Sport The Pen: What does MLB do next about its inconsistent baseball? A scientist explains

02:55  14 december  2019
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Cubs non-tender Addison Russell, ending his tenure with the team

  Cubs non-tender Addison Russell, ending his tenure with the team Cubs non-tender Addison Russell, ending his tenure with the teamThe move ends Russell’s tenure with the Cubs. The 25-year-old Russell will now hit the free-agent market. He hit .237/.308/.391 in 241 plate appearances last season.

The scientists concluded that the baseballs , which have been manufactured by Rawlings since Nathan worked with MLB to assemble a 10-man committee of scientists and he made sure to The next major leaguer to visit Smith’s lab will be the first. And it turns out Smith spends about as much

Scientists recommended MLB consider installing humidors at all 30 ballparks "to reduce the variability in storage conditions" and install atmospheric tracking MLB plans to accept those recommendations. Commissioner Rob Manfred said the league does not want to abandon the handmade balls from the

Several things can be true at once, and self-serving explanations can be valid or at least compelling. For example, when commissioner Rob Manfred says at the winter meetings that the variability of the ball is “part of the charm of the game” which he is uninterested in fully eradicating, this is a rhetorical departure from his earlier public position emphasizing that the balls all meet specifications, that the specifications will be tightened, and that effectively everything is under control. But also, maybe the variability is part of the charm of the game — or at least, it could be.

  The Pen: What does MLB do next about its inconsistent baseball? A scientist explains © AP Photo/Adam Hunger

Asked about the potential of adopting a more stable, synthetic baseball, Manfred made his stance abundantly clear. “I would not, am not now, and would not be in favor of moving away from the baseball that has traditionally been used to play what I regard to be the greatest game in the world,” he said this week in San Diego.

Alleged drug lord Cesar Emilio Peralta arrested in connection with David Ortiz shooting

  Alleged drug lord Cesar Emilio Peralta arrested in connection with David Ortiz shooting More than a dozen arrests have been made so far stemming from Ortiz being shot, though details and motives remain largely unclear. There have been theories floated about why a drug lord would issue a hit on Ortiz, but authorities have not confirmed any. Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic have said Ortiz was not the intended target of the attempted assassination.Authorities arrested another man back in June who they believe was one of the orchestrators of the plot that resulted in Ortiz being shot.

A baseball lies on packed dirt after for a short batting practice in Arlington, Texas, on Dec. The committee says it did not find evidence that MLB intentionally altered the baseballs and believes That backed a study published by data scientist Rob Arthur at Baseball Prospects showing the balls

The baseball season is long. Each team plays 162 games in six months. Why? At its simplest, baseball is a series of one on one encounters between a pitcher and a hitter. No sport cares more about its records – who is leading in each meaningful statistical category each year and in history.

So then the imperfect ball is here to stay.

And Major League Baseball, perhaps realizing that the media was not going to drop it or else recognizing that it cannot control a man-made production down to one-thousandth of an inch, has pivoted to extolling the virtues of variability — which is not an entirely disingenuous venture for a sport played in open-air weather conditions within inconsistent field dimensions.

And perhaps the league, which has previously attempted to quell focus on how different balls seemed to travel different distances despite the same force applied at the same angle, was particularly moved to embrace this aspect of the game now because the new report released by a committee of independent scientists this week revealed not just variance between the average baseball season-to-season but an even more significant variance among individual balls within seasons.

Those gene-edited babies in China have unexpected mutations

  Those gene-edited babies in China have unexpected mutations In late 2018, a Chinese genetics researcher named He Jiankui announced that he had genetically modified babies that were then carried to term and born. As far as anyone knows, this is the first time any scientist had done such a thing, and it led to an intense outcry from the scientific community. The scientist was fired from his position and it's unclear if he'll face further punishment from the Chinese government. In the months since hisIn the months since his announcement, the focus has shifted to the twin girls who were born with modified genes.

Major League Baseball is the king league of its sport. Power hitting exists in Japan, but not to the extent that it does in MLB . There's only a handful of players meant for pop, even though some ballparks can inflate stats Games will be rained out in Japan due to the inconsistent weather all year around.

That is, at what age does a baseball player achieve peak performance? When I am done , I have a data frame containing the midcareer and peak age of wOBA. If one makes restrictive assumptions, then you’ll get answers which are inconsistent with the data.

