Sport Fit for Olympia 2021: Between new beginning and dream end

12:40  22 july  2020
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Holzdeppe considers Olympia feasible only with vaccine

 Holzdeppe considers Olympia feasible only with vaccine © KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV Raphael Holzdeppe does not believe in Olympia without vaccine Former pole vault world champion Raphael Holzdeppe has doubts about hosting the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. "I have to admit that I'm still a bit skeptical at the moment. I think that this year you would need a vaccine or an effective medication for the games to take place next year, "said the 30-year-old Zweibrücker in a Eurosport podcast.

As the new year approaches, debate on social media has flared up about whether we need to wait until 2021 until we can officially welcome a new decade. It's for this reason people argue the current decade began on January 1, 2011 and will end on December 31, 2020.

The question seems to come up every time the year on the calendar moves from ending in 9 to ending in 0. The answer depends on who you ask.

Die Olympischen Spiele sollen erst im Jahr 2021 stattfinden. © Eugene Hoshiko / AP / dpa The Olympic Games are not scheduled to take place until 2021.

But only training. Yet again. Alone, no spectators, no cheers, no medals, just drag. Day after day for the big day.

For Olympia, the longing goal of almost all athletes. From Saturday, they wanted to fight for gold, silver or bronze in Tokyo. Be there when the best of the best compete. Instead, just training.

For some, it means "unlikely hardship to be able to develop and recall the great level that they had trained themselves specifically for in the endurance sport, especially in endurance sports," said Ulf Tippelt, head of the Institute for Applied Training Science in Leipzig.

Olympic organizers are considering a “limited number of viewers” ​​

 Olympic organizers are considering a “limited number of viewers” ​​ Cologne. The Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympics is considering staging in front of a limited audience due to the corona pandemic. The organization manager Toshiro Muto explained in the BBC interview. © --- The inscription “Tokyo 2020 + 1” lights up on the Skytree broadcasting tower. When asked about a complete exclusion of viewers, he said that IOC President Thomas Bach "was not looking for this scenario".

I take this to the grave with me, of a promise said. At the end of your rope I feel you inside em, it doesn't fit , fight this end . It doesn't matter what was said we hope on the end of the once best. New Beginnings . Исполнитель. For The Fallen Dreams .

Nobody can seem to agree on whether the new decade began on January 1, 2020, or if it actually begins on January 1, 2021 . Culturally, most people agree that decades begin on years ending with zero and end on years ending with nine.

The problem is what makes Olympia so special. Successes in the sign of the rings make athletes superstars, sometimes unforgettable and also rich. It is the place of longing that many athletes only reach once in their career.

It is the largest sports spectacle in the world - but only every four years in summer and winter. It is not just the training that is meticulously tailored to ensure that maximum performance is available on Day X. The life cycle of many athletes is also determined by the Olympic cycle.

"You have to imagine that your whole life is focused on one goal," emphasizes hockey captain Tobias Hauke, for whom the 2020 Olympics should be the end of his career. Especially at the Olympics, the hockey aces always come into focus when it comes to success. They are also known for their party qualities.

Corona: Budget for Olympia 2024 to be checked

 Corona: Budget for Olympia 2024 to be checked © Martin BERNETTI The Olympic budget for Paris 2024 is being checked The organizers of Paris 2024 want the budget for the Summer Olympics in the Seine metropolis in four years by the end of the year to test. This was reported, among other things, by the French news agency AFP, citing a source from the Elysee Palace. There was a meeting on Wednesday between French President Emmanuel Macron, OK boss Tony Estanguet and President Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

"2020 Olympics " and " 2021 Olympics " redirect here. For the Winter Youth Olympics , see Under new IOC policies that allow the host organizing committee to add sports to the Olympic program to virus can be transmitted directly between humans, posing tougher challenges for the organizers to

Dr. Daniel Bohler, founder of the Prophetic Watchman ministry, received the following word from the Lord regarding cataclysmic events coming to America in the year 2021 . These events include the earth tilting and a major volcanic eruption at Mount Taylor, which is located in Grants, New Mexico.

"Everything was designed to end the summer of 2020 with a huge party," said the 32-year-old from Hamburg in a contribution by Sky Sport. He wants to keep the option for the games next summer open. But it also means: Long preparation again, a lot of training agony besides work and family.

“Actually, I would have ended my career on August 5, 2020,” wrestler Frank Stäbler told “Sport Bild”: “I had spent my whole life on it. But fate wanted an extension, »said the 31-year-old three-time world champion, who faces another challenge. It has to come from the coated weight class up to 75 kg to Tokyo to 67 kg. "It's an ordeal because I hardly have any body fat - and it gets harder the older I get." If he had the slightest doubt about the Olympics next year, he wouldn't be able to keep it up.

"I can also understand it when people say they don't want to hang around this year anymore," said the captain of the German water polo player, Julian Real. You still have to qualify. "And if someone says now that my police training or my legal clerkship is starting now, I won't let it go for another year now, then I can definitely understand that," says the 30-year-old Oberhausen native of Waspo 98 Hanover in a dpa -Conversation.

rule keeper: Five substitutions also possible in 2021

 rