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SportBat flips and home run celebrations are cool, but Madison Bumgarner has a good point

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Bumgarner has tantrum after Muncy homers, admires it

Bumgarner has tantrum after Muncy homers, admires it Giants starter Madison Bumgarner got off to a poor start Sunday, giving up a first-inning home run to the Dodgers' Max Muncy.

Bumgarner has been here before quite a few times, so he was ready on Sunday afternoon. It was there Sunday, allowing him to pitch seven dominant innings against the league's best team, knowing For Bumgarner , that meant yelling at Muncy. He has done it before, so much so that it's a part of his

Madison Bumgarner objected to Max Muncy enjoying a home run , and Bumgarner has a long history of getting very mad about bat - flips , and after the game he pointed out he The quote is being hailed as more evidence that Bumgarner ’s too sensitive, but to me, it seems like a pretty good point .

Max Muncy hit a homer into the water Sunday in San Francisco, a Barry Bonds-ian feat that a baseball player deserves to appreciate. Madison Bumgarner, the pitcher who allowed the homer, got mad and barked at Muncy, as he’s known to do when an opposing hitter takes even the slightest opportunity to enjoy his work.

We’ve seen this drama play out a number of times in baseball over the years. But each time it does this season, it happens under a new banner. Major League Baseball is now the game of “Let the Kids Play” — which is somewhat a mission statement for the league’s new generation of stars and somewhat a declaration that the unwritten rules of years past aren’t as important as they used to be.

Giants lose 9-8 after Bumgarner knocked out by Muncy’s Dodgers

Giants lose 9-8 after Bumgarner knocked out by Muncy’s Dodgers LOS ANGELES - The Giants return to Los Angeles in September. Whether Madison Bumgarner is a Yankee by then or a Brave or a Phillie, Giants fans always will remember him as a Giant. Nothing will change that, including a rotten start in what could have been his final Dodger Stadium start in black and orange - no, Bumgarner’s not getting traded to the Orioles. In a much-anticipated series finale Thursday night, Bumgarner scuffled through one of his worst career starts on Thursday night, and the Giants were beaten again by the Dodgers 9-8. BOX SCORE: DODGERS 9, GIANTS 8 The Giants trailed 9-4 entering the ninth and rallied for four runs before making an out.

Madison Bumgarner . Position: Pitcher. Bats : Right • Throws: Left. Win Expectancy, Run Expectancy, and Leverage Index calculations provided by Tom Tango of, and co-author of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Madison Bumgarner was ready. The Giants ace always is . This has become a bit of a routine in Bumgarner 's career, a brilliant one marked by the occasional high-profile showdown with an opposing hitter who plays a different brand of baseball than the fiery left-hander.

Obviously nobody gave Bumgarner final sign off on the “Let the Kids Play” ad campaign.

The big conflict of the “Let the Kids Play” era isn’t the old traditional fans who romanticize the days of Bob Gibson. You figure it would be old baseball vs. new baseball, but the problem is new baseball isn’t all-in on “Let the Kids Play.”

The other pitchers we’ve seen in these types of situations this year are Chris Archer, who is known to celebrate strikeouts on the mound, and Brad Keller, the Royals pitcher who threw at Unwritten-Rules-Breaker-in-Chief Tim Anderson, who is just 23. This isn’t about the kids at all, actually. It’s an inner-baseball conflict that isn’t just going to sort itself out with another commercial or two.

Before we go any further, I’d like to make this much known: I’m all for a baseball player pimping a homer. You take a pitcher deep, watch it. Flip your bat. Trot around the bases. Go for it. If pitchers don’t want to see a home run admired, don’t give one up, right?

Dodgers relentless trolling of Madison Bumgarner reaches new level

Dodgers relentless trolling of Madison Bumgarner reaches new level Dodgers relentless trolling of Madison Bumgarner reaches new level

Madison Bumgarner did not care for Yasiel Puig's celebration of that one mistake afterwards. Yasiel Puig's reaction to his home run off Madison Bumgarner , and the left-hander's response to As soon as Puig made contact, he flipped the bat away, walked a few feet toward first base and began a

Muncy launched a home run off Bumgarner in the first inning and briefly admired his splash-hit While league-wide attitudes toward bat flips and other celebratory gestures have softened, as The 29-year-old ace now has a 3.83 ERA over 87 innings this season, with 10 quality starts in 14 outings.

