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SportRule changes show baseball’s understanding of impending doom

01:50  16 march  2019
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Alex Cejka is disqualified, the first victim of a new rule limiting scale of green-reading books Alex Cejka is disqualified, the first victim of a new rule limiting scale of green-reading books

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Baseball is undeniably at a tipping point. With its two definitive sides, the owners and executives of Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Union, pitted against each other in an ongoing Game of Thrones-style fight for the upper hand in the forthcoming labor negotiations.

The ‘winter’ of those unavoidably tense boardroom brawls still lay ahead for at least two years. But in the meantime, a rare showing of good faith emerged on Thursday, when the two seemingly immovable sides of the debate on right and wrong in the game finally came to the middle and offered up some imminent changes that will immediately impact portions of the game this season.

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Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic and ESPN’s Jeff Passan both broke news of a series of small, yet significant changes that will be introduced to the game over the next two years. While some of the more radical deviations that have been on the table still are out there (more on a few of those later), the announced alterations will have a variety of impacts on how the game proceeds.

While there is still much further to go before either side is truly appeased, let's have a look at what each of the upcoming new rulings mean for the game.

There will be only one trade deadline (starting in 2019)

This is one change that really makes sense. In recent years, knowing exactly when the MLB trade deadline occurred had become an increasingly complicated scenario. There was, of course, the traditionally advertised deadline of July 31. However, more and more teams had begun taking advantage of the waiver-wire deadline of Aug. 31 as well.

Report: MLB, union agree to end August trades

Report: MLB, union agree to end August trades Baseball's trade season is about to get a major facelift. Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have agreed to eliminate the August waiver trade period in favor of a single non-waiver trade deadline day for all transactions on July 31, sources told Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. 

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This was when if a player — often a highly compensated, older one — was presented to each team, they had an option to claim or pass on him. If he cleared past each team, he was eligible to be traded to any team then. Effective immediately, that is no more, as there is a single, comprehensive deadline. This will force the salary dumps forward with the strategic maneuvers and increase the urgency around the deadline buzz, with pennant-chase rosters being more or less set for the final two months of the season. A good deal.

Rule changes show baseball’s understanding of impending doom© Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A further reduction in mound visits (starting in 2019, potentially expanding in 2020)

In pure nod to the need for a change in pace of play, restrictions on the amount of times a team can visit its pitchers on the mound during a game have continued. This is a pretty straightforward decision and a good idea if keeping the clock moving in a non-radical direction is the goal.

Opinion: MLB to fix baseball's worst problem: Uneven rosters, terrible September games

Opinion: MLB to fix baseball's worst problem: Uneven rosters, terrible September games The worst rule in MLB is about to be obsolete. Beginning in 2020, teams will no longer be allowed to carry 40 players on their roster in September.

The rules of baseball differ slightly from league to league, but in general share the same basic game play. There are several major rules , which differ only slightly.

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In 2018, the allowed visits during a game was six, in non-pitching change situations. Underneath the new ruling, that will decrease to five and could go down to four in 2020.

Pitchers are required to face a minimum of three batters (starting in 2020)

This is an issue that could cause the most rumbling amongst the union. It is another move that is based in speeding up the game, however it also strikes at the heart of game strategy, the type of change which the players and managers have been staunchly against.

The strategy impact lies in that it removes the ability to counter a lineup with a same-handed pitcher late in games. On the labor front, it also potentially compromises the type of pitchers that are given opportunity, most noticeably the situational left-hander who is called on for tough left-handed batters, but rarely, if ever, sees the light of day against a right-hander.

The union is completely against changes that could limit opportunity for its members, so this could be one that is brought up for review in a few short years.

Commercial breaks during innings will be shortened (2019)

This is a minor tweak in the pace-of-play battle, as it will give back three guaranteed minutes back to each game. The mid-inning commercial break will be shortened by 20 seconds (or the equivalent of roughly one commercial) to two minutes.

MLBPA did not support three-batter minimum rule

MLBPA did not support three-batter minimum rule Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association agreed to numerous changes that will take effect this season or next, but it sounds like the union was very reluctant on at least one of the new rules. One major change that will be implemented beginning in 2020 is a three-batter minimum for relief pitchers, which is designed to prevent teams from making excessive pitching changes in the same inning. The only exception to the rule is if a pitcher comes on and finishes the remainder of the half-inning. On Thursday, MLBPA executive director Tony Clark made it clear the union was opposed to that change.

