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SportOpinion: Banishing Kareem Hunt from the NFL forever doesn't do him, or anyone else, any good

02:25  12 february  2019
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Women's group calls for the NFL to fire Roger Goodell

Women's group calls for the NFL to fire Roger Goodell As the NFL prepares for Super Bowl LIII this coming Sunday, Commissioner Roger Goodell gave his State of the Union address Wednesday in Atlanta. Among the topics that were broached, former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt’s situation took center stage. Hunt was released by the Chiefs this past regular season after a video was released depicting him hitting and kicking a woman. It’s not yet known what type of punishment Hunt will face from the NFL. But it’s just the continuation of a major domestic violence issue around the league.

Kareem AJ Hunt (born August 6, 1995) is an American football running back who is currently a free agent. He played college football at Toledo and was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs of the National

Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt will soon be former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt . And he will be exposed to waivers. And so the next question becomes whether anyone will claim him on waivers. On Tuesday, Washington surprisingly claimed former 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster on waivers.

Opinion: Banishing Kareem Hunt from the NFL forever doesn't do him, or anyone else, any good© Provided by USA Today Sports Media Group LLC Former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt. Someone was always going to sign Kareem Hunt.

A year removed from leading the NFL in rushing as a rookie, Hunt is too big a talent, has too much on-the-field upside, for some NFL team not to take a chance on the troubled running back. So now what? Howl in outrage at the NFL’s continued disregard for women or express disgust that its only principle remains self-interest? Boycott the Cleveland Browns for the awful message they’re sending?

Or do we put them all on notice and demand they follow through on the lofty intentions the Browns expressed in announcing their signing of Hunt on Monday. Make sure Hunt uses this as an opportunity not only to turn his life around but also serve as a cautionary tale for other young men.

Browns sign Kareem Hunt

Browns sign Kareem Hunt At a time when the Bears seemed to be flirting with the possibility of adding running back Kareem Hunt, another team has beaten them to it. The Cleveland Browns have announced that Hunt has been signed to a contract. Drafted by the Chiefs when John Dorsey served as the team’s G.M., the man who has [more]

Kansas City Chiefs Kareem Hunt isn't a win for the NFL . The swift dismissal of Hunt doesn ’ t look quite so swift when you realize his misconduct had been an She was most recently a columnist and contributor to espnW and ESPN Magazine, and wrote a daily sports column for Bloomberg Opinion .

KC Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt is having one of the greatest starts to a career in NFL history. If that happens, the LB has time to engage the blocker and slow Hunt down, and the safety is meeting him right as he emerges from the line and with an angle. instead, Hunt blows right past the angles of both

There really isn’t much choice.

It would be nice if we lived in a world where there was zero tolerance for physical and sexual abuse, where the health and safety of women mattered as much as the power and privilege of men. But we don’t.

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Almost five years after Ray Rice, NFL owners remain a not-so-shining example of that mindset. As long as Greg Hardy can take down a quarterback, Ezekiel Elliott can run through daylight and Josh Brown can kick a 50-yard field goal, the bruises and shattered psyches they inflict on women are considered acceptable tradeoffs.

Commissioner Roger Goodell can issue lengthy suspensions – as he likely still will for Hunt – and tout all the money the league has donated to The National Domestic Violence Hotline, and it will do little good unless owners get on board.

Browns sign RB Kareem Hunt, still facing discipline for off-field incidents

Browns sign RB Kareem Hunt, still facing discipline for off-field incidents The Chiefs released Hunt, who led the NFL in rushing as a rookie in 2017, after video surfaced of him shoving and kicking a woman.

No, he's a good football player, but the young kid [ Hunt ] will step in and he'll do a nice job for us.” Based on what fans saw from Hunt on Thursday, this holds up well. The Patriots had trouble tackling Hunt . The NFL roughing the passer rule is BS.

Kansas City Chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunt is off to just about as good a start to the season as anyone can possibly have. But this next stat shows just how much better he's been than everyone else , and it's pretty ridiculous.

