Sport Opinion: Roger Goodell should drop the hammer on Patriots, Bill Belichick after latest controversy

15:20  10 december  2019
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Patriots' coach Bill Belichick: Filming of Cincinnati Bengals 'not a football issue'

  Patriots' coach Bill Belichick: Filming of Cincinnati Bengals 'not a football issue' The New England Patriots head coach addressed the film crew incident Tuesday morning, saying it's "not a football issue."Belichick referred to the Patriots statement that was released Monday night.

If New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is guilty of soliciting prostitution, the NFL should make As for not being around the team for a year, as long as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are running That would make Kraft innocent in a court of law but guilty in the court of public opinion — and public

It is undoubtedly going to result in a fine, and should even cost him a suspension. The hit was shockingly similar to one he levied on the Eagles' Taking a fine after laying on a big illegal hit is something that is likely celebrated in many locker rooms. In that regard, Falcons coach Mike Smith

Even if you believe the not-always-so-forthcoming Bill Belichick and buy his contention that the football department has no fingerprints on another video kerfuffle involving the New England Patriots, it is not enough.

Bill Belichick standing in front of a crowd: Bill Belichick denied having any involvement with the videotaping of the Bengals' sideline on Sunday.© Winslow Townson, USA TODAY Sports Bill Belichick denied having any involvement with the videotaping of the Bengals' sideline on Sunday.

Roger Goodell still needs to drop the hammer.

It’s the optics, silly. After Spygate and Deflategate, the Patriots are like the motorist with points attached to their driver’s license for speeding. Intentional or not, the foot of someone associated with the Patriots got a bit heavy to take them over the speed limit again. Even if this latest snag is proven to be nothing like the sign-stealing Spygate episode in 2007, it’s still a repeat violation of an NFL policy that deserves admonishment — not benefit of the doubt.

Some NFL executives want to see the Patriots tape for themselves

  Some NFL executives want to see the Patriots tape for themselves With the distrust of both the New England Patriots and the NFL running deep in some league circles, several team executives told Yahoo Sports on Tuesday they would like to see the tape of the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline generated by a Patriots-employed video crew last Sunday. © Provided by Yahoo! Sports Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has distanced himself and the football operation of his organization from a taping incident that the league is investigating.

After traveling to Atlanta for his second Falcons game in two weeks instead of visiting Gillette Stadium to watch the Patriots in the AFC Championship, Roger Goodell was asked to explain Asked if safety concerns were perhaps a reason for not going to watch the Patriots , Goodell quickly responded, “no.”

Patriots -Falcons is going to be New England’s Super Bowl In Context, an opportunity to make Goodell swallow his shield and present Bob Kraft, Belichick , and Brady with their fifth Lombardi Trophy just Goodell would not come to Foxborough after he dropped the Deflategate hammer on the Patriots .

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Pleading ignorance doesn’t cut it as a defense. Ignorance? The Patriots?

Good, the team immediately turned over the videotapes to the NFL. Nice, the team quickly addressed the issue publicly to get a jump on the blowback. I’ll take Belichick at his word (and hope I’m right) when he declares he’s never seen any of the work by the crew taping for a "Do Your Job" feature on an advance scout for the team’s digital operation — and not trying to record signals from the Bengals sideline that could be used, say, when New England plays Sunday at Cincinnati.

Roger Goodell: No updates on Patriots videotape incident or Antonio Brown probe

  Roger Goodell: No updates on Patriots videotape incident or Antonio Brown probe The NFL commissioner said the Patriots’ history is a factor, but new information from the incident will be key in his decision.The NFL commissioner said there has been no resolutions in either the illegal filming incident by a Kraft Sports Productions crew Sunday in Cleveland or the league’s investigation of former New England receiver Antonio Brown.

Memo to Patriots fans: Deflategate is your friend. It has given birth to absolute truths that serve only to magnify and solidify that local notion that Bill Belichick and It is not a comforting missive for the 31 franchises that hoped to prosper when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell dropped the hammer on

Tom Brady, Coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert K. Kraft took a subtle But anyone who expected Brady, Coach Bill Belichick or the Patriots owner Robert K. Kraft to call out Goodell face Kraft said nothing in response, then thumbed his nose at Goodell in his own remarks to the crowd moments later .

Shoot, if the Patriots are spying on the Bengals (1-12), their issues are way deeper than a two-game losing streak.

But, funny, we haven’t heard a peep yet from the NFL, intimately familiar with the Patriots track record.

You’d think the Patriots, for all their brilliance, intelligence, the smug fan base and their history with NFL suspicion, would know better. Sure, Belichick’s football ops unit is independent of the marketing department, website, ticket sales, sponsorships, community service and other departments, when it comes down to the nuts-and-bolts of winning or losing football games. But it’s all under the same Patriots banner, even if the video was shot by a crew for Kraft Sports Productions, which produces content for Patriots.com and uses contractors. Crossover is inherent when you’re selling and profiting off the football team owned by Robert Kraft. I mean, Belichick does a weekly film breakdown segment for Patriots.com.

