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SportTeam meetings won't fix the Pistons troubles

21:00  29 december  2018
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Pistons end Boston's 8-game run, beat Celtics 113-104

Pistons end Boston's 8-game run, beat Celtics 113-104 Blake Griffin scored 27 points and Andre Drummond added 19 points and 20 rebounds to help the Detroit Pistons beat Boston 113-104, snapping the Celtics' eight-game winning streak. 

The Detroit Pistons held a players-only meeting in December 2016 after a 105-90 loss to the Indian Pacers and then lost the next three games and five out The Milwaukee Bucks held a team meeting during the 2016-17 season after losing their fourth straight game to the Orlando Magic in January.

Team meetings shouldn’ t be a chore, or a matter of going through the motions. They’re vital for learning about our colleagues’ motivations, fears, hopes, troubles , etc. – even when it isn’ t Team meetings provide us with a ‘safe’ environment – it’s an opportunity to share information we wouldn’ t

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Truth be told, I didn’t even get the chance to watch the Pistons get blown out by the Pacers. Instead, and looking back now thankfully so, was at a family dinner for most the evening. I got home, checked the final score, and let out a sigh that was so shameful and so buried in my soul that even my dog tilted his head and looked at me concerned. Opening that NBA app and seeing that the Pistons got completely destroyed felt like when I actually studied for a test in school — a true rarity — and still got a C. Cue the whiskey.

This morning the #StartWriting Sultan of Swag AKA Detroit News beat writer Rod Beard hit us with the update.

Pistons' Blake Griffin uses tablet to argue call with referee

Pistons' Blake Griffin uses tablet to argue call with referee The Pistons forward was unhappy with a call so he grabbed a tablet to argue with referee J.T. Orr during the Pistons' 125-88 loss Friday.

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Team meetings a drag? Here are three easy to follow ways to make them better. To run a good team meeting , you have to be able to drive results and measure progress. Start the meeting by focusing in on a small set of important goals you are measuring (custom tailored to each team

And just like all of yours, my eyes rolled out the door. As Rod correctly points out in this article, we as fans are just numb to stuff like this now. We’ve gone through 7 head coaches in 10 years, one of which caused a locker room mutiny. We’ve gone through “big” free agent signings of Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Josh Smith, and Brandon Jennings— none of these players lasted in the league after Detroit, we literally are a career killer. And through all this, perhaps the worst part of it all for us as fans, we’ve never even had a product that was entertaining or hopeful to watch. And the fact is that we still don’t.

Fournier, Magic stun Pistons at buzzer, 109-107

Fournier, Magic stun Pistons at buzzer, 109-107 After Pistons' Reggie Bullock tied the game with 3 free throws, Orlando's Evan Fournier hit a shot at the buzzer

Staff meetings can mend morale, increase innovation, cultivate collaboration, facilitate feedback How many times have you struggled to solve a problem, only to find out a coworker had already faced and fixed that same problem? Staff meetings are a great time to find out and discuss as a team .

Team meetings shouldn’ t be a chore, or a matter of going through the motions. They’re vital for learning about our colleagues’ motivations, fears, hopes, troubles , etc. – even when it isn’ t Team meetings provide us with a ‘safe’ environment – it’s an opportunity to share information we wouldn’ t

Sure, Blake Griffin is a superstar, and the first sure-fire All Star lock the Pistons have seen since Goin to Work days. It’s been a subtle revelation as a fan to watch a player you can confidently rely on to go get a bucket on the offensive end. There have been other bright spots: Langston Galloway’s been streaky yet enjoyable, Bruce Brown’s defense is encouraging, Zaza Pachulia and Jose Calderon have brought a veteran steadiness that comforts me in ways I didn’t know I needed. But the fact that I just had to write that last sentence really says it all about the 2018 Pistons.

So instead, I’ll write what everyone on here already knows. This all keeps coming back to two players: Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson. When I first saw this team-meeting story it cemented this fact. Despite their bright spots in the short term, it’s not in the Pistons best interest to keep these players on the roster a day longer. I’m not even writing that from a numbers standpoint, this is purely from a team chemistry and franchise big-picture point of view. Reggie Jackson has taken his change in role offensively quite well, and been a complete professional about it all. Andre Drummond is having a career year so far statistically and should also be in the All-Star conversation. But from a chemistry standpoint, I think the franchise needs to move on.

Lopez has 25, Giannis monster dunk as Bucks beat Pistons

Lopez has 25, Giannis monster dunk as Bucks beat Pistons Brook Lopez had 25 points, Giannis Antetokounmpo threw down a spectacular one-handed dunk and the Milwaukee Bucks cruised past the Detroit Pistons 121-98. Khris Middleton had 22 points and Eric Bledsoe had 18 for Milwaukee. Antetokounmpo had just 15 points, but his slam over Jon Leuer was the highlight of the night. Antetokounmpo blew past Andre Drummond, jumped and reached his right arm over a leaping Leuer for the slam during the first quarter. BOX SCORE: BUCKS 121, PISTONS 98 Milwaukee has won four straight and eight of nine. The Bucks are an NBA-best 26-10.

On a human level " Won ' t fix " means "The developers have closed this because they are not going to fix it", and "Rejected" probably means much the same for a developer, but may have a different meaning to your business (e.g. if it's an improvement suggestion and your analysts approve/reject it).

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I’m not jumping on the team Doomsday “Blow It All Up” Bandwagon, but the transition towards a cleaner slate needs to happen sooner than June 2019. I know coaching keeps preaching the playoffs as a goal, but then what. Drummond, Reggie, and Stanley Johnson for that matter, were all here when the Pistons got swept in the first round. Do they seem all the wiser?

It’s like that employee at the office who has been through too many bad situations with a boss or with clients. It wears them down and makes them jaded. They can’t bring the same enthusiasm to work because in their mind it’s always going to be another issue. The Pistons need to stop looking at how to replace exact value for these players and instead look at ways they can minimize losses - because the market is never going to be in their favor between their contracts and inconsistent play. Our hope moving forward needs to be addition by subtraction. Remember when we waived Josh Smith?

Coming out of the meeting, everyone said the right things. Casey’s apology to fans warmed Pistons Twitter hearts and Blake Griffin said it was one of the better team meetings he had been in (guy really loves to take shots at the Clippers every chance he can, and I for one am very here for it), but it’s one thing to say these things and another to actually execute. And not for one game or one week or one road trip. The thing these Pistons need more than anything is consistency, because all they’ve done the past 10 years is consistently disappoint.

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Team meetings won't fix the Pistons troubles

Griffin has 44 points in return against Clippers.
Blake Griffin scored 44 points in his return to Staples Center for the first time against his old team and the Detroit Pistons beat the Los Angeles Clippers 109-104 on Saturday to snap a four-game skid. BOX SCORE: PISTONS 109, CLIPPERS 104 Griffin was greeted with cheers during pregame introductions and received a standing ovation after a first-quarter video tribute from the team that drafted him first overall in 2009. He stuck his right arm in the air and then brought his raised hands together in a thankful gesture without smiling.

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