Or are forced to fake it, with the hope they’ll eventually be enlightened.

So fine, the Browns can sign Hunt. But, as a condition, they must publicize the “detailed plan with expectations” that general manager John Dorsey is now on record as saying the team has for Hunt, and provide monthly updates of his progress. Is he meeting with a psychologist? Going to anger management classes? Taking steps to avoid or remove anything and everyone in his life that triggers his temper?

The Browns also must explain exactly what the “extensive due diligence” was that they did before signing Hunt and, if that didn’t include speaking with the victims, why not.

As for Hunt, he’ll need to give a full accounting of what happened the night of that awful video, as well as the January 2018 incident at a Kansas City bar in which a man said Hunt was part of a group that beat him up and the June 2018 fight at an Ohio resort that the NFL investigated. No details can be spared, no excuses made.

Browns give Kareem Hunt 2nd chance, hope he stays inbounds

Browns give Kareem Hunt 2nd chance, hope he stays inbounds The lasting visual of Kareem Hunt's second NFL season wasn't him stiff-arming a linebacker, shedding a tackle or barreling over a cornerback at the goal line for a touchdown. It was Hunt pushing a young woman and then kicking her while she was defenseless on the floor. That moment caught on a surveillance camera mortified the sports world and led to the Kansas City Chiefs parting ways with one of their best players, a move universally admired. The Cleveland Browns found it offensive as well. However, they also believe it was a random act by a good-hearted young man who feels remorseful and deserves another chance.

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Hunt will also, when the people in charge of his treatment deem it appropriate, need to speak with incoming rookies and high school boys about his experience, much like Rice does now. Explain where the rage inside him stemmed from. Acknowledge what it cost him, from the money he lost after being cut to the embarrassment he caused his friends, family and everyone else who’d put their trust in him. Describe the tools he’s using to ensure he never harms anyone again.

If Hunt or the Browns fall short anywhere, then the NFL steps in. None of these $10,000 fines that amount to pocket change, either. A third- or fourth-round draft pick to start, along with every penny the team would normally make from a home game -- concession sales, parking, in-stadium advertising, you name it. Anything that doesn’t go toward the league’s revenue sharing pot, the Browns have to give up, with the money being used for educational programs designed to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Any more episodes by Hunt, or indications he’s not sincere about his rehabilitation efforts, and he’s banned for two seasons. That’s a healthy enough chunk of time to act as a deterrent, yet still provides incentive to get help so he can be a decent person who treats others with dignity and respect.

Lions GM Bob Quinn says he passed on Kareem Hunt because 'I want good people in our organization'

Lions GM Bob Quinn says he passed on Kareem Hunt because 'I want good people in our organization' The Browns signed the controversial former Chiefs running back on Monday

#KCvsLAR: Kareem Hunt TD. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications.

A history of violence. Kareem Hunt ’s Viral Beating of a Woman Underscores the NFL ’s But lest anyone is leaping to congratulate the Chiefs or suggest that the NFL has acted Toward the end of his opening round of questions, Chairman Jerry Nadler pressed Whitaker on if he had ever been

Video by Fox Sports

Because that’s what this is all about. Hunt is going to be out of the league a lot longer than he’ll be in it, and it’s in everyone’s best interests that the cycle of violence stops with him. Otherwise, we’re doing little more than kicking the can down the road.

The can might be out of sight, but somebody is going to have to deal with it eventually.

Some team was always going to sign Kareem Hunt. Now that the Browns have, it's up to them and the NFL to ensure more good comes out of it than a few touchdowns and 100-yard games.


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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Opinion: Banishing Kareem Hunt from the NFL forever doesn't do him, or anyone else, any good

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Opinion: Banishing Kareem Hunt from the NFL forever doesn't do him, or anyone else, any good

Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes addresses Kareem Hunt signing with Browns.
"It's something where he gets another opportunity," Mahomes said. "I'm sure they will have things that he needs to do off the field."

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