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Don't count on NFL to give Jerry Richardson full Donald Sterling treatment

  Don't count on NFL to give Jerry Richardson full Donald Sterling treatment What Jerry Richardson reportedly did as owner of the Panthers makes him at least as foul as Donald Sterling. The NBA finally threw Sterling out. How brave is the NFL?In fact, an owner who conducted himself like Richardson did face all that. Nearly four years ago, the NBA and Adam Silver took Donald Sterling’s team away from him, and told him he didn’t have to go home, but he had to get the hell out of there.

Roger Goodell is to the NFL what Willie Sutton was to bank safes. Just like Mort, JJ embellished the truth. NFL : Roger Goodell ’ s long-awaited National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell ’ s contract extension has been A letter from the NFL ’s compensation committee, tasked

Roger Goodell has been the commissioner of the N.F.L. since 2006.CreditCreditSeth That is a big reason the owners are comfortable keeping Goodell — who became In October, Jones persuaded some owners that it was best to delay completing the contract to avoid the public spectacle of giving

Feb 6, 2017; Houston, TX, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell holds a Super Bowl LII logo football at the Houston Super Bowl LI Host Committee Handoff Ceremony at the George R. Brown Convention Center.© Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports Feb 6, 2017; Houston, TX, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell holds a Super Bowl LII logo football at the Houston Super Bowl LI Host Committee Handoff Ceremony at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Roger Goodell is an easy target. No one would say he has handled controversy well. Check out the laundry list of mistakes he's made: Ray Rice, BountyGate, BullyGate, DeflateGate, Colin Kaepernick, and CTE issues have plagued his time as commissioner. One gate is too many gates. The players don't like him, nor do they trust him. The owners used to be behind him . . . until Jerry Jones tried a palace coup. His public record isn't good, and almost any sane person will acknowledge that. But, NFL owners made the right decision extending Goodell's contract. Here are the major reasons why.

Report: Nationals have talked extension with Bryce Harper

  Report: Nationals have talked extension with Bryce Harper Super agent Scott Boras continues to be the talk of the baseball world as teams take up residence in Orlando for the Winter Meetings. His top client, Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals, is now also becoming the talk of the meetings.No, Washington isn’t looking to move the former NL MVP. Instead, the talk is all about Harper and the Nationals engaging in discussions about a potential contract extension.

Roger Goodell has signed a five -year contract extension to remain the commissioner of the NFL Goodell ' s new deal had been a contentious issue throughout 2017. Sources had told ESPN in To help make this website better , to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell survived bungling the Ray Rice situation, Bountygate Goodell also declined to appear to explain the reasoning behind his decision. Elliott’s side claims Why would the owners extend Goodell ? There’s hardly been a dull moment in Goodell ’ s tenure as commissioner.

2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement

It's important to distinguish what the job of commissioner entails. Commissioners are supposed to steward the sport and act as a representative of ownership interest. His bosses are the owners. They are supposed to tell him what to do. Commissioners in the end represent a bunch of billionaires and gain some type of consensus.

Goodell represented the owners' interests in the last CBA negotiations and he absolutely railroaded the players. If the CBA was a football game, the Owners won 56-3. It wasn't even close.

It probably won't be that easy in 2021, but Goodell has the institutional knowledge business people love to point to as a prerequisite for a good leader. The last thing the owners want is to go into negotiations with someone who hasn't done it before.

Ira Winderman: NBA trade door about to swing open; will Heat take a cut?

  Ira Winderman: NBA trade door about to swing open; will Heat take a cut? You will not find Dec. 15 delineated on any official list of NBA key dates as the de facto start of trade season. But in a league annually reshaped by free agency, it effectively stands as the beginning of open season on the personnel market, for one particular reason: players signed in the offseason cannot be traded until Dec. 15, at the earliest. What the rule does is allow players to settle in if there is a change of address and afford teams the opportunity to test drive their new contracts before any rash decisions.

Roger Goodell has signed a contract extension to continue as NFL commissioner through 2024. Goodell ’ s extension was placed in serious doubt earlier this year when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones raised concerns about Goodell ’ s tenure There’s No One Reason for the NFL ’s Offensive Explosion.

