SportEven 1 season of youth football may damage brain, study says

21:30  27 november  2018
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After just one season of football , young players who had more impacts to the head showed a disruption in brain development, a new study says . "Repetitive head impact exposure may have a cumulative effect in the rapidly developing brains of youth and high school football players," said

Even without concussions, just one football season may damage players’ brains . Collisions in practices and games may be causing changes in white matter in the brain stem. CRUNCH Over a season of college football , head knocks that were too small to cause concussions were nonetheless

Even 1 season of youth football may damage brain, study says© Provided by Perform Media Channels Limited A new study on brain injuries and football reveal that even one season of youth football can result in brain damage.

A study presented Monday at a meeting of the Radiological Society of North America found that head impacts in a single year of football can affect the brain's effectiveness in "gray matter pruning," or clearing out dead synapses.

Gowtham Krishnan Murugesan, M.S., a research assistant at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, likened the process to pruning a tree to ensure its health.

“Pruning is an essential part of brain development. By getting rid of the synapses that are no longer used, the brain becomes more efficient with aging," Murugesan said. "This research demonstrates that playing a season of contact sports may affect normal gray matter pruning in high school and youth football players."

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In the first study , researchers studied youth football players without history of concussion to identify the effect of repeated subconcussive impacts on the DMN. "Over a season of football , players are exposed to numerous head impacts. The vast majority of these do not result in concussion," said

New Study Links Playing Youth Football to Later Brain Damage . If children play tackle football before they are 12 and continue to play through high school, they may be putting their brains at risk. The results held steady for players with different levels of experience. Even for those who didn’t stick

The study looked at 60 youth and high school football players with no history of concussions. Researchers outfitted the players with helmets featuring sensors to detect the magnitude, location and direction of impacts to the head.

Afterward, the players were split into two groups, high-impact players and low-impact players, based on their risk of cumulative head impact exposure.

Researchers found that the high-impact players had more "gray matter volume" that had not been pruned.

“Disruption in normal pruning has been shown to be related to weaker connections between different parts of the brain,” Murugesan said.

Wake Forest University researchers who looked at the same group of players determined most head impacts happened during practice.

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Playing Football May Affect White Matter in Brain , New Study Finds. Football players who did not suffer concussions may still be at risk of brain damage . — -- Researchers have found evidence that even a single season of football may affect certain aspects of a young athlete's brain , according to

Researchers have found measurable brain changes in children after a single season of playing youth football , even without a Numerous reports have emerged in recent years about the possible risks of brain injury while playing youth sports and the effects it may have on developing brains .

"By replacing high-impact practice drills with low- or no-impact drills, the overall head-impact exposure for players can be reduced," Murugesan said.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll earlier this year found roughly half of Americans would discourage their children from playing football because of concern about concussions. This number has grown in recent years in the wake of studies such as this, along with news about former NFL and college players struggling with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) issues.

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