Bill Belichick is in a fight for his reputation

  Bill Belichick is in a fight for his reputation Bill Belichick is in a fight for his reputationAsk Belichick a question he doesn’t want to answer, or he deems ill-informed, and you get a predictable result.

Patriots football head coach Bill Belichick speaks during an NFL football news conference at Goodell has no choice but to take this seriously, and in turn, neither does Belichick , whose media Star staff created a song parody about the DeflateGate controversy following the Colts loss to the

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick recently sat down for an interview with CNBC, which will air on Patriots quarterback celebrates with coach Bill Belichick after winning their fifth Super Bowl title together. Patriots running back James White (28) plunges into the end zone to score late in the

CONTROVERSY: Patriots acknowledge breaking NFL rules recording Bengals' sideline

WINNERS AND LOSERS: 49ers had a big Sunday, Texans still maddeningly inconsistent

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So, it’s not like they are completely foreign entities, or that Kraft Sports Productions was in Cleveland filming a scout for Boston College.

The unit was taping during the Browns-Bengals clash on Sunday for the purpose of the Patriots organization, with the website falling under that lucrative umbrella. Belichick had to know the scout was being featured because anyone connected to the tight ship that is football ops would have to get a green light to be interviewed for the show. (I still remember the hoops jumped through years ago for clearance to interview then-personnel director Scott Pioli for a USA TODAY feature).

And given what happened in 2007 with Spygate — the Patriots were caught filming New York Jets sideline signals, resulting in a $500,000 fine for Belichick, a $250,000 fine for the team and the loss of a first-round draft pick — no team in the NFL should be as diligent as the Patriots when it comes to checks and balances for video personnel.

What were the Patriots thinking?

  What were the Patriots thinking? No matter what Roger Goodell does — levy a fine, dock a draft pick, issue a public chastisement, impose a suspension — you know both sides of this aisle will (over)react , from those braying the Pats got off easy to those whining they were treated too harshly.Call it the new Patriot Way.This season already has been strange and unsettling by Patriots standards, mired in uncertainty despite a record that improved to 11-3 with Sunday’s win over the bungling Bengals.

Just as Belichick and Brady are inextricably intertwined in the Patriots ' tapestry of success, so are their scandals interwoven. His Hoodiness walks away seemingly untarnished, while the NFL uses Deflategate as a cover to drop the hammer on the Patriots for his past misdeed.

Ten years after New England’s sign-stealing controversy , cheating is still in the eye of the beholder. There is no discussing the Patriots without discussing the reason we all have so much trouble speaking calmly about them. For nearly two decades now, they’ve been busy sucking all the air out of the room.

In other words, if you are functioning at an NFL game with a video camera while wearing Patriots gear, there are some ground rules that should have been explained by somebody in that smart organization. In a statement released on Monday night, the Patriots maintained they accept “full responsibility” for the incident. Apparently, the team contends, someone wasn’t aware that they violated policy.

Maybe an entrance exam needs to be required before hiring videographers who wear Patriots gear.

First question: Have you ever heard of Spygate?

There’s no reason to jump to the conclusion that Spygate 2.0 has arrived. Unless something really sinister is uncovered by the NFL’s investigation, this isn’t about demanding that Belichick needs to be docked a draft pick again. But it is about the integrity of The Shield that Goodell speaks so passionately about. If there are rules prohibiting filming the sidelines, they were instituted for a reason and if not followed are subjected to a stiff fine. Or worse. Otherwise, why have such rules?

This, too, goes beyond the Patriots. What about the rest of the 32 teams?

If the Patriots get a pass on this, there are a few other NFL teams that could use some extra video.

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Opinion: Roger Goodell needs to kick the cheating Patriots out of the playoffs

  Opinion: Roger Goodell needs to kick the cheating Patriots out of the playoffs NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell believes in an escalating punishment, so what does he do with three-time cheating Patriots beyond fines, draft picks?NFL commissioner Roger Goodell believes in escalating punishment when cheaters in his league keep breaking the same rule. That’s what happened earlier this season when recidivist headhunter Vontaze Burfict of the Oakland Raiders took aim on Colts tight end Jack Doyle’s cranium and was suspended the rest of the season. And it’s what should happen now with the New England Patriots.

HOUSTON — The way Roger Goodell looks at it now, all this time after Spygate and Deflategate, if none of your other 31 Perhaps Goodell has resigned himself to the likelihood that there is no end in sight for the Patriots ’ Evil Empire. You suspend Belichick ’s great quarterback for the first four games

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks to the media at the conclusion of the NFL owners meeting in San Francisco.

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Tom Brady confirms his father has been unofficially banned from talking to media .
It would not be a surprise if that unofficial ban came after Tom Sr. ripped Roger Goodell for the way the NFL commissioner handled Deflategate. Brady Sr., who is now 75, did not hold back while unloading on Goodell for his “beyond reprehensible” actions. A couple of years before that, the elder Brady blasted Goodell in an epic rant on the radio.For what it’s worth, Brady Sr. has not exactly adhered to the ban. He recently hinted in an interview that Brady Jr. could end up leaving the Patriots if Bill Belichick decides it is time, which is probably something Tom Jr. would have preferred left unsaid.

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