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medical technology: Philips benefits from great demand for ventilators

Monday  20:20,   19 october 2020

The healthcare company is growing in the third quarter. Ventilators in particular are in demand in the corona crisis - but not all sectors are running smoothly. © Philips Because of the corona pandemic, hospitals ordered less surgical technology... >>>

Google's Smart Displays Are Getting a Massive (and Free) Upgrade

Monday  20:02,   19 october 2020

The role of AI-powered smart home devices has quickly evolved from things used to answer simple queries to gadgets that can help control various aspects of your home. However, with a major software update for Google’s Smart Displays, Google is... >>>

Google smart displays are getting a makeover, dark mode included

Monday  20:02,   19 october 2020

Your Nest Hub screen is about to change up its look.The overhaul starts with several new screens. The home screen now displays a quick glance at your day. In the morning that section is called "Your Morning" and it progresses throughout the day,... >>>

The iPhone 12 Mini's big drawback: A tiny battery

Monday  19:15,   19 october 2020

Apple claimed there was no difference between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini except for their size and their price. © Apple That's not technically true — because the iPhone 12 Mini is so much smaller, it has a significantly tinier battery.... >>>

Facebook's new AI can translate languages directly into one another

Monday  18:30,   19 october 2020

Whether you’re logging on from the US, Brazil, Borneo, or France, Facebook can translate virtually any written content published on its platform into the local language using automated machine translation. In fact, Facebook provides around 20... >>>

Brydge's iPad Pro keyboard with trackpad is $35 off at Wellbots

Monday  18:06,   19 october 2020

Not everyone wants to drop $300 on a Magic Keyboard for their iPad Pro, regardless of how luxurious it is. But now Engadget readers can get a solid alternative made by Brydge for less from Wellbots. Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch Brydge Pro+ smart... >>>

This AI-Powered Sky Replacement Tool Is Smart Enough to Change Reflections Too

Monday  18:06,   19 october 2020

There are lots of valid reasons to raise concerns over the capabilities of AI-powered image editing tools, but if you’re a professional pixel pusher, there are just as many reasons to be excited about them too, as Skylum Software demonstrates with... >>>

Living with TCL's 8-series 4K TV: Quality without paying for OLED

Monday  18:06,   19 october 2020

So I needed a bigger TV. A first world problem, I know. But after jumping ship from NYC to an Atlanta suburb (which also led me to buy a car via Carvana), my trustworthy 55-inch LG OLED just felt tiny. It was fine in a cozy Brooklyn apartment,... >>>

Peak Design has made the stylish magnetic modular bike-mountable phone case I didn’t know I needed

Monday  18:00,   19 october 2020

Quad Lock has serious competitionI’ve been playing with several of them over the past couple days — and I’m already wondering where I’ll find the money to buy my... >>>

Magnet-based phone case aims at cyclists, drivers, photographers

Monday  17:46,   19 october 2020

Peak Design's magnetic system will let you quickly mount or unmount your phone when you don't have time to fumble around.Called Mobile by Peak Design, the system starts with a phone case for an Apple iPhone or Samsung  phone. Magnets on the... >>>

Peak Design unveils its own line of magnetic phone cases and accessories

Monday  17:45,   19 october 2020

Peak Design is moving into the smartphone accessory market. The company, best known for its popular Everyday camera bags, has unveiled a mobile-focused system called Mobile. It starts with SlimLink, a square mounting plate that relies on magnets and >>>

How to pick the right iPhone 12

Monday  16:56,   19 october 2020

This week, Apple announced four new iPhones, more than the company has ever released all in one shot. Naturally, there’s the iPhone 12, a big upgrade over last year’s iPhone 11, with an all-new body design, OLED screen, upgraded camera, 5G cellular... >>>

This wireless charger needs under 20 minutes for a full recharge

Monday  15:53,   19 october 2020

Smartphone wireless charging speeds go up to 80W, thanks to the advancements made by Chinese handset maker Xiaomi. A typical smartphone battery of 4,000 mAh can be fully recharged in under 20 minutes with the 80W wireless charger from Xiaomi. The... >>>

Could Brain Implants Ever Make Telekinesis Possible?

Monday  15:53,   19 october 2020

Today, when you see an eerie child lift a toy with its mind in some hackneyed ‘80s-horror homage, you can be reasonably certain that kid is supposed to be special in some way. A hundred years from now, that might not translate. A hundred years from... >>>

"Worrying undesirable developments": Scientists doubt Corona measures

Monday  15:25,   19 october 2020

A group of scientists, cash managers and doctors around the renowned health economist Gerd Glaeske has accused the federal and state governments of reacting to the increasing number of corona infected people with wrong concepts. There are a number... >>>