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SportMLB can appeal to a younger audience by embracing what's behind the curtain

03:40  15 august  2019
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Pro-Trump heckler briefly disrupts 'Real Time with Bill Maher'

Pro-Trump heckler briefly disrupts 'Real Time with Bill Maher' An audience member praising "our great president" and "our great country" briefly interrupted Friday's edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher." © Hbo/REX/Shutterstock The incident on Friday wasn't the first time a heckler interrupted Bill Maher's "Real Time" show. The disruption came during a panel discussion about the withdrawal of President Trump's nominee for director of national intelligence, Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas. Host Maher and guest Buck Sexton, a former CIA intelligence officer, were debating the politicization of past and present intel officials.

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HEADLEE: What you're discussing seems to be coming into consideration when they award things like the Pulitzer or the Nobel Peace Prize, for example, giving that to Do you think that giving the Pulitzer Prize to a play like yours - not just on its merits alone, which are great, absolutely - but is it effective?

NEW YORK — They’re selling T-shirts that read “Savages in the Box,’’ a slightly-sanitized version of Aaron Boone’s now famous three-week-old tirade, in the Yankee Stadium souvenir shops.

MLB can appeal to a younger audience by embracing what's behind the curtain© Provided by Oath Inc. The New York Yankees are selling "Savages in the Box" T-shirts at Yankee Stadium. (Wallace Matthews/Yahoo Sports)

The shirts are $40 a pop and the lady behind the counter told me she can hardly keep them on the shelves.

The players are wearing them in the clubhouse, too, and there is even a sportswriter version, reading “Savages in the Press Box,’’ which goes for a mere $25.

Meanwhile, Major League Baseball would like to pretend, at least publicly, that baseball players and managers don’t really talk like that.

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The truth drips with human subjectivity — look at all those little choices along the way which are left up to people running the project. If anything, the fact that you can’t pass the ethical buck to a machine puts more responsibility on your shoulders, not less .

Baseball 's problem attracting young fans isn't because of a slow pace of play but a lack of action that can be solved by implementing an electronic strike zone. Shortening the game or speeding it up isn’t going to make the game more appealing to young So what ’ s the answer to baseball ’s problem?

“When you got passionate guys, you’re going to hear stuff like that,’’ Joe Torre, MLB’s dean of discipline, said almost apologetically on Tuesday. “Players and managers are going to say things you don’t necessarily want to hear. I’ve done it myself, and I’m not proud of it. I’ve said things that I’m embarrassed about.’’

And that, in a nutshell, sums up baseball’s dilemma.

On one hand, the keepers of the game want to maintain the image of wholesome, hard-working young men playing a squeaky-clean game.

On the other, they sure like the money and attention generated when they get a little dirt on their sanitary stockings.

The video of Boone’s hilariously-profane tirade directed toward Brennan Miller, the rookie home plate umpire who worked the first game of a doubleheader against the Tampa Bay Rays in a near-empty Yankee Stadium on July 18 quickly went viral, attracting nearly a million YouTube views and garnering its poster, Jimmy (Jomboy) O’Brien nearly 300,000 followers.

John Mayer Surprises Nashville Audience with Chris Stapleton Collaboration: Watch

John Mayer Surprises Nashville Audience with Chris Stapleton Collaboration: Watch His nearly three-hour show also included a special surprise guest: Chris Stapleton. © Ethan Miller/Getty Images John Mayer Midway through his set, Mayer told the sold-out audience at Bridgestone Arena that he had a friend in attendance who would be joining him on stage. He teased the collaboration before revealing his special guest. "I said, 'You wanna do one of my songs or one of your songs?' And he said, 'We could do either or we could just write a song and play it.' I said, 'Challenge accepted,'" Mayer said before inviting Stapleton to the stage as the arena erupted in screams.

A fresh young voice answered from behind the curtain which closed the further end of the corridor, "No better, my Lady. Come, come," thought D'Artagnan, emerging from behind the curtain , "decidedly Monsieur Planchet is no fool; it is evident he has been brought up in a good school.

Here is what happened. After I moved to Portland, some time after graduating from my undergrad, another VocRehab counselor told me the program DOES pay As you’re aware, Veterans have had enough of the band aiding to a circumstance that is in dire need of being reviewed, evaluated, and

The spectacle of the normally mild-mannered Boone, which began as a scolding (“You’re having a piece of s--- start to this game!’’) and ended as almost a pep talk (“Now tighten this s--- up!’’), became a sensation among fans and players alike.

Boone’s admonition to Miller -- “My guys are f-----g savages in that f-----g box’’ -- became a rallying cry for his team, which is running away with the AL East. Boone’s image as a laid-back SoCal surfer dude unsuited for the pressure-cooker of the Bronx was instantly burnished among his team’s rabid fan base, which views Billy Martin as the ideal all Yankee managers should aspire to be.

And those T-shirts are just flying off the racks.

By just about any modern standard, Boone’s eruption was a big hit.

And baseball, which has struggled for years to find common ground between its aging loyalists and a younger generation that finds the game boring and its players colorless, seemed to have struck gold.

Giants' Golden Tate loses appeal, will sit first four games of season

Giants' Golden Tate loses appeal, will sit first four games of season Golden Tate fought the law and the law won. On Tuesday, the NFL denied the Giants wide receiver’s appeal, per a press release. Tate was hit with a four-game ban for violating the league’s Performance Enhancing Substance policy in late July. Soon after, Tate pushed back and denied any wrongdoing. “This past April, during the off-season, my wife and I decided to see a specialist for fertility planning,” Tate said in a statement. “I started the treatment prescribed to me and just days later I discovered it contained an ingredient that is on the league’s banned substance list.

grooming future audiences with discount programs that appeal to adults who are no longer students, yet not also includes a preshow party and a later curtain to sweeten the deal for young professionals who (The Met’ s neighbors usually cap the discount at a younger age: 29 at New York City Ballet and 35 The older audience members seemed to really like it, said Matthew VanBesien, the orchestra’ s

Three major productions in just over a year, one to be revived for the second time next week – why is this play about a Norwegian housewife so enduringly popular? asks Susanna Rustin. "There is something timeless about it," Morahan says, "which is what ' s so shocking.

