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SportExtreme surfing: Cold feet on Arctic ice boards

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March roars in like a lion: Millions to endure coast-to-coast snow, then 'punishing' blast of record cold

March roars in like a lion: Millions to endure coast-to-coast snow, then 'punishing' blast of record cold March is definitely coming in like a lion over the next few days. A winter storm will spread snow along a 2,500-mile path from California to Maine.

Arctic Surfers . Surf Iceland's Majestic Fjords. Film Credit: Cold Lines. Who We are. We at Arctic Surfers are passionate about exploring Iceland, the land of fire and ice . Our team has been traveling all over Iceland for over 20 years, hunting first lines on fresh powder and pioneering surfing on the island.

"Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit," says surf photographer Chris Burkard, as he explains his obsession with the coldest , choppiest, most isolated beaches on earth.

It's hard, heavy, brittle and melts away without trace.

A Blast of Snow and Bitter Cold Across the Nation. Oh, Goody.

A Blast of Snow and Bitter Cold Across the Nation. Oh, Goody. The call went up across America: Mother Nature, please have mercy. A punishing winter that has already produced record snowfalls and crippling temperatures in many areas sent another wave of severe weather blasting across the country over the weekend. Fresh snow buried cars and snarled travel from Denver to St. Louis, and behind the snow came a mass of air so frigid that the National Weather Service declared a wide area of the north central United States to be entering another deep freeze. The intense cold was expected to spread into the Mid-Atlantic states and the Northeast through Monday, and to stretch into parts of the Deep South by midweek.

Arctic sea ice helps cool the whole planet by reflecting sunlight back into space. So its loss inevitably will affect the climate and weather beyond the Arctic , but precisely how remains unclear. Better forecasts require better data on sea ice and its shifting, uneven distribution. “Most scientific cruises to

This is causing extreme cold weather in the USA, and extreme warm weather in Siberia, and Alaska. If the Arctic Methane vents, the greenhouse gas level, will increase by HUNDREDS of times, turning planet Earth into a broiler oven, in just a few decades.

But ice is the material of choice for Inge Wegge, who sculps chunks of it and uses it for a most unlikely purpose -- to make surf boards.

The Norwegian adventurer rides the ice boards on the waves off Norway's Lofoten archipelago north of the Arctic circle.

The blocks weigh 60-80 kilogrammes (132-176 pounds) against two or three kilogrammes for the classic board. They are hard to carry, difficult to float and tough to balance on with cold feet. And they melt away within minutes in seawater warmed by the Gulf Stream.

So why bother?

Extreme surfer and filmmaker Wegge, 33, has spent nine months trying to carve the perfect ice board.

"When I talked about it to people, they thought it was a joke. It was too crazy. I had to make it come true," he said.

Russia's Arctic plans add to polar bears' climate woes

Russia's Arctic plans add to polar bears' climate woes Last month's visit by roaming polar bears that put a Russian village on lockdown may be just the beginning.For as Moscow steps up its activity in the warming Arctic, conflict with the rare species is likely to increase. More than 50 bears approached Belyushya Guba, a village on the far northern Novaya Zemlya archipelago, in February. As many as 10 of them explored the streets and entered buildings. Local authorities declared a state of emergency for a week and appealed for help from Moscow.

Every winter, hundreds of surfers travel to northern Norway for extreme surfing . Hundreds of extreme sports enthusiasts brave sub-zero temperatures and travel to within the Arctic I prefer the cold water surf , that's why I moved here. I tried living in places where you can surf just outside your

Surf instructor Tommy Olsen monitors his group of surf beginners during their 1st course at snowy beach of Unstad, in Lofoten Island, Arctic Circle, on March 09, 2016. Surfers from all over the world comes to Lofoten island to surf in extrem conditions. Ocean temperature is 6-7 °C, air temperature

Just before the blocks melt, the ice boards lose their bulk and weight and achieve a perfect symmetry.

For a brief span the ice block becomes the ideal surfing machine.

Then it vanishes.

"The first 20 minutes, they are surfable," he said. "Then just perfect for two or three minutes –- you need the right waves just then –- and then (after that they are) too fragile."

Wegge started out by cutting ice blocks from a frozen lake with a circular saw but found they were too full of air and too soft to last more than 10 minutes.

So he and his team of fellow surf enthusiasts built a mould and installed it in a fishery refrigeration plant at minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus four degrees Fahrenheit) in the fishing port of Svolvaer.

The steel-hard ice blocks that come out are shaped with a sculptor's tool and strewn with seaweed so surfers can hold their footing.

Staying upright on slippery boards with cold feet was half the battle as Wegge and his pals tested their latest ice boards in February, balling their eyes shut again the snow, driven vertically across the wave by the winter gales.

"Next time we will make 20 to 30 boards and use all of them in one day. We are going to make it work," he said.

The Doomsday Vault’s home is already altered by climate change. A report says it could get worse..
The snow season will become shorter. Heavy rainfall will occur more frequently. Avalanches and mudslides will happen more often. The snow season will become shorter. In the high-emission scenario, near-surface permafrost is predicted to melt in coastal and low-altitude areas. The report does contain a caveat. “Inadequate knowledge of the climate system’s sensitivity and of future natural climate variations, as well as limitations in the climate models, lead to large uncertainties in the projections even under a given emission scenario,” the scientists wrote.

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