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How people reacted on Twitter to Supreme Court’s sports betting ruling: ‘It’s on now’

  How people reacted on Twitter to Supreme Court’s sports betting ruling: ‘It’s on now’ The Supreme Court's decision cleared the way for states to legalize sports betting.The justices ruled 7-2 that a 25-year-old federal law that has effectively prohibited sports betting outside Nevada by forcing states to keep prohibitions on the books is unconstitutional. The ruling could set the stage for other states to expand legalized gambling as a source of government revenue.

It might be NASCAR | Charlotte Observer. News. Sports . That's natural, given the high profile of those leagues . But you could argue the sport best -positioned to capitalize on the legalization of sports gambling is NASCAR .

The professional sports leagues may have a good argument, especially in terms of licensing. Among those who said they oppose the expansion of legalized sports betting, the biggest concern people have centers around the ravages of gambling .

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Monday, the United States Supreme Court overturned a decades-old law - the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA - that essentially limited sports gambling to one state.

With the landmark decision, it will now be up to individual states and sports leagues to regulate sports betting as they see fit.

And the immediate reaction to Monday's ruling was: How will this affect the NFL? And the NBA? And MLB?

Five predictions for how the expansion of legalized sports betting might affect sports broadcasting

  Five predictions for how the expansion of legalized sports betting might affect sports broadcasting There’s been a longstanding complicated relationship between sports betting and sports broadcasting, seen in everything from Jimmy the Greek on The NFL Today through countless veiled references to the line (it’s appropriate that one star of those, Brent Musburger, is now talking about gambling daily) through segments like Scott Van Pelt’s “Bad Beats.” Gambling is a huge Read more The post Five predictions for how the expansion of legalized sports betting might affect sports broadcasting appeared first on Awful Announcing.

NASCAR will look for ways to cash in on legalized sports gambling . play. How are league 's preparing for legal sports gambling ? May 18, 2018. Bob PockrassNASCAR.

Darren Rovell joins OTL from Delaware to break down the state's start of legalized sports gambling , as well as the states that could follow suit . NASCAR will look for ways to cash in on legalized sports gambling .

That's natural, given the high profile of those leagues. But you could argue the sport best-positioned to capitalize on the legalization of sports gambling is NASCAR.

Professional racing has a multitude of well-documented issues - top sponsors leaving the sport, the retirement of many elite and recognizable drivers, a declining and rapidly aging fan base - that won't be solved with the addition of gambling. But this legal decision does open the door for NASCAR to make substantial changes to improve its overall health and standing among sports fans.

Here are the four ways NASCAR can best make use of the legalization of sports gambling:

1. The big picture is great, but don't forget about the little things.

When you think 'NASCAR' and 'legal gambling,' the first thing that comes to mind is betting on who wins each race. NASCAR already has a fantasy sports games that allows fans to do something of that sort. Adding a monetary element would surely increase overall viewership for NASCAR (as it would any sport), something NASCAR desperately needs.

PGA Tour voices support of legal sports betting in wake of Court ruling

  PGA Tour voices support of legal sports betting in wake of Court ruling PGA Tour re-asserts support for legal wagering in wake of Supreme Court ruling.PGA Commissioner Jay Moynahan had voiced his support for legal wagering on Tour events prior to the Court's ruling.

NASCAR . Jayski. The Supreme Court ruling Monday opened the door for states outside Nevada to legalize widespread sports gambling , an action that is expected to lead to billions of dollars moving Legal sports betting could present new challenges for the NBA and other leagues . David Purdum.

NASCAR . Jayski. How close is my state to legalizing sports betting? 196dRyan Rodenberg. Sports betting makes debut in West Virginia. 5d. Schumer suggests federal sports gambling bill. Many states might look to Nevada for the best practices in the regulation of sports betting.

But NASCAR's biggest issue with fans in recent years is the pace - races that last four, five hours, sometimes longer. Simply betting on winners wouldn't force people to watch races; it would force them to check the results afterward. Instead, NASCAR should allow fans, especially those in attendance, to gamble throughout the contest. Take a brief intermission after each stage, for instance - Isn't that what the stages are for, anyway? - and let fans scramble to on-track, parimutuel betting booths to make new picks for the next segment. It's a way to increase viewership and engagement throughout the race, not just at the end. Win-win.

2. Incorporate gambling into NASCAR's brand.

For years, fans have lamented the loss of NASCAR's 'culture.' You know: the rough-and-tough attitudes, the grit, the Southern charm, the partying around the track and so forth. Those same critics argue that NASCAR has gotten to be too corporate, too cookie-cutter in limiting driver personalities and the wildness of the sport at large.