In some way this variance is easier to accept and seems almost inevitable upon consideration. The difference in average seam height that helped to spur a significant leap in home run rate is the width of a human hair. That any two balls out of thousands could vary by that much simply makes sense in a way that a sudden shift in the average does not. What happened between 2018 and 2019 still needs to be understood and explained to the public.

However, a codification of this ball-to-ball variability has or soon will inspire a new conversation around what Dr. Peko Hosoi of MIT, one of the four researchers tasked with relaying the committee’s findings this week, termed "bias in variability.”

I spoke to Dr. Hosoi soon after her research was released about what’s next in terms of both studying the baseball and applying what we now know. She cautioned against aspiring to total consistency — calling a hypothetical lack of variability a “disaster” for baseball — and instead anticipated a dynamic in which teams will endeavor to exploit the ball-to-ball differences while the league works to keep the playing field even with unbiased variability, or randomness that does not disproportionately benefit any one team or player.

Major League Baseball threatens to walk away from Minor League Baseball entirely

  Major League Baseball threatens to walk away from Minor League Baseball entirely The very public and increasingly nasty battle between the big leagues and the bush leagues took another turn last nightAs you’re no doubt aware, negotiations of the next, 10-year Professional Baseball Agreement, which governs the relationship between the big leagues and the minors — and which is set to expire following the 2020 season — have turned acrimonious.

Baseball game was introduced in our country by the Amateur Baseball Federation of India. The Federation was established in December 1983 with an object to promote this game. The Federation will do its level best to achieve the goal. The history of international baseball .

Major League Baseball transactions are changes made to the roster of a major league team during or after the season. They may include waiving, releasing, and trading players

It’s not clear exactly how a team or a player could learn to take advantage of the newly quantifiable variance between baseballs, and Dr. Hosoi isn’t interested in helping them figure it out (I insisted she could have 30 job offers by the end of the week if she wanted to). But that’s one of the areas the committee hope to study next. Manfred alluded to as much — “involving players in a more rigorous study of what they feel when they hold the baseball” — and Dr. Hosoi expanded on that in our conversation, getting giddy at the idea of being able to ascribe a data set to the particular feel a pitcher might have for a baseball.

In all this knowing, all this measuring things down to tiny fractions of an inch, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that, if anything, the months-long study revealed how much mystery remains. Like 65 percent of the 60 percent of the change in home run rate that can be attributed to the ball’s decreased drag, for one thing. What happened in the postseason, for another. But also: what now?

“I think we understand the variability in the baseball better today than we did at any point in the history of the game,” Manfred said. He meant it to be exculpatory — to highlight how we’re only talking about it now because people like Dr. Hosoi are able to measure these kinds of things. That part is true.

Major League Baseball threatens to walk away from Minor League Baseball entirely

  Major League Baseball threatens to walk away from Minor League Baseball entirely Rob Gronkowski sends special message after making All-Time Team.

Official Major League Baseball ball (that you are allowed to cut apart). Sharp knife or small saw (Always have adult assistance when using sharp Unwrap the light-colored yarn. What comes next ? How much of the baseball does this last layer of dark yarn contribute to its overall size and mass?

The Major League Baseball ( MLB ) season schedule consists of 162 games for each of the 30 teams in the American League (AL) and National League (NL), played over approximately six months—a total of 2,430 games, plus the postseason.

“The fact that we understand the variability, I don't really see as a motivator to do something drastic in terms of changing the way the game is played,” he said. And this is where Manfred is wrong. Baseball has become a knowledge industry. Even if they don’t change the baseball — especially if they don’t change the baseball — understanding the variability better today than we did at any point in the history of the game will probably impact the way the game is played. We just don’t know how yet.

Here’s my full interview with Dr. Hosoi.

Notes from the stands

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Major League Baseball sets new revenue record: $10.7 billion .
It's the 17th straight year MLB has set a revenue recordWhat’s more, growth is poised to accelerate soon. Whereas revenue has increased relatively incrementally over the past couple of seasons, new television deals, including the national deal with Fox which goes up some 40% over the current deal, are going to begin kicking in soon, which should see things ramp up dramatically. The billion dollar deal with Nike — which put all the swooshes on the uniforms — also begins paying out in 2020. Other sponsorship deals — “The official [whatever] of Major League Baseball!” — remain significant sources of revenue increases as well.

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