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Archeology: The riddle of the big buttons

 Archeology: The riddle of the big buttons © Hendrik Zwietasch / Landesmuseum W The Stone Age buttons are made of lime. In a stone age settlement near Ulm, archaeologists have found flat slices of lime. What was your purpose? The riddle of the big buttons The first thought is: buttons. Small, round discs, nicely decorated on the edge, two holes in the middle, easy to sew on. You would do well in a traditional costume jacket.

A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America. He also aimed his humor at the Cardiff Giant . Gideon Emmons and Henry Nichols are nowhere listed among the heroes of American archaeology , but the discovery they made on October 16, 1869, captured the nation's imagination.

People from around the world have come to Central Kentucky to honor the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, who once gave a speech about some

Der Unterkiefer der Waldelefantenkuh, die vor etwa 300000 Jahren lebte. © dpa The lower jaw of the forest elephant cow, which lived about 300,000 years ago.

In Lower Saxony archaeologists have discovered the remains of 300,000 year old forest elephants.

The giants of the lake

300,000 years ago, large herds of forest elephants, huge animals with a shoulder height of up to 3.2 meters, lived in Schöningen, Lower Saxony. The skull of a magnificent specimen alone, about which a team headed by archaeologists from the University of Tübingen reports in the journal Archeology in Germany, was more than one meter tall. It is the oldest, almost completely preserved skeleton of a Eurasian forest elephant. The elephant cow was larger than today's African counterparts.

Bodies believed to be those of 2 missing teens found at Utah Lake

  Bodies believed to be those of 2 missing teens found at Utah Lake The remains are believed to be those of Priscilla Bienkowski, 18, and Sophia Hernandez, 17, who went out on the lake last week.Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith said the remains are thought to be those of Priscilla Bienkowski, 18, and Sophia Hernandez, 17, who went out on Utah Lake on May 6 but did not return.

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Archaeologist Neil Haycock discovered a cervical vertebra in September 2017 on the site of today's opencast mine in Schöningen. Even the sheer size amazed him. Immediately next to it were two huge, worn molars, including the lower jaw, and a hyoid bone. Bit by bit, the researchers took the bones out of the sediment of a primeval lake. Thanks to good conservation conditions in the bank sediments, the bones survived, only the skull is weathered in parts and disintegrated into smaller pieces.

Elephants, rhinos, bears, aurochs, wild horses and saber-toothed cats once lived on the lake.

The new finds are so exciting for archaeologists, because it is always better to reconstruct the living environment of early humans of the genus Homo heidelbergensis, who were also at that time settled near the lake and went hunting with their spears and throwing sticks - possibly also elephants. The climate was similar to today's, only the animal world was different: Around 20 large mammal species lived around the lake at the time, in addition to the elephants also lions, bears, saber-toothed cats, aurochs, wild horses and rhinos. "The wealth of wild animals was similar to that of today's Africa," says Jordi Serangeli, Tübingen archaeologist and excavation manager in Schöningen.

Giants had concerns about Deandre Baker before last week’s incident

  Giants had concerns about Deandre Baker before last week’s incident Giants cornerback Deandre Baker has been accused of armed robbery, and some within the organization are putting out word that there’s been a pattern of behavior problems that started during his rookie season last year. Baker was a discipline and motivational problem last year as a rookie, Peter King writes in Football Morning in America. [more]

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The researchers had previously recovered individual bones and tusks from at least ten elephants from the Paleolithic site, but never a complete, extremely well-preserved specimen. "We found the 2.3 meter long tusks, the lower jaw, numerous vertebrae and ribs as well as bones from three legs and even all five tongue legs," says Serangeli.

The elephant cow probably died due to her old age of around 50 years, in any case there are no recognizable injuries that she suffered before death. "Elephants often stay on and in the water when they are sick or old," says archaeozoologist Ivo Verheijen, who is involved in the research. "Bite marks on the bones show that predators used the carcass after his death."

The researchers came across an interesting detail in the vicinity of the elephant carcass. In the silt they found about 30 flints, small marks that typically occur when sharpening stone blades. Two fragments even fit together, which archaeologists consider to be evidence that people made and sharpened their blades directly on the carcass.

Do you already know these 9 fantastic water spots?

 Do you already know these 9 fantastic water spots? If we are not allowed to travel, then it should at least be allowed to dream a little into the distance. The inspiration for this is a new photo book by "Lonely Planet", which shows fantastic water spots around the world. You can see the most beautiful of them here.

Archaeology , also spelled archeology , the scientific study of the material remains of past human life and activities. But no one archaeologist can cover the whole range of man’s history, and there are many branches of archaeology divided by geographical areas (such as classical archaeology , the

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"The Stone Age hunters probably cut meat, tendons and fat from the carcass," says Verheijen. The researchers also discovered two longer bones that were used as tools. Interestingly, the foot bones of three of the four legs are also missing. The researchers suspect that people separated the feet from the carcass and took them with them because of their high fat content.

Paleolithic footprints prove that other elephant species were on the move at Schöninger See. Deepening shows that a herd of young animals and adults once ran along the bank. Such traces had never been found in Germany before. The impressions of the heavy animals are particularly impressive, their feet left almost round hollows with a diameter of up to 60 centimeters in the lake sediments.

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Utah teenagers swept away while tubing after intense winds, families hold out hope as search ongoing .
Authorities in Utah are returning to a lake on Sunday as search efforts continue for two missing teenage girls who were swept away while tubing when intense winds struck last week. © Provided by FOX News The Utah County Sheriff's Office said Priscilla Bienkowski, 18, of Saratoga Springs and Sophia Hernandez, 17, of Eagle Mountain were reported missing on Wednesday while they were tubing on Utah Lake, located south of Salt Lake City. The two friends are believed to have been on pool floats in an area on the southwest side of the lake known as "The Knolls" on Wednesday when windy conditions moved in.

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