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SportKawhi’s shot gives Toronto reason to believe, this season and beyond

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Kawhi Leonard free agency rumors: Star re-signing with Raptors is a ‘serious consideration now’

Kawhi Leonard free agency rumors: Star re-signing with Raptors is a ‘serious consideration now’ Leonard re-signing with Toronto is a “serious consideration now,” ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Monday on “The Woj Pod.” Wojnarowski said: "Kawhi Leonard just felt all along, it was going to take the full year to sell him on Toronto. It wasn't going to be done in training camp or by Christmas or by the trade deadline. But I do think they've made progress with him. I think they've made pretty good progress with him from the sense I have. They put themselves in it. And when Kawhi showed up there, I'm not sure he imagined any future in Toronto. I do think it's a serious consideration now.

As Kawhi Leonard returns to San Antonio, the Raptors believe they have what it takes to build a long-term While the Raptors believe they have plenty to offer beyond the court -- the massive marketing potential that all the reasons why we think you should stay.'" IN HIS FINAL season in San Antonio

Kawhi Leonard, looking to shoot past John Wall, represented the West at the 2016 NBA all-star game in Toronto , where he lobbied for an upgrade in transportation. In September, the Spurs announced Leonard would miss training camp and the pre- season . He did not make his season debut until a Dec.

TORONTO — The NBA playoffs had never seen a buzzer-beater at the end of a Game 7, and then Kawhi Leonard caught the ball with four seconds remaining, near the top of the key, with the Sixers and Raptors tied. He dribbled back to near mid-court, and then wound his way around the three point-line and down to the opposite corner. Ben Simmons was chasing him and then Joel Embiid came out to contest the shot. When the ball was bouncing around the rim, Pascal Siakam said he was worried about Serge Ibaka trying to interfere for a putback. Then he winced remembering each bounce on the rim. "Ahhhh, ohhhh, ahhh," Siakam said.

Last-second shot lifts Raptors over Sixers in Game 7

Last-second shot lifts Raptors over Sixers in Game 7 Last-second shot lifts Raptors over Sixers in Game 7

Most people expect Kawhi Leonard to leave Toronto at the end of the season , but here' s five reasons why he should stick with the Raptors. He has been playing so well and saying all the right things that would make one believe that Leonard may actually end up re-signing with the team when he

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Danny Green was on the bench saw the ball go up over Embiid's outstretched arms. He thought it was short. "Then it got one bounce [on the rim]," Green said. "And it was like, ‘OK.’ Then the second bounce it was, ‘Oh s---. We might have a chance here.’ It probably bounced like four or five times. It seemed like it was 30 seconds, even though it was probably only like 0.8 seconds. Then once it went in, everybody was just ridiculously excited. The whole building. I think there are still people yelling out there."

On an elevator a minute after the shot went in, a few Toronto front office executives were sweaty and out of breath. "Just hanging right there [on the rim]!" one of them said. Inside the locker room an assistant coach laughed and yelled: "Never in doubt!" Kyle Lowry walked toward the doors and said, "Just one more step. Another step." Nearby, a staffer told each player who entered the locker room, "Pack your bags! Pack your bags for Milwaukee." A few minutes later Raptors President Masai Ujiri emerged from the locker room greeted by his daughter, Zahara, who asked, "Are you proud? Are you proud?" Ujiri hugged his daughter and told her, "I'm very proud."

Conspiracy theorists think Kawhi's shot went in because of magnets

Conspiracy theorists think Kawhi's shot went in because of magnets Kawhi Leonard's Game 7 buzzer-beater against the Philadelphia 76ers left many in disbelief, but there are some conspiracy theorists who are convinced the now-iconic shot was rigged. Since the Toronto Raptors advanced to the Eastern Conference finals, several YouTube videos and Reddit comments have popped up suggesting magnets were the reason the shot went in. There are people on YouTube truthering the Kawhi shot saying it was a magnetic rim ???????????? pic.twitter.

The main reason – Kawhi Leonard. The team’ s handling of Leonard’ s first season in Toronto has been perfect up to this point, and as a result, the team is within striking distance of Milwaukee for the top I’m inclined to believe that this team has another gear it can reach in games 83 and beyond .

Whether Kawhi Leonard wants to remain with the Toronto Raptors after this season is unclear. They weighed in on the chances of the Raptors retaining the services of Kawhi Leonard past this season . When he says he hasn’t made up his mind about next season and beyond , believe him.

This was arguably the greatest moment in Raptors franchise history, and it was all made possible by the player at the center of the celebrations Sunday. Kawhi was mobbed by teammates the second the ball fell through the hoop, and then he was celebrating and screaming just like everyone else. "That's something I've never experienced before," he said, explaining a rare outburst of emotion at the buzzer. "It was a blessing to be able to get to that point, and make that shot, and feel that moment."

This year in Toronto began with whispers around the NBA that Kawhi, after missing nearly an entire season with a mysterious quadicreps injury, might not be the same player he'd been with the Spurs. Would he still have his explosion? Could he stay on the floor? How would he look outside the San Antonio system? Most of those concerns were alleviated early on in the fall. Leonard looked phenomenal through his first two weeks with the Raptors, Toronto began the season 6–0, and somewhere in the middle of that stretch, an executive from another NBA team texted SI, "Looks like we all f---ed up not trading for Kawhi."

Raptors outlast Bucks in 2OT for Game 3 win

Raptors outlast Bucks in 2OT for Game 3 win Raptors outlast Bucks in 2OT for Game 3 win

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Kawhi Leonard once seemed like the kind of superstar factory-made for the low-key Spurs. How is it that he is now headed to Toronto ? Superstar forward Kawhi Leonard had not played in nearly two months as he rehabbed a right leg injury that had reduced his season to a series of false starts and

In the playoffs now, any concerns about post-Spurs Kawhi have given way to fascination over just how great he really is, and how much longer all of this will continue in Toronto. In the middle of the Sixers series, Marc Gasol told the media that Leonard has an extra gear for these playoff games. "We lean on him a lot," Gasol said after Toronto prevailed 92–90 in Game 7. "Sometimes a little too much. He can create a shot out of nothing. He's a mismatch all around." As Siakam added: "He's one of the greats, man. Every night."

The entire postseason has been a reminder that Kawhi has a real claim as the best basketball player alive. He's second behind only Kevin Durant in postseason scoring, and when called upon to short-circuit an opponent, his defense remains as disruptive as anyone in the NBA. On offense, he finished the first two rounds of the playoffs with an obscene 67.8% True Shooting Percentage, and he made it look routine. Where players like KD, Steph Curry, and James Harden make a living on tough shots, Kawhi uses his strength to create space, squares his shoulders, and makes his jumpers look easy. He's as clinical on the perimeter as Tim Duncan was once in the post.

Tick-tock: Toronto's Kawhi Leonard taking his game minute by minute

Tick-tock: Toronto's Kawhi Leonard taking his game minute by minute After a disappointing 2017-18, Kawhi Leonard has used rest, limited playing time to bring Raptors to next level in NBA playoffs.

Kawhi ' s plan to get back: 'Just play'. Kawhi Leonard describes his plan to return to the court this According to multiple sources, Leonard's camp has come to believe the issue has more to do with an "Throughout this process with Kawhi , our goal has been to give him the best care and support

The Toronto Raptors are not beginning their relationship with Kawhi Leonard under any illusions. Lowry isn't getting any younger no matter how well he plays this season . He will be 34 when he Short of Leonard mirroring Jimmy Butler' s behavior in Minnesota, the Raptors have no reason to bail

Asked to join the internet's ongoing debate between Durant and Leonard, Toronto point guard Fred VanVleet said Sunday, "Kawhi." Asked to explain his pick, VanVleet smirked and said, "Because he's my friend." Then he added: "Honestly, I don't really care. If you're in the discussion, you're doing something right. He's up there with the best of 'em, and at that point it's splitting hairs."

Green played in San Antonio, came to Toronto in the Kawhi trade, and has been there for Leonard's entire career. "Nobody saw this coming," he said after Game 7. "They saw a guy with big hands, wide shoulders, a defensive threat, could be a monster. They did not see the explosiveness on the offensive end. He's been an MVP candidate the last couple years he's been on the floor. I remember him coming in as a rookie and thinking, '[The Spurs] traded George Hill for this guy?' And they loved George. I'm like, 'He's pretty good, he's decent, but I don't see it.' But he got better each year, man. Amazing player."

As for the future, Leonard remains an unrestricted free agent this summer. He's spent the entire year declining interview requests and he hasn't committed to any long-term plans. All we know for certain is that he's from Los Angeles, he recently bought a house in San Diego, and among several free–agent suitors certain to make calls in July, the Lakers and Clippers will be at the front of the line.

Raptors bench play key reason Toronto on cusp of first trip to NBA Finals

Raptors bench play key reason Toronto on cusp of first trip to NBA Finals Lineups with one or more of Ibaka, VanVleet, or Powell are +30 this series.

Toronto Raptors fans have heard the constant talk about Kawhi Leonard‘ s desire to play in Los Angeles, which can’t be easy considering the While some still believe it’ s a longshot that Leonard stays in Toronto , it is not as certain as it was when the trade was first reported. This is why any report

TORONTO , ON – JULY 20 – Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri walks to the podium to the media during a Kawhi ’ s quadriceps injury may already have rendered him unable to ever again perform in the extraordinary fashion he prove to Kawhi that the Raptors are a contender beyond this season .

The Raptors have said that he's getting more comfortable as the year unfolds, but we're talking about the most inscrutable star in the NBA. Everyone is wary of drawing definitive conclusions, and that's before considering that Raptors like Green and Gasol will have free agency decisions as well. "You kind of segment it a little bit in your brain," Toronto GM Bobby Webster says. "We all do. You're trying to be intensely focused on the moment and evaluate what's going on game-to-game. And then you have your moments to think about, 'OK where is this team going?' I will say, we've known the situation since we did the deal for Kawhi. It's a reality we've lived with for nine months."

"We'll figure that out when we get there," Green says of the summer. "Right now we're still enjoying the moment and trying to win a championship. We're focused on the here-and-now. We'll worry about that later. Obviously what happens with the here and now may dictate what happens later, but we're going to enjoy each other, be in this moment."

It's hard to know where any of this leads or how much the rest of the playoffs could decide, but with the likely MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and the top-seeded Bucks waiting in the Eastern Conference finals, it bears mentioning that what Kawhi has already delivered is wilder than most Raptors fans could have imagined. His Game 7 heroics came 18 years after Vince Carter missed his own Game 7 buzzer-beater in the second round. That game is still one of the most heartbreaking defeats in franchise history and the parallels between the two game-winners are eerie—both from the corner, both bouncing off the back of the rim, both against the Sixers, both for the chance to advance to an Eastern Conference matchup with Milwaukee—except that Leonard's shot went in.

Burning questions for Bucks-Raptors Game 6

Burning questions for Bucks-Raptors Game 6 The Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks will battle Saturday night in a huge Eastern Conference finals game in Toronto. Game details: Here’s a look at the start time, television information, and odds for tonight’s Game 6. When: 8:30 p.m. EST Where: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Canada TV: TNT Betting Line: Milwaukee -2.5/ 212.5 points The big picture: The Raptors have an opportunity to clinch their first trip to the NBA Finals with a victory Saturday night. On the other side, the Bucks hops to end a three-game losing streak and send this one back to Wisconsin for Game 7.

Kawhi Anthony Leonard (/kəˈwaɪ/, born June 29, 1991) is an American professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Given the circumstances, Toronto fans can only be so excited about landing Leonard; all the Spurs faithful can do is chin up and get on with their lives. The sense of loss around the Raptors is even more palpable. Last season , they finished with the best record in the East and were considered one

The Raptors have been waiting for things to bounce their way. They've been good and respectable for a long time and they've had All-Stars like Carter, Chris Bosh, and DeMar DeRozan, but in the postseason, disappointment has been the baseline. With Leonard at the center of everything, there's new reason to believe. Even against a favored Bucks team in the next round, Kawhi is one reason to think twice before dismissing the Raptors entirely. (Asked about the team's matchup with Milwaukee, Lowry said, "They've been pretty dominant." Siakam smiled and refused to assess the Raptors' chances: "I learned from Kawhi last series. He told me not to answer those questions. I'm going to take a trick from Kawhi's book on this one.")

The ultimate lesson of this season in Toronto is that there's a difference between an All-Star and a superstar. The latter is a player who's so good that he gives his team a chance against anyone, and so reliable that the entire roster becomes more confident as a result. The Raptors trailed the Sixers in the second, third, and fourth quarters of Game 7, but each time, they found a way to retake control. The game and the NBA's entire second round may have been punctuated by a euphoric jumper that hit every part of the rim before falling—basically a sports movie in real life—but that ending shouldn't distract anyone from the 38 points Kawhi had beforehand, or the 34.7 PPGon 54% shooting he averaged over the course of the series.

That kind of performance is why the Raptors traded for Leonard last summer. It's why the rest of the NBA has spent the past month wondering how the league might change if he leaves in free agency this summer. It's why everyone in Toronto will be desperately hoping he stays.

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Kawhi’s shot gives Toronto reason to believe, this season and beyond
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