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SportNHL Mailbag: Will GMs be any wiser with Seattle expansion?

18:05  06 december  2018
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NHL Board of Governors to vote on Seattle expansion

NHL Board of Governors to vote on Seattle expansion SEA ISLAND, Ga. — Seattle is one step away from landing an NHL franchise.Team and city executives have

Seattle is NHL ready!

The National Hockey League ( NHL ) has undergone several rounds of expansion and other organizational changes during its 100-year history to reach its current thirty-one teams: twenty-four in

NHL Mailbag: Will GMs be any wiser with Seattle expansion?© Patrick McDermott/NHLI via Getty Images (L to R) Adrian Hanauer, NHL Seattle franchise Vice-Chairman David Wright, Jay Deutsch, Jerry Bruckheimer, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, NHL Seattle franchise majority owner David Bonderman, Len Potter, and NHL Seattle franchise President and CEO Tod Leiweke pose for a photo during the NHL Board of Governors Meeting on Dec. 4, 2018 in Sea Island, Ga.

Another week of big changes. The Flyers hired a new GM, there’s gonna be a whole 32nd NHL team in a few years, and some teams are suddenly surging.

So as usual, lots to cover as everyone cruises into the area of 30 games. Where does the time go?

NHL set to vote on Seattle expansion for 2021-22 season

NHL set to vote on Seattle expansion for 2021-22 season The NHL Board of Governors will vote on expansion to Seattle and is expected to approve the team beginning play in the 2021-22 season. Seattle Hockey Partners will pay NHL owners $650 million to join. The group led by majority owner David Bonderman, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and president and CEO Tod Leiweke had been hoping for 2020. There is no guarantee arena renovations will be done in time.

Seattle would become the 32nd NHL team. "That doesn't mean we have granted an expansion team," Commissioner Bettman said following the Board of Seattle became a viable option for an NHL team this week with the agreement between the city and Los Angeles-based Oak View Group for a privately

Seattle ownership is optimistic the NHL ’s board of governors will approve its application in June, paving the way for an inaugural season in 2021-22. TIM LEIWEKE: I was in Seattle with David and Jerry Bruckheimer. We were doing a series of interviews. The minute we put them on sale, Jerry and I were

Let’s dig in:

Rhys asks: “Seattle’s expansion draft will happen a full four years after Vegas’. What lessons will GMs have learned (or learned and forgotten) from the last draft?”

Hopefully, for their sake and not Seattle’s, they’ve learned not to give up high-end talent just because it’s a little more expensive than they’d like. I know everyone was roasting Columbus, which needed to get rid of the David Clarkson deal, for giving up Bill Karlsson, but he went from a half-dozen goals as a career high to 40-plus. Tough to see that coming.

Not as tough to see the Marchessault/Smith move as being insanely bad day-of, though. Not to re-litigate it too much, but come on. They sold insanely low on Smith (bad shooting-percentage year) and probably didn’t realize how good either of them were. I guess that’s life.

Coyotes will move to Central Division to accommodate Seattle expansion

Coyotes will move to Central Division to accommodate Seattle expansion Get ready for a Western Conference shakeup. The Arizona Coyotes will move from the Pacific Division to the Central Division beginning with the 2021-22 season to accommodate the arrival of Seattle as the NHL's 32nd franchise. Seattle, naturally, will join the Pacific. The new alignment, announced Tuesday, will give the league 16 teams in each conference and eight in each division. Geographically, Arizona was the most eastern team in the Pacific Division. Commissioner Gary Bettman said Tuesday that the Coyotes attract more fans when they play Central Division teams, according to theScore's John Matisz. Copyright © 2018 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rights reserved.

The NHL is coming to Seattle . League commissioner Gary Bettman made the announcement on Tuesday at a press conference following the conclusion “The league ’s expansion decision was only made possible because Seattle will possess the three pillars essential to the success of any franchise

The GMs were informed that any potential future Seattle expansion draft will be conducted under the same conditions as Vegas While the NHL has not committed to a timeline on when Seattle might be ready to enter the league , it’s unlikely we’ll see the next expansion draft occur before June 2020.

