solar sector makes ultra-high-resolution displays possible. The “metaphotonic” OLED displays could be used in VR glasses. © SAIT The Meta-OLED method was developed by Standford University in collaboration with Samsung. Especially... >>>

Shure's $249 MV7 is a USB/XLR microphone built for podcasters

Monday  15:55,   26 october 2020

For many podcasters, Shure's SM7B just may be the holy grail of microphones. Its first iteration, the SM7, was a beloved radio workhorse that Quincy Jones used to record Michael Jackson's Thriller. If you've ever seen your favorite... >>>

iPhone 12 drop test results are in: Ceramic shield is as tough as it sounds

Monday  15:30,   26 october 2020

We dropped and scraped the iPhone 12 to find out how much the new "ceramic shield" screen can handle. SPOILER: A lot more than a six-foot drop.And testing it is exactly what we did. To find out how this new material holds up to the elements, we put... >>>

“Full Self-Driving”: Tesla publishes new autopilot beta - test drivers are enthusiastic

Monday  15:15,   26 october 2020

Testers describe their first experiences with Tesla's autopilot experiment as “terrifying as hell”. Security agencies have also become aware of the beta. © t3n.de Tesla's “Full Self-Driving” beta from autumn 2020 shows more details in the visual... >>>

OnePlus expands its Nord line with two even cheaper phones

Monday  14:46,   26 october 2020

The OnePlus Nord debuted to fairly solid acclaim over the summer, but it came with one notable caveat: It’s only available in India and parts of Europe. Mid-range phone fans in North America had to make do without, but won’t be true of the company’s >>>

The iPhone 12's ceramic shield screen is tough — but you can still break it

Monday  14:46,   26 october 2020

Allstate tested the new iPhone 12 models' Ceramic Shield screen and found it to be the most durable smartphone display it ever tested — but it's not indestructible.Allstate tested the new iPhone 12 models' Ceramic Shield screen and found it... >>>

Facebook wants to add cloud games to its platform, but you won't find them on Apple devices

Monday  14:46,   26 october 2020

Facebook is diving further into games, and announced Monday that it has launched cloud gaming on its mobile and desktop platforms. © Facebook So far, the platform has four free games, including "PGA Tour Golf Shootout" and "Solitaire: Arthur's... >>>

China will sanction American companies involved in the sale of arms to Taiwan

Monday  14:45,   26 october 2020

USA-CHINA-TAIWAN: China will sanction American companies involved in the sale of arms to Taiwan © Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rawlins CHINA SANCTIONNERA US COMPANIES INVOLVED IN SALE OF ARMS TO TAIWAN BEIJING (Reuters) - China will impose sanctions on... >>>

A "Great Woman" on sale in New York could be Giacometti's fourth work to exceed $ 100 million

Monday  14:25,   26 october 2020

Alberto Giacometti could become Tuesday October 27 the second artist after Picasso to have four works sold for more than $ 100 million . © Provided by Franceinfo Will the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti equal Pablo Picasso and become, on Tuesday, >>>

iPhone 12 Pro real-life speed test shows Apple’s secret upgrade in action

Monday  13:51,   26 october 2020

A real-life speed test shows the iPhone 12 Pro’s advantages over its predecessors, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS. Aside from the faster, more efficient, A14 Bionic processor, the iPhone 12 Pro also features an upgrade that Apple did not detail on... >>>

Researchers 3D-printed a cell-sized tugboat

Monday  13:51,   26 october 2020

Physicists at Leiden University in the Netherlands have 3D printed what could be the world’s smallest boat, a test object known as Benchy (via Gizmodo). At 30 microns long, it’s a third smaller than the thickness of a human hair and about six times... >>>

You can get a 3D printed studio (yes, a printed apartment) for just over $100K

Monday  13:51,   26 october 2020

DIY and you'll pay $100K, but if Mighty Buildings does the work, you'll spend nearly $200K for installation and permitsThe company, Mighty Buildings, has been showcasing small (350 square foot) studio apartment models of its new "ADU" units... >>>

How I built my dream 8K-capable video editing PC

Monday  13:25,   26 october 2020

8K video is here, but can your PC handle it? Here are the specs you need for ultimate media production.But 8K files are big and stuffed with more data than most of today's computers are properly able to handle, which means it may be time for a new... >>>

5G is here. Now what?

Monday  13:05,   26 october 2020

The next generation of wireless tech has arrived. Here's how 5G will reshape business, spur fresh innovation, and yes -- make your phone faster.Intel plans to send prototypes of its 5G communication chips to auto-industry partners in the second... >>>

How to wash your phone, disinfecting it during coronavirus pandemic

Monday  11:50,   26 october 2020

Disinfecting your phone can be tricky. But during the coronavirus pandemic, it's critical. Here's how to do it safely.Sound familiar? Now think like an... >>>