The most expensive pitcher in Major League Baseball history is injured, seemingly declining and at war with the media. And it hasn't even been two years for David Price and the Boston Red Sox.

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Limiting who is allowed to pitch… when (2020)

In 2018, a record 48 positional players took to the mound -- the difference being that the option began to be used by managers in lieu of burning innings on a reliever in a game that was beyond redemption. Of course, this led to some entertaining forays by guys who had not pitched in an actual game since high school, but it also caused for some unnecessarily drawn-out games as they, predictably, got hammered.

One of the new rule provisions that will eliminate this is a bail-out option going forward, as positional players will not be allowed to pitch unless a team is already either up or down by eight runs.

But worry not, this will not prevent Shohei Ohtani from continuing his one-man double duty act when he returns to the mound in 2020. Certain players will be allowed to be designated as “two-way players”, given they have at least 20 innings worked in the current or previous year.

Rosters will expand ever so slightly (2020)

The limitations of who can be used when will be slightly offset by an expansion of active rosters from 25 to 26 throughout the full season. This will allow for the active roster to be used more creatively (as well as provide an extra 30 MLB contract spots as well). This could make the pathway to the inevitable expansion of the designated hitter to the National League to occur more seamlessly, while also affording more space for relief arms.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon is not thrilled with the new three-batter minimum for pitchers

Cubs manager Joe Maddon is not thrilled with the new three-batter minimum for pitchers Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association announced a series of rule changes that will begin in the next two seasons, and each change comes with mixed reviews. Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon is welcoming of changes that speed up the pace of the game or each individual at-bat, but there’s one that particularly irks him: the three-batter minimum for pitchers. Starting in the 2020 season, the league is expected to implement the new rule with exceptions made for pitchers who finish an inning or suffer an injury.

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Another notable change via this rule is the adjustment of active September roster size. Currently, a team’s entire 40-man roster is available on Sept. 1. Under the upcoming provision, while a team can still feature up to 40 active players, only 28 will be available during a given game.

Giving the All-Star Game (further) to the people (2019)

All-Star voting will still be conducted in its current format – but with a twist. The top three vote recipients will move into a finalist selection process on All-Star Election Day. Starters will be selected in a one-day online vote by fans, like the current Final Vote effort. An added twist is that the players who are selected will receive a bonus payment.

This is an exciting extra step to garner fan involvement and insight into the ultimate exhibition game, as there should be. Let's just keep the Russian involvement in this American institution’s election process to minimum, please?

Incentives for the Derby (2019)

Rule changes show baseball’s understanding of impending doom© Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Although the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby has not fallen as far by the wayside of a lack of superstar involvement as the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest, there still has been a lack of true best of the best hitters participating in the Derby repeatedly.

One of the most intriguing changes that was put on the table was the $2.5 million worth of prize money that will be up for grabs in the Derby, with $1 million being earmarked for the winner. While that still might not be enough to entice the dream collection of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Station, Bryce Harper and (gasp) Mike Trout to get into mix, it still is enough to move the dial to mobilize more superstars to sign up.

Are pitchers going to fake injuries to get around MLB’s new rule?

Are pitchers going to fake injuries to get around MLB’s new rule? Pitchers must face three hitters or reach the end of an inning before exiting games, unless they're injured.

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Think about it: $1 million is more than what Judge, Alex Bregman and Cody Bellinger will make on the field for the schedule this year.

Thursday’s changes touch on a variety of expected, anticipated and controversial lanes of the game. Although issues of a pitch clock, expanding the DH and most importantly, fixing the competitive issues surrounding tanking and salary manipulation remain up in the air. No long-term agreement will be possible without an evolution and settlement in all of those regards. These are issues important to player, owner and fan alike.

The bottom line: it is good that both sides of the baseball world are talking, negotiating and fostering some actual change. The most promising outcome of all is the announcement of a “Joint Committee” that will further discuss issues and rule changes, featuring representatives of ownership, the commissioner’s office and the MLBPA. It is a more-than-reasonable expectation that baseball can move forward, while still holding its traditions tight and true.

Change is necessary. But a loss of the game in full due to an inability to settle on these topics, is not.

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