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03:15  02 june  2020
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Man loses office lease after viral video shows him calling police on black entrepreneurs using building's gym

  Man loses office lease after viral video shows him calling police on black entrepreneurs using building's gym A white Minneapolis venture capitalist's office lease was terminated after a viral video showed him questioning black entrepreneurs using the gym in a building of which they were all tenants, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Wednesday. Tom Austin, the managing partner of F2 Group, threatened to call the police on the group of black men on Tuesday. The men are the owners of Top Figure, a Minneapolis-based social media and branding agency. They work out of a WeWork coworking space in the building and are allowed to use the amenities.

Black People Are Tired . Red Letter Christians. Detroit's black voters tired of being ignored by Democrats | AFP - Продолжительность: 2:50 AFP News Agency Recommended for you.

Lt. Edwin Raymond and other officers who policed the subway in Brooklyn are suing the Police Department for discrimination.Credit Celeste Sloman for The New York Times.

We saw someone get the life choked out of them on social media

  Black People Are Tired © Sean Rayford/AP Images

Pause and think about that.

A lifeless body.

How could you not release your knee to allow this man to breathe? He’s on his stomach. His hands are behind his back. And you just continue, despite his pleas for air.

I can’t explain it. I can’t.

Some of these killings you only hear about. You hear about them, and you can only imagine. But you don’t see someone actually lying there. Gasping for air. Taking their last breath. A mother’s son. A brother.

What do you say to young people who’ve seen that video?

What do I say to my nieces and nephews?

Ilhan Omar says protests valid, destruction not

  Ilhan Omar says protests valid, destruction not “People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. And we need to really step back and say to ourselves, where do we actually go from here?’”“The unrest we are seeing in our nation isn’t just because of the life that was taken. It’s also because so many people have experienced this," Omar said on ABC’s “This Week.” The Democrat’s district includes all of Minneapolis and some of its suburbs.

Mental Revolution of the minds is our first step at healing and once we are able to overcome this hurdle everything else falls into place.

And black people , anti- blackness is a disease we’ve spread in our own communities since slavery. We should never let the words of the oppressor escape I want a flood of anger to drown out the racism and white supremacy that wins the day every damn day. I’m tired of hearing excuses, and I refuse to

What do I say to my players? They’re like my kids.

I want to give them at least some hope that what happened to George Floyd will never happen to them, but I don’t have the words. Because the truth is: That very well could happen to any of us.

It’s sad. It’s sad. It’s sad. 

My heart is breaking. We’ve been down this road before, and we continue to go down this road. I mean, it’s 2020, and we still have to see this. Just watch, when that police officer goes to trial, watch how they can flip it. Now they’re going to go through George’s autopsy and see if there were drugs in his system. They’re already talking about previous health complications. Come on now.

If that officer had just put him in the back of his car, he would not be dead.

Black people are tired.

I mean, it wears on you. It gets worse, and worse, and worse, and worse.

Lizzo Breaks Down While Addressing Racism amid Protests: 'Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart'

  Lizzo Breaks Down While Addressing Racism amid Protests: 'Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart' "Black people are tired. We are so tired," the Grammy Award-winner said through tearsOn Sunday, the Grammy Award-winning singer broke down in tears while speaking about the widespread unrest over Floyd's killing. The unarmed black man in Minneapolis died in police custody on May 25 after a white officer pinned him to the ground with a knee on his neck.

Nikki Glaser, Sam Morril, Yamaneika Saunders and more react to the results of the midterm elections and the immense push to vote. (Contains strong language.)

If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say - Продолжительность: 2:14 As/ Is 9 719 088 просмотров. Things Black Men Are Tired Of Hearing - Продолжительность: 1:51 As/ Is 1 350 720 просмотров.

It’s like, What do I do now? 

What can I do now? 

What can I do?

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Jason Connolly/AFP/Getty Images

I’m watching people who are protesting and the riots that are going on. I mean, a part of me feels like I really understand why they’re rioting. Then the other part thinks, That’s our neighborhoods that are being burned down. But I know the place it’s coming from. I know the frustration. I know the deep-rooted anger that it’s coming from.

People are mad because NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Let me just give you a little bit of history about myself. A lot of people don’t know this about me. 

Both my parents were born and raised in South Carolina, but my mother had to leave when she was 13 years old because my grandmother was afraid she might get lynched.

It was about 60 years ago, on a normal day. My grandma sent my mom out for meat from the store. The store owner gave my mom a hard time, trying to make her take some old meat from the back, instead of the fresh cuts in the refrigerator out front. My mom ended up telling him that she wasn’t gonna take bad meat home, and he ran her out the store. Told her don’t come back. My grandma was so scared of what that store owner might do after my mom told her what had happened that she packed my mom’s bags and sent her to live with family up north. 

Vanessa Morgan Says She's Being ''Used as a Sidekick'' to Riverdale's White Characters

  Vanessa Morgan Says She's Being ''Used as a Sidekick'' to Riverdale's White Characters Actress Vanessa Morgan Kopech is speaking out about being "tired of how black people are portrayed in media."Morgan, who currently plays Toni Topaz in The CW's Riverdale, took to Twitter on Sunday, May, 31 to share that she was not going to be "quiet anymore." In a statement posted on the social media platform, she wrote, "Tired of how black people are portrayed in media, tired of us being portrayed as thugs, dangerous or angry scary people. Tired of us also being used as side kick non dimensional characters to our white leads.

Akon: 'America was never built for black people ' | Talk to Al Jazeera - Продолжительность: 25:01 Al Jazeera English Recommended for you.

