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19:15  11 february  2019
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Erik Spoelstra calls out referees after loss to Warriors

Erik Spoelstra calls out referees after loss to Warriors Erik Spoelstra called out the officiating after his Miami Heat lost a tight one against the Golden State Warriors 120-118 on Sunday night. Spoelstra, who rarely talks about the referees, began talking about the free throw disparity and blown calls by the officials when meeting with the media. "The officials, so let's be clear about it, so I do not get fined, that's not why we lost. But you hate to see 26 to 8 when our guys are going aggressively." — Ira Winderman (@IraHeatBeat) February 11, 2019 One of the plays Spoelstra cited was this double dribble by Kevin Durant with the game tied at 118 and under 10 seconds left.

A new professional football league and a thrilling, inn aaf .com.

Shek asks Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew about their past interactions with NFL referees and how well players know the reputations of the officials .

Opinion: AAF officials show NFL referees how it’s done© USA TODAY USA TODAY

The Alliance of American Football, or AAF, kicked off its inaugural season on Feb. 9 and immediately showed how they plan to take advantage of some blind spots in the NFL's monopoly. Much of that involves changes to officiating; they don't want to experience what the NFL brought on themselves during the botched NFC championship game, hosing the New Orleans Saints before Super Bowl LIII.

One way the AAF is avoiding that ugly situation is by adding a ninth member to officiating crews, termed the sky judge. As explained by AAF officiating consultant Mike Pereira, "If you get a helmet-to-helmet spear and it's not called on the field, it can be picked up by the ninth official. He has the ability to do it in real time. . . . He can call down to the field and say, 'Hey, spearing on No. 33 of Birmingham, 15-yard penalty, let's go.'"

NBA referees’ union says Bradley Beal actually didn’t travel (video)

NBA referees’ union says Bradley Beal actually didn’t travel (video) Sure looked like he did

Though it sounds simple, it ' s a mirage. Fans bark about missed calls in virtually every game, but wait until they understand the lucrative pay scale for the individuals How does the payout system pan out for officials who draw widespread criticism in nearly every game but statistically perform at their best?

Third, NFL Referees are part-time employees of the NFL . NFL refs make less than ,000 per season. They work for the league , period. If so, who fixes them and how do they do it ? I would love to hear all of the theories that people have. I'd imagine there are lots of ways games could be slanted.

But when situations do call for use of instant replay, the AAF is broadcasting communications between replay officials to referees on the field. You can watch a sample of this innovation from CBS Sports, as replay official Jimmy Oldham goes through the process in an opening-night game between the San Diego Fleet and San Antonio Commandeers:

Oldham relays what he sees on the instant replay - in this case, that the receiver got just one foot in bounds before exiting the field of play, resulting in an incomplete pass - in a stunning bit of transparency from the AAF. The NFL should feel embarrassed that they do not allow this much access to their fans, or even anything close to it. Even if calls don't go the way fans want, being able to view the entire process and at least understand the officials' reasoning on game-changing plays would do much to repair the NFL's image after a humiliating officiating error in this year's NFC championship game.

Joel Embiid offers profane criticism of referees after Sixers’ loss to Celtics

Joel Embiid offers profane criticism of referees after Sixers’ loss to Celtics Feb. 13-- ESPN (@espn) February 13, 2019 “The referees [expletive] suck," he said before getting up to leave. The league has no problem handing out fines for public criticism of the officials, even when the criticism isn’t as blatant or pointed. But, as NBA commissioner Adam Silver said last season while in London, coincidentally for a Sixers-Celtics contest, the fines don’t mean much when they are levied against multi-millionaires. “We recognize that the fines -- while nobody likes to lose the money -- in many ways are more symbolic than anything else when you have players as wealthy as they are,” Silver said.

The National Football League ( NFL ) is one of the most popular leagues in America which comprises of 32 teams, equally classified between the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC). America Football is a fast-paced game which needs the detailed

NFL officials are committed to upholding the integrity of the game and do so every week." Green pointed out that it would be a bad idea for any official to show any bias because it could end up with them eventually losing their job. "Claims like these demonstrate a fundamental lack of knowledge

For now, the AAF exists just in its infancy. Whether it has any staying power remains to be seen. But if its innovations can spur the NFL into meaningful action, the AAF deserves all the praise and attention from football fans it can garner. If nothing else, it's great to have football season extended another month.


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Mike Pereira has a plan to recruit officials, and a message for parents who berate them.
Mike Pereira had zero interest officiating a football game growing up, but he was a football fan and the sport had a hold on him. In 1971, at the age of 20, Pereira was a college kid who needed fast cash. "It was in East Palo Alto, Pop Warner football, and I didn't want to do it, but heard it was 10 bucks a game, and oh, I changed my mind," Pereira said, eyes widening, earlier this month to discuss his favorite topic outside of family: officiating. "I went out to earn 30 bucks, and halfway through the first quarter, I fell in love with it.

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