Goodell ’ s current contract runs through 2018. The five -year extension would leave him in place It’s a strange moment for the NFL . The league was a juggernaut that watched its ratings climb every That might ultimately be Goodell ’ s firewall against Jones’ palace coup. I can’t in good conscience

Skyrocketing franchise valuations

Roger Goodell took over in 2006. Since then, ownership's franchise values have gone through the roof. Take Forbes valuations with a grain of salt, but right now the average NFL franchise value is $2.34 billion. In 2010, the average NFL franchise value was $1.02 billion. In the past six years as commissioner Goodell has increased owners asset value by 100 percent. Remember that whole thing about the commissioner serving the owners? Well on average he's made each of them $1 billion. Yes, billion with a B! That makes Goodell's $40 million per year deal look like pennies.

International Expansion

Here's another area where people don't give Goodell enough credit. He actually worked in the international group at one point before becoming commissioner. When the London game was created everyone was quick to make fun of the NFL. It's been a success by any standard. There's not a team moving to the United Kingdom any time soon, but the games there now are well attended. The NFL also expanded into Mexico, and the league hasn't had any issues. They've struggled with China, but there's a lot that goes into playing a game in Asia.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy reportedly turns down Tennessee job

  Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy reportedly turns down Tennessee job Mike Gundy has reportedly decided to stay at his alma mater, even after Tennessee offered him a huge contract.According to insider Brett McMurphy, Gundy has decided to stay at his alma mater rather than taking a shot at coaching in the SEC.

Roger Goodell signs contract extension as NFL commissioner. Goodell ' s deal is completed after a long standoff with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The New York Times reported that Goodell ' s extension is for an additional five years. It is worth up to 0 million if all incentives are met and

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell ’ s contract extension has been Goodell ’ s deal, as previously reported, will have a vastly different compensation structure for the In a previous letter, the league called Jones’s conduct “detrimental to the league’s best interests and wrote that his

The U.S. market is essentially saturated. The NFL has fans in urban and rural areas. Both women and men play fantasy football and enjoy the game. NFL owners need to make the game global if they want to keep making more money. Goodell has been a success spreading the game outside of the domestic market.

Television rights and the future of distribution

The narrative that the NFL is in trouble with their TV deals is completely overblown. Normal NFL Sunday games have 10 to 12 million people watching, every week. To put that in perspective, the NBA is celebrating viewership numbers in 2017 as one of it's best years in recent memory. Nationally televised NBA games are averaged 2 to 3 million viewers. The NFL is only having a television problem because fewer people are watching, when it's still the most popular piece of content on TV. It's not even close.

Of course, the marketplace is changing. Technology companies are becoming media and distribution companies. They need content. Normal cable and broadcast operators want the NFL, but they need to recalibrate their expectations. There's no better person than Goodell for this job.

Trump complains that 'players are the boss' in the NFL

  Trump complains that 'players are the boss' in the NFL PALM BEACH, Fla. — He's not letting it go.President Donald Trump is continuing to rail against football players who kneel during the National Anthem to protest racism and police brutality.Trump asks his followers in a Black Friday tweet: "Can you believe that the disrespect for our Country, our Flag, our Anthem continues without penalty to the players."He's accusing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell of having "lost control" of what he called a "hemorrhaging league" where "Players are the boss!"Trump's tweet was in response to one from his social media chief, Dan Scavino.

SportsPulse: Trysta Krick reviews the crazy first half of the NFL season in 2 minutes. USA TODAY Sports.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has signed a five -year extension to remain in his role through 2024 despite last month’ s opposition from Dallas The commissioner’ s extension from league owners comes at a turbulent time for the NFL . TV ratings have sagged over the past two seasons, and this

He has been part of the push to go digital and helped usher in deals with Twitter and Amazon. He has great relationships with the head of almost every major network. These deals get done because people actually like Roger Goodell professionally. He's actually good at his job. There's no debate that he's a good businessman.

Mending relationships with players and NFLPA

Roger Goodell has been the players biggest champion at the NFL recently. He's not forcing players to stand during the anthem. He has gone against hard-line owners. He and DeMaurice Smith may actually find a middle ground here.

Yes, Goodell has a long way to go, but he's suddenly trending in the right direction. It's almost as if he learned from his past mistakes. Good for him, if that's the case. That can change quickly though.


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