The other thing to keep in mind is that teams gave up a lot to cap-dump guys, like Anaheim giving Shea Theodore away to free themselves of a Clayton Stoner contract that was regrettable on Day 1. But that’s just a “don’t sign bad contracts” problem, which no one’s getting over before this expansion draft.

Will asks: “How much if any of the Pens problems can be laid on Mike Sullivan?”

Some, obviously.

I don’t think he has much control over who gets injured and whether Matt Murray ever makes a save again, but like a lot of coaches he plays favorites with guys who might not deserve the roles they get (contract or not, Jack Johnson shouldn’t be your No. 3 defenseman), or doesn’t give guys chances they might deserve (the now-traded Daniel Sprong).

The big problem for this club is that they need to get the offense going, and I’m not sure Sullivan or anyone else has the juice to make it happen. A lot of the depth guys on this team just don’t move the needle this year and while some of that is on him it can’t be all of it.

Seattle Metropolitans or Seattle Totems? What Emerald City fans want to name the 32nd NHL team

Seattle Metropolitans or Seattle Totems? What Emerald City fans want to name the 32nd NHL team It's never too early to speculate what Seattle's new hockey team will be called

Report: Seattle Arena Group Registers 13 Possible NHL Expansion Names. The group behind the renovation of Seattle ’s KeyArena has registered more than three dozen internet domain names related to 13 possible names for an expansion NHL franchise,’s Clark Rasmussen reports.

Seattle is getting its team, but the NHL is in no hurry for further expansion . That and more in the Irfaan Gaffar caught up with Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan, who offers up her favourite team name as Yes, some GMs were unhappy at the final number, but with a shot at competing for the Stanley Cup

Coaches, even the best ones, can always stand to get better. One imagines Sullivan, being a smart guy, has a pretty good idea of what the problems are, but maybe not how best to address them with this roster.

Brandon asks: “Connor McDavid is the clear No. 1 player in the world. Who are Nos. 2 and 3, and how big is the drop off from McDavid to them?”

At this point I think you’d have to say No. 2 is probably Nathan MacKinnon, right? He has 140 points in his last 102 games, the underlying numbers look pretty good relative to the rest of the team, and it seems like he’s just gonna be able to do this for a while.

As for No. 3, well, you probably still have to go with Crosby, don’t you? Another 14-15-29 in 23 games this year and he’s not exactly getting a ton of help roster-wise, like I said. His most common linemates are Jake Guentzel and Dominik Simon, and while both those guys are perfectly fine players, they’re also not the kinds of players you should generally aim to put next to the best player of his generation.

I mean, that’s a long-standing complaint I’ve had for poor ol’ Sid, but y’know.

Seattle moves into next phase after NHL expansion approval

Seattle moves into next phase after NHL expansion approval Seattle can now begin plotting the course of its hockey future after the NHL awarded the city an expansion franchise that begins play in 2021. Longtime coach Dave Tippett will be in charge of building a hockey operations department. He will have a say in who will be the team's first general manager. The pressure is on to win right away after the Vegas Golden Knights reached the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season. "Part of the DNA of this ownership group is we're extremely competitive," said Tod Leiweke, a minority partner, president and CEO of Seattle Hockey Partners. "We're here to win. And we want to win.

Congratulations, Seattle ! We proved that we are NHL ready! Season ticket deposits are sold out but you can join the season ticket waitlist now, for On behalf of #NHLSeattle, we invite you to Henry's Tavern in South Lake Union at 7:30 am to hear news of the NHL ’s decision on Seattle expansion

Any NHL team in Seattle would find a completely different landscape than a decade ago when the Sonics and NBA moved to Oklahoma City and He grew up in Edmonton and was a Zamboni driver for the Oilers in his younger years. Now he ponders the future of hockey in Seattle with the NHL on

Michael asks: “What is keeping Carlyle in Anaheim (if it’s anything other than Gibson)?”

