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09:10  04 october  2022
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Microsoft Edge Titelbild © provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Edge cover picture

The version 106 by Microsoft Edge will be distributed from now on. Although it does not bring any new functions that are firmly wired with this version, the mess of rollout of the new sidebar is now finally ended.

in post Microsoft Edge: Where is the new Sidebar? I illuminated last week how unorganized the replacement of the old "edgeies" runs through the new sidebar, unfortunately it had little to do with a controlled rollout. With the installation of EDGE 106, the switch is now apparently fitted with all users: the edge of the edge, which comes sidebar.

before we continue to talk about the sidebar, the other changes in EDGE 106 that only affect companies: the guideline with which one can switch between the old and new engine of the Microsoft Defender Smart screen, EDGE 106 canceled , with version 107 it will be removed, i.e. the new engine is then used everywhere. In addition, the search in the address bar now shows two instead of four results from the company's internal search if it is used.

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Back to the Sidebar: We have recently spoken about new functions in Microsoft Edge with doubtful benefits, and the new Sidebar will certainly not only have fans, but I personally find them very successful and above all a lot More productive than the old edge. By default, the sidebar is active after installation, but it can be hidden with one click and in the settings. With the key combination Ctrl+Shift+# you can turn them on and hide.

Not all functions are available yet, for the beginning it is the categories search, shop, extras, games, Microsoft Office and Outlook. In the insider versions of Edge there is also YouTube and the integration of various music streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music.

Microsoft Edge Sidebar © provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Edge Sidebar

As you can see, each of these sections can be optionally switched to and off. Fortunately, we are looking for the integration of the Microsoft News portal in vain, and the new Sidebar is also much more subtle. That alone is enough to outdo the old edge of the edge.

Edge Canary: Microsoft increases the number of strokes of the daily updates

 Edge Canary: Microsoft increases the number of strokes of the daily updates © provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Edge Canary Cover If you have also installed the Canary version of Microsoft Edge in addition to the stable version, there are important news if you use the browser under Windows. Microsoft will increase the number of strikes under its own operating system and will usually publish two updates per day in the Canary channel. This was announced by the Redmonders on the overview page for the Edge Insider in a message.

The search can be used either on the web and on the current page. It will certainly not surprise anyone that Bing is used, regardless of whether you have selected another search provider in the EDGE settings.

In the "Shopping" section, the last articles recently called are displayed at well -known online shops and recommendations.

I find the "Tools" section quite smart, which a calculator, a dictionary to look up e.g. technical terms, a translator and an internet speed test. Contains. I could imagine using it frequently. All four tools can be added and deselected individually, which will be particularly useful if this area is expanded.

Microsoft Edge Sidebar Tools © provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Edge Sidebar Tools

behind "Games" is the access from the Microsoft Casual Games such as Solitair, Crosswords, Mahjong, Sudoku and the like. I am a little surprised that at this point (yet) is not advertised for the Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming.

In the Office section, the last used files are displayed if they are in the cloud, and you can also call up the web versions of the individual office programs with one click. Last but not least, the Outlook section contains a fully functional integration of the Outlook.com mailbox, which is similar to the look & feel of the mobile Outlook app.

The simultaneous use of a business M365 and a private Microsoft account does not work at the moment, you cannot switch and a "re-register" I did not want to succeed, apparently the account is always used with which you are also registered in Edge . However, Microsoft is currently working on introducing the simple account changes in his web services across the board, then this will certainly also be possible in the edge.

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