Luke DeCock: For ACC, and others, sports gambling ruling will bring inevitable, irrevocable change

  Luke DeCock: For ACC, and others, sports gambling ruling will bring inevitable, irrevocable change The ACC's athletic directors and conference executives were all gathered around a conference table for the first session of the conference's spring meetings when the entire landscape of sports in the United States changed. The Supreme Court's ruling Monday morning that essentially legalized sports gambling - overturning a Federal law that had prohibited individual states from allowing it, beyond those grandfathered in - is a game-changer for the NCAA, college conferences and every professional team and league. It was already on the agenda for discussion tomorrow at the ACC meetings, but now takes on immediate importance.

Numerous fans flocked to Twitter and wondered if legalized betting might pave the way for Rose's You're wondering if legal sports gambling helps Pete Rose -- it doesn't. Mark J. Terrill/AP Photo. "There's a middle ground here: We need a better relationship with the leagues and the NCAA.

NCAAW. NCAA Softball. NASCAR . Jayski. The best scenario for the leagues would seem to be a significant and direct financial benefit without the appearance of such a benefit. Gambling Compliance assumes 21 to 37 states will offer legal sports betting within five to seven years after

Sports gambling is one step toward reversing that trend. Gambling, even in a regulated, moderate role, fits perfectly into that good ol' days vibe NASCAR fans so strongly value. That brand isn't recklessness, but fun and competition ... and a bit of luck. NASCAR should wholly embrace sports gambling rather than backing into it.

3. Be at the forefront of all the major sports leagues.

Want to raise your public profile with sports fans, but also other sports leagues and executives? Do something nobody else has.

With this ruling, NASCAR has that opportunity. While gambling will be monitored and controlled on a state-to-state basis to some extent, there will be a sports league that assumes the mantle and becomes the leader in regulating and installing a sports betting system. Why not NASCAR?

Now, NASCAR has said before that gambling isn't high on its list of priorities, especially given reports of an impending company sale and a potential shift in corporate sponsorship structure. NASCAR's official statement Monday only reaffirmed its apparent lack of interest. If that's the case, then that list of priorities needs to be re-evaluated. Integrating sports gambling in a fast, effective, popular manner would not only make NASCAR more appealing to general sports fans, but it would make it relevant again nationally as a major sports body.

With sports betting legalized, who will hit the jackpot?

  With sports betting legalized, who will hit the jackpot? But just how big that bounty will be remains to be seen, with regulations and taxes still to be ironed outJefferies analyst David Katz is hedging his bets when it comes to forecasting its impact, though he views the ruling as a positive for casino operators. In a recent note to clients, Katz estimated the sports betting market at $1.2 billion to $57 billion and the potential revenue at between $62 million to $2.9 billion for casinos. His wide range of estimates is by design.

Sports gambling is good for college sports . It drives interest and popularity. And if it ’s going to be legalized nationwide, the smart and progressive leagues will find a way to capitalize on it rather than fight “I’m certainly interested in what that outcome might be ,” SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said.

NASCAR . Jayski. Is it gambling ? -- may have been the bridge to sports gambling ." At that point, the leagues ' opposition to legalizing sports betting appeared united and unwavering, but, behind the scenes, the NBA was plotting change.

4. Incorporate and hype up the playoff bracket, a la March Madness.

Monday's ruling plays to some sports and events better than others, but none better than the NCAA basketball tournament every spring. Bracket pools are wildly popular already, and they dominate the landscape for an entire month. Better than the World Series, the Super Bowl, or whatever else, March Madness was made for legal gambling.

Unfortunately, NASCAR has few (if any) ties to the annual tournament ... but it does have a playoff bracket of its own that could - and should - be stressed when it comes to the books.

Picking the field of 16 drivers at the onset of the season, then picking each round of eliminations as they present themselves is an easy way for NASCAR to incorporate gambling into its playoff system. Again, fans love a good bracket, even a less conventional one like NASCAR's. It's up to racing executives to make the most of theirs - and of legal gambling altogether.


This week's NASCAR All-Star Race: What you need to know.

Race: Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race.

Distance: 80 laps, divided into stages of 30, 20, 20, and 10 laps.

Where: Charlotte Motor Speedway, a 1.5-mile asphalt oval in Concord.

When: 8 p.m. Saturday.

TV: FS1.

Radio: MRN.

Last year's winner: Kyle Busch.

Worth mentioning: This will be the first race with restrictor plates at Charlotte Motor Speedway.


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Goodell: Congress should enact uniform gambling standards for states .
Last week’s Supreme Court decision opening the door for states to sanction sports betting has been met with much speculation.The NFL’s initial response was to ask Congress for “a core regulatory framework” that would govern legalized betting on sports. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expanded on that in a statement on Monday that asks Congress to act and outlines four areas that the league believes need to be addressed in any legislation.

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