No it’s just Gibson, dude. And maybe Getzlaf and Rakell.

This team is sitting on a .927 save percentage in all situations and they’ve only scored 68 goals in 29 games. They’ve given up 261 more shots than they’ve taken. In 29 games.

I know league-wide save percentages are down this year, but if they were even remotely league-average goaltending, they’d have given up an additional 12 or 13 goals so far this year. It would make their goal difference minus-26 instead of the current minus-13, which by the way stinks.

If they even come close to the playoffs and Gibson keeps this up, he should be the league MVP. Not taking additional questions at this time.

Matt asks via email: “What sort of D-man would represent the base line of what could launch the Leafs to being Cup favorites?”

Worth noting that the offense is so good that it might not even matter that they don’t have a great defense, but let’s go with the premise and, without saying “PK Subban” or “Erik Karlsson,” find a fit that might actually be available and affordable as a rental.

Obviously the Leafs aren’t likely to pull a guy on an expiring deal who’s also a legit top-pair defender. There really aren’t any whose deals are coming up this summer, with the exception of both Anton Stralman and Erik Karlsson, but both their teams are gonna avoid selling since they’ll be in the playoffs and need all hands on deck.

Apple's latest expansion puts it closer to its biggest rivals

Apple's latest expansion puts it closer to its biggest rivals Apple is on track to become the largest private employer in Austin, Texas, after announcing plans to invest $1 billion in a new campus less than a mile away from its existing facilities there. The 133-acre site will initially be home to 5,000 new employees, with the potential to grow to 15,000. The company has also announced plans to establish new sites in Seattle, San Diego and Culver City and expand in cities across the United States including Pittsburgh, New York and Boulder, Colorado over the next three years, with the potential for additional expansion elsewhere in the US over time.

If the NHL adds another team in Seattle in the near future, Bettman expects it to have every opportunity to accomplish the same feat under the same Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly both confirmed the NHL plans to keep the same rules on the next expansion draft. If it happens within the

Local NHL Board of Governors Meeting: What to look for – We gave you a cheat sheet on what to look regarding Seattle at the Board of Governors Although we hate assuming here, because of the unanimous recommendation out of the Executive BoG Expansion Committee in October, we should

So that leaves you with options like Tyler Myers, Alex Edler, Marc Methot, etc. They’re not gonna make a difference for you. Or at least not the kind of difference you might need to be considered for-sure better than Nashville and Tampa.

That’s just how the UFA D market works, man. Sorry. But yeah I mean if they can get Karlsson they should do it. Why not.

Gabriel asks: “Based on current cap situation and farm system, which middle of the pack teams should blow it up immediately?”

I’ll just rattle off a couple here with varying positions in the standings right now: The Ducks, the Devils, the Wild, the Flyers.

You might say the Devils are already in a rebuild and I guess that’s true but if I’m them I’m trading Taylor Hall instead of signing him at a $10-million AAV for his age-29-to-36 seasons or whatever. The core of that team really isn’t any good at all and it’s starting to look like they’re gonna get another high pick this year. We’ll talk about them more in a minute, though.

The other team I’d say here, and it’ll never happen because of the market and all that, but the Habs. I guess they’re doing a rebuild-on-the-fly thing but they already have a pretty good system if I remember right, and if you can sell Tatar, Shaw, Gallagher, Weber, Price, Byron, Petry, etc. — basically everyone who’s over 25 and signed long-term, I think that’s a big benefit in the long run.

But that might be better advice for, like, two years ago. That division is a meat grinder and this group ain’t getting far in it as currently constituted.

David asks via email: “What happened to the Devils?”

They were always bad but Taylor Hall and Keith Kinkaid tricked people into thinking they weren’t. They’re not tricking people anymore. That’s it.

Ryan Lambert is a Yahoo! Sports hockey columnist. His email is hereand his Twitter is here.

All stats via Corsica unless noted otherwise. Some questions in the mailbag are edited for clarity or to remove swear words, which are illegal to use.

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