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Incredible: Researchers make a brand new corona discovery that affects you too!

Thursday  13:31,   04 june 2020

© provided by COSMOPOLITAN Coronavirus research teams has made a huge breakthrough in corona research that affects you too. We know more. researchers from China and Germany made a MEGA breakthrough in corona research. You have found that the... >>>

PSG and OL face a major problem

Thursday  13:30,   04 june 2020

© Provided by Sports.fr Panoramic The stoppage of Ligue 1 is necessarily detrimental for PSG and OL while the two clubs must compete in August , the continuation and end of the Champions League. Four years after his heartbreaking elimination... >>>

Signal adds a face blurring tool its secure messaging app

Thursday  13:26,   04 june 2020

Encrypted chat app Signal is rolling out a new feature to help its users stay anonymous: face blurring. Developed in response to the ongoing Black Lives Matter demonstrations taking place around the world, the feature is included in the latest... >>>

Samsung's heir about to be arrested?

Thursday  13:21,   04 june 2020

© Pixabay Samsung's heir about to be arrested? South Korea has applied for an arrest warrant against Samsung's heir in an investigation into the controversial merger of two subsidiaries in 2015. Lee Jae-yong - vice president and heir to large South >>>

Amazon launches its 2nd French program on June 26

Thursday  13:20,   04 june 2020

© JOEL SAGET / AFP In "True Story", personalities like José Garcia, Fianso or Jonathan Cohen tell "real stories" to youtubers like Cyprien or Natoo Amazon launches June 26 his second entertainment program where personalities like José Garcia,... >>>

Twitch removes TwitchCop emote ‘to prevent misuse’

Thursday  12:52,   04 june 2020

The decision is likely related to ongoing protests against police brutality and racism sparked by the killing of George Floyd by law enforcement. As protests have spread across the US, social media has been flooded with videos of unprovoked police... >>>

Some YouTubers say they plan to donate their ad revenue from videos to Black Lives Matter movement

Thursday  11:36,   04 june 2020

After George Floyd's death at the hand of Minneapolis police, thousands took to the streets to protest, or opened their wallets to donate to help support the Black Lives Matter movement. © Zoe Amira/Youtube But not everyone who wants to donate... >>>

Australia's Great Barrier Reef suffers most extensive coral bleaching

Thursday  11:05,   04 june 2020

WORLD-ENVIRONMENTDAY/AUSTRALIA-CORAL (PIX):Australia's Great Barrier Reef suffers most extensive coral bleaching event in March, with scientists fearing the coral recovers less each time after the third bleaching in five years. February 2020 was >>>

Panos Panay: A revolutionary as guardian of evolution

Thursday  10:35,   04 june 2020

© provided by Dr. Windows Panos Panay His name is more closely associated with the Surface brand than any other: Panos Panay is the creator of Microsoft's own Windows computers, and he has been responsible for this for over 10 years. I met him in... >>>

Kitty Hawk moves on from its original flying car project

Thursday  08:36,   04 june 2020

Kitty Hawk’s Flyer, the company’s first flying car project, is no more. The company has announced that it’s shutting down the initiative in a blog post, where it has also revealed that it’ll focus on its Heaviside plane going forward. According to... >>>

Contact Tracing Could Be Much Easier — but There Are Tradeoffs

Thursday  06:51,   04 june 2020

The handshake came first. Then the high-five, fist bump and more recently, the elbow touch. Canadian researchers are now working on a new greeting, the CanShake. It is not a mere salutation. The CanShake — which involves people shaking their... >>>

Fiat Chrysler's early EV plans include an Alfa Romeo SUV in 2022

Thursday  06:15,   04 june 2020

Fiat Chrysler hasn’t been very specific about its plans for all-electric vehicles, but it’s starting to open up. The company told Autocar (via Electrek) that its Alfa Romeo brand will release a small electric SUV sometime in 2022. A spokesperson... >>>

How Microsoft is building a different business with its Xbox than Sony with its Playstation universe

Thursday  05:25,   04 june 2020

Microsoft no longer sees Sony in the power struggle for the console throne as competition. With the Xbox Series X, the company is pursuing a new strategy that is less aimed at selling the console. Rather, the focus is on the distribution of... >>>

Reimagining the world after Covid (opinion)

Thursday  05:21,   04 june 2020

The challenge for those of us who understand that climate change threatens people for generations to come, is to remember that things can be different. It would be awful if a deadly pandemic is what we need to see it, writes John Sutter. But one... >>>

Facebook and Instagram ‘mistakenly’ blocked #sikh for months

Thursday  04:05,   04 june 2020

Facebook and Instagram have unblocked the #sikh hashtag after nearly three months, saying the block happened “mistakenly” as the result of a report in early March. The company says it first became aware of the block on Wednesday, after feedback from >>>