It’s a tired , old line that’s been drilled into my ears ever since I learned how to speak, and I’m incredibly sick of hearing it. Now, if you’re wondering what By not-so-subtly suggesting that the mere idea of a well-spoken black person is astonishing, you assert the assumption that black people whose speech

I was real young when my mom told me that story. We didn’t have to have the “sit down at the table” talk about racism in my house when I was growing up. I always knew what it was.

I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood. My high school and my junior high school were both predominantly black. So it wasn’t like I was constantly dealing with discrimination growing up.

But when I started playing with my AAU team, that’s when I really got a sense of the divide in this country. The tale of two cities. At one point, my team had to join with another, which made the team half black and half white. My white friends grew up in the suburbs, and I used to go over to their houses. They lived in these huge houses in the suburbs. I’m like, Oh, this how they live?

The funny thing about it is, they would want to come over where I lived. It was exciting for them to see where I lived, in the projects. But their parents wouldn’t let them come over to my house if it was dark — shoot if it was even close to dark.

We were just living in two different worlds.

And that’s part of how we got here.

Dawn Staley holding a baseball bat © Provided by The Players’ Tribune

I went to a peaceful protest on Saturday at the State House in South Carolina, and I just listened to the speakers who got up and spoke about what we can do. 

Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan Opens Up About Black TV Characters Marginalized as Sidekicks

  Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan Opens Up About Black TV Characters Marginalized as Sidekicks The actress said she's "tired of how black people are portrayed in Media as thugs, dangerous or angry scary people"On Sunday, the actress, 28, shared a message on Twitter, writing that she's "not being [quiet] anymore," and called for black characters to receive as much thoughtful attention in television and film as their nonblack counterparts.

(Democratic Debate) Sanders: ' People are sick of hearing about Clinton's emails' - Продолжительность: 1:05 CNN 284 763 просмотра. Detroit's black voters tired of being ignored by Democrats | AFP - Продолжительность: 2:50 AFP News Agency 21 321 просмотр.

Although many people like to perpetuate the idea that we live in a post-racial world or one that is now interconnected, most are still relatively ignorant when it comes to dealing with Black people . Here are some questions that Black people are sick and tired of hearing: Is that your real hair?

If you’re upset, I say keep that anger. Let it fuel you at the ballot box in November. Let it drive you toward registering to vote.

That’s where our power is.

And no, I’m not afraid to be speaking out. I’m a black woman first. I coach young black people. I coach young white people, as well. But this is on my heart. It’s heavy on my heart. 

I’m just going to do my best to raise awareness and get people to vote. 

If you don’t like something, if you don’t like the laws that we have to live by, you gotta get out and VOTE.

I feel like I have to do something to save the next person.

There are a lot of allies out there. But there are too many white people who still don’t get it. Honestly, they don’t know. They can’t relate. There are some great people in this world that really sympathize with what’s going on. And then there are all the other people….

They won’t get it, no matter how many black bodies they see under the knees of the police.

When you are privileged — when you are the privileged race, you don’t have to think about what we think about daily.

You just see the world through your own eyes. And it’s a lot different than it is through a black person’s eyes. A lot different. Say what you wanna say, but it’s a lot different. I’m talking to you as somebody that has been very successful in my profession. I’ve made a lot of money in my profession. My individual situation does not compare to what’s going on in the real world. But that doesn’t put blinders on my eyes.

Gutfeld on the murder of Mr. Dorn

  Gutfeld on the murder of Mr. Dorn Black lives matter. But not to looters, rioters and agitators. Shall we blame this on systemic racism? Who shot David Dorn? Who knows? A stranger? Maybe Seth Rogan or Patton Oswalt already bailed him out. ST. LOUIS POLICE CAPTAIN KILLED BY LOOTERS AT PAWN SHOP: REPORT Dorn’s son, Brian Powell said of his father’s death: “It was senseless – over TVs, over stuff that’s replaceable. They’re forgetting the real message for the protest and the positiveness that's supposed to come out of it and we get this negative light that’s shown on a situation that really needed light to be brought to it.

That’s why I have to constantly ask myself: Am I doing right by our players?

Are they learning? Are they understanding? Are they being equipped to navigate the world as a black woman in our society?

If they feel prepared in that way, that’s what I’m most proud of as a coach.

And that’s not to divide our team by race. It’s just a statement of reality that as human beings, we see color. Yes, we see color. We feel color. Without a doubt. And it’s a shame, but that’s how we have to navigate the world.

Our teammates can learn from each other through communication. There are conversations that we have to be able to have in our locker rooms. They have to be had. They’re necessary for all of us to grow socially and culturally. White players and coaches can expose us to how they look at things, how they see the world, how they feel about things. And black players and coaches can expose them to what’s happening in our world.

I mean, that’s the way the world’s supposed to operate. That’s how we build unity and collective power. I hope we use our power to affect our politics locally and also use it to change our entire nation.

Trump is the president of the United States, and if he’s not unifying, he’s not helping.

Him saying, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” … that type of statement is not helping anybody. That’s not unifying this country. We need a unifier in the position of the most powerful person in the world.

If you can’t be the president for every American, then we as the VOTERS need to change that.

You want something different?

Then we as the VOTERS need to do something different. 

And I hope, if anything good can come out of George Floyd’s senseless death, it is people going out to vote to change what’s happening in our country.

4 police chiefs on the need for change: "There's a lot of silence" .
After seeing the video of George Floyd's death, Dallas Police Chief Reneé Hall said she was "angry at the profession."The heads of four police departments — Dallas, Texas Police Chief Reneé Hall; Santa Cruz, California Police Chief Andrew Mills; Camden, New Jersey Police Chief Joseph Wysocki and Raleigh, North Carolina Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown — spoke with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King about the flaws in the system and the need for change.

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