I also understand that’s easier to say from the sidelines, when you’re not the one throwing the pitch and watching it fly over the wall. That’s why I found Bumgarner’s post-game explanation of what happened Sunday interesting — and even enlightening.

Bumgarner called out the “Let the Kids Play” tagline in his postgame comments.

“My god, I can't even say it with a straight face," Bumgarner said to reporters, including NBC Sports Bay Area’s Alex Pavlovic. "I was going to say the more I think about it, you've got to just let the kids play, that's what everybody is saying.

"They want to let everybody be themselves. Let me be myself — that's me, you know? I'd just as soon fight than walk or whatever. You just do your thing, I'll do mine. Everybody is different. I can't speak for everybody else, but that's just how I want to play. And that's how I'm going to."

We often think about this homer celebration issue in terms of old dinosaurs who don’t want to change vs. a new age of enlightened and free baseball players. But MadBum has a good point — this *is* him, this is letting this one particular kid play.

Max Muncy reveals the epic burn he had for Madison Bumgarner in post-HR exchange

Max Muncy reveals the epic burn he had for Madison Bumgarner in post-HR exchange Madison Bumgarner got thoroughly (and deservedly) roasted when he threw a fit after giving up a monster home run to the Dodgers' Max Muncy. Muncy had just hit the go-ahead home run into McCovey Cove during a rivalry game. Upon making contact, he admired his home run (as he should!) for a couple seconds and went into his home run trot. Bumgarner then proceeded to be extraordinarily lame and shout at Muncy around the bases. Well, the Dodgers first baseman had the last laugh. After the game, he was asked about what was said in the exchange.

Madison Bumgarner doesn’ t like it when hitters seem to enjoy themselves after they hit a home run off him. Because how dare they show any kind of But Bumgarner didn’ t like that and had words for Muncy, who seemed to motion at the Giants pitcher to come say some words to his face, which is the

Muncy hit a towering first-inning home run off Bumgarner that splashed into McCovey Cove – the only run either team would score all game. Muncy walked four steps while watching the blast, with a modest bat flip (watch the whole thing in the video embedded below). As the Chronicle’s Henry Schulman

Isaac Newton has a law about this. It’s a physics thing, but baseball is pretty much physics. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Maybe the baseball version should be MadBum’s Law.

We can’t simultaneously want players to show emotion on the field by celebrating and not want them to show emotion when they’re upset. Emotion is emotion. You take the good, you take the bad. Unless we want to be hypocrites.

That opposite reaction just can’t be throwing at opposing hitters. It can’t be head-hunting. It can’t be revenge. Nobody gets hurt from watching a home run. Or flipping a bat. If barking from the mound and getting upset is the opposite reaction, so be it.

Quite honestly, the more conflict in baseball, the better — so long as nobody’s getting hurt. Baseball could use the boost of excitement these days. Sports, at their essence are about triumph and failure and the emotions that come with them. The more we suppress those, the worse off the game is going to be.

So if a pitcher like Madison Bumgarner angrily stomping and barking around the mound is what we get in exchange for bat flips and home-run celebrations, that seems like a worthwhile trade.

Dodgers troll Bumgarner with 'Go get it out of the ocean' shirts

Dodgers troll Bumgarner with 'Go get it out of the ocean' shirts The Dodgers have added more fuel to the fire in their on-going feud with Madison Bumgarner.

SAN FRANCISCO — Giants ace Madison Bumgarner answered questions for several minutes Sunday after their 6-5 victory over the Cincinnati “I had an answer for you.’’ Well, inquiring minds suddenly wanted to know, so he finally was asked about that sixth-inning home run off an inside fastball that he

Madison Bumgarner does not like giving up home runs . Especially to the Dodgers, and even more so when the opposing batter takes a long look at the ball The Dodgers first baseman smashed a solo shot off Bumgarner deep into McCovey Cove in the top of the first inning Sunday against the Giants.


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