Sport Opinion: European soccer gives MLB lesson in punishing cheaters

02:30  15 february  2020
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When you think of baseball players known for cheating , he is the kingpin. He has openly admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs in his tell-all book and One of the biggest and worst cheaters in the history of the sport is Barry Bonds. The left-hander holds the MLB record for home runs (762) and

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Take note, Major League Baseball. This is how you punish cheaters.

European soccer authorities kicked Manchester City, one of England’s biggest and most successful soccer clubs, out of its marquee tournament for the next two years on Friday. Fined them the equivalent of $32.5 million, too.

Former Irish national soccer player Jimmy Conway dies at 73

  Former Irish national soccer player Jimmy Conway dies at 73 Jimmy Conway, a former Irish international whose club career included stops with Fulham and the Portland Timbers, has died.

A guide to punishing cheaters (e.g. frequent divers) in the beautiful game. (Ironically, Rooney also dives on a regular basis ) Check out the sequel: http

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Man City’s offense? “Serious breaches” of the financial rules that are designed to maintain a level of parity in European soccer. Or at least prevent a couple of teams with ridiculously wealthy owners from spending into oblivion in pursuit of a title.

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Under the Union of European Football Association’s financial fair play rules, teams are barred from spending more on players than they generate from TV contracts, tickets and sponsorships. Think of it as a salary cap unique to each team. If a team can line up several massive sponsorship deals, it can sign the likes of a Messi or a Ronaldo. If it doesn’t, well, then it can’t.

Manchester City celebrates during a recent victory, however the team didn't have much to celebrate Friday after being banned from the Champions League for two years.© Oli Scarff, AFP via Getty Images Manchester City celebrates during a recent victory, however the team didn't have much to celebrate Friday after being banned from the Champions League for two years.

Man City is owned by the ruler of the United Arab Emirates’ brother, and he’s spent big in the past decade to transform the team, which used to be kind of awful. The problem is that UEFA found the source of his cash was actually a UAE-backed investment company, which funneled the money through companies with ties to the state, including Etihad, the national airline.

Opinion: Crane only interested in short-term culture change with his cheating Astros

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In Europe , soccer structures tend to form a pyramid. The 92 members of the Premier League and the Football League compete in a knockout tournament, with the eventual winners being given a Premier League clubs receive a bye into the second round, while clubs in European competition do

Increases social interactions: Since soccer is a team sport, it requires players to communicate through a variety of ways. Players also have to learn how to work together and communicate effectively in order to be successful. Increases concentration and focus: Playing soccer involves a great deal of focus

'WE WIN, WE SHUT EVERYBODY UP': After scandal, Astros seek absolution that may never come

UEFA has insisted it was serious about keeping the billionaire boys’ clubs in check. That it actually did so was as stunning as the punishment itself.

Man City has won four of the last eight English Premier League titles, including the last two, and its participation in the Champions League, a tournament featuring the top clubs from throughout Europe, had become a given. Imagine the NFL kicking the New England Patriots out of the playoffs for the next two seasons for Deflategate, and you get the idea.

But UEFA understood what MLB clearly did not with the Houston Astros. When a team cheats, it damages the entire game.

Yes, deep-pocketed teams such as Liverpool, Man City, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich and PSG are always going to have an advantage. But UEFA’s rules ensure that small teams like Leipzig or Porto will at least have a fighting chance.

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Given that you, a discerning soccer aficionado, will want to know precisely why this referee is a joke, a clown and an imbecile, we've summarised the most important changes for you below. Some [denial of a clear goalscoring opportunity] offences in the penalty area are not punished with a [red card].

The reality of youth soccer in America today. Much needed cultural change will happen when we acknowledge the realities and decide to change our Let’s create an environment and culture in which all soccer playing children will thrive. Where they develop a love the game that will take them into

Had Man City not been held accountable, fans of teams like Brugge, Leipzig and Benfica would wonder why they even bother. They’d look at Man City’s run to the Champions League semifinals four years ago, or its semifinal finishes the past two years, and theorize that it wouldn’t have happened without the deception.

All of UEFA would have been tarnished by Man City’s fraudulence, and its Champions League tournament would always be a little lesser because of it.

Which brings us back to MLB and the Astros.

Astros owner Jim Crane can insist all he wants that the team’s sign-stealing scheme had no impact on its record and definitely not on Houston’s World Series title in 2017. But aside from begging reality – of course a hitter is going to be more successful when he knows what pitch is coming – there’s no way to prove what Crane claims.

In the absence of that, and with everyone else in baseball still seething, everything the Astros did and will do going forward is open to suspicion. Their World Series title, their AL pennant last year, their players’ individual awards – none of it will ever be viewed with anything but skepticism.

California pardons gay civil rights leader in new initiative

  California pardons gay civil rights leader in new initiative California’s governor announced Wednesday that he is posthumously pardoning a gay civil rights leader while creating a new pardon process for others convicted under outdated laws punishing homosexual activity. Bayard Rustin was a confidant of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a key organizer of the March on Washington in 1963. He also helped plan other nonviolent protests and boycotts to end racial discrimination.

This gives the team a slight advantage, as it can run a set piece. But it’s more or less the equivalent of Maybe advise the referees to punish them with yellow cards if they did so or forcing them to leave the The fouls inside the box really needs to be punished differently than the regular fouls, and the

In February 2004, Major League Baseball announced a new drug policy which originally included random, offseason testing and 10-day suspensions for first-time offenders

And when one team isn’t trusted, all of baseball will be suspect.

Barring the Astros from the playoffs for a season or two, or stripping them of their World Series title, won’t change what they did in 2017 or 2018. It won’t make right the damage they did to opposing pitchers.

But it would at least be a measure of accountability, a means of holding them responsible and warning other teams not to get similar ideas in the future. It also would show the game’s fans that integrity means something, that you can trust the product MLB is putting out there.

Man City has already said it plans to appeal UEFA’s decision. But even if the entire punishment is overturned, UEFA at least showed it was willing to fight for the integrity of its game.

If only MLB cared as much.

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