And yet, when Torre came to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday and made his first public comments since meting out a fine and one-game suspension to Boone for the incident, the pearl-clutching was in full swing.

“Those mics are supposed to be for crowd noise and stuff,’’ Torre said. “They're not supposed to pick up stuff like that. You got kids out there listening to that.’’

At 79, Torre is of course from a generation in which kids got slapped for using the H-word in front of their parents.

But these days, of course, just about any word goes, either on the internet, on cable TV, on network TV and even in the home. And, news flash, Major League Baseball players sometimes use the F-word. And the A-word, the B-word, the M-word, the S-word and just about any combination of those you can come up with.

MLB can appeal to a younger audience by embracing what's behind the curtain© Provided by Oath Inc. Aaron Boone was suspended one game for his viral tirade towards umpire Brennan Miller. (Getty Images)

Baseball, perpetually behind the times, doesn’t seem to recognize that a 19th-century sensibility does not work in a 21st-century world.

Rather than recognizing what it had in the Boone-Miller confrontation -- a potential popular-culture gold mine -- it reacted as it always has. It fined and suspended Boone. And tried to disavow the video of the incident even as it profited from it.

Pope gives sick girl free run of audience stage, delighting crowd

Pope gives sick girl free run of audience stage, delighting crowd Pope Francis allowed a girl suffering from an undisclosed illness to move around undisturbed clapping and dancing on the stage for most of his general audience on Wednesday, delighting the crowd. The girl, wearing a pink T-shirt reading "Love," slipped away from her mother at the front of the audience hall and reached the big marble stage. She pranced back and forth in front of him, jumped, and occasionally let go a loud, sharp clap. Francis signaled to security to let her be.

Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain . Dead people. Not exactly my first choice of topics to read about, but She is informing the reader of what goes on in a funeral parlor and the process a corpse goes However, Mitford only uses pathos, the appeal to emotion, and some logos, the appeal to reason.

By night, however, I take the American people Behind the Curtain , where I find the stories that no one wants to tell but everyone needs to know…read more. Get The Latest From Behind The Curtain .

Even Boone, the only party to the conversation who actually paid a price for engaging in it, saw the value in giving fans a rare peek behind the curtain.

“I think any time there’s access and you get to see some of those things, it can be a very good thing,’’ he said. “Certainly I think fans love it and want to see that. And ultimately we want to serve the fans.’’

Other sports have already figured this out. The NFL pulls back the curtain with “Hard Knocks,’’ the HBO series that offers unfiltered access to a team during training camp. After one episode, Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown and his frost-bitten feet are on their way to breakout stardom.

And when Vince McMahon launches his re-tooled XFL in February, do you think they will be censoring the interviews?

Baseball, however, is still stuck in an amber-colored past in which athletes drop their heads and jog to first after a home run, paw the ground in modesty when asked a question and never, ever, show each other up.

To the young generation, this all adds up to one big yawn.

Boone’s eruption, on the other hand, got everyone’s attention, even kids who would never think of trading an esports controller for a whiffle ball bat.

What Boone’s tirade said was these millionaires playing a game for a living are real people who really, really care about what they do.

Judge allows Trump to appeal Democrats' emoluments lawsuit

Judge allows Trump to appeal Democrats' emoluments lawsuit President Trump can appeal a lawsuit from more than 200 congressional Democrats that seeks to prevent his companies from taking payments from foreign states, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.District Judge Emmet Sullivan had previously denied a motion to allow the appeals court to review his prior rulings, but a federal appeals court in July ruled that Sullivan's finding was in error.Sullivan noted in his ruling that such mid-case appeals are justified in cases involving "substantial ground for difference of opinion," which the appeals court suggested there was. Lawyers for Trump have argued the plaintiffs in the case lack legal standing to sue him.

When Toto rips the curtain to the side, the Wizard of Oz realizes he' s been found out, and tries to cover it up by shouting over his loudspeaker, "Pay no Some people like to use this phrase as a metaphor for the guy behind the scenes, calling the shots. But that might just be taking the fun out've the quote.

I think what was really awesome about it was that it gave me an insanely incredible jumpstart on understanding the nature of the business and Chris Boneau: The best day that I could remember was when Adrian and I were just beginning our partnership, and I had a little office, and he was down

What Miller’s restrained reaction said was that not all umpires are trigger-happy, would-be cops looking to run players for a dirty look.

And what the whole thing said about baseball was that there is real passion on the field that is not always apparent from the stands or even over a 60-inch 4K flat screen.

Obviously, a lot of things came together to make the Boone video possible in the first place. For one thing, the small turnout and lack of crowd noise made the on-field sound a lot more intelligible than it might have been with a full house. For another, O’Brien, a former videographer and a guy with a knack for lip-reading and finding the absurd in the everyday, had the smarts to zero in on Boone’s mouth and add subtitles to the video to make sure no one could miss the point.

“It was like the perfect storm for me,’’ he said. “But maybe not for them.’’

That’s where baseball is wrong.

What happened between a manager and an umpire at Yankee Stadium was a perfect storm for them, too.

The people who run baseball, as usual, were embarrassed by it.

Instead, they should try embracing it.

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MLB can appeal to a younger audience by embracing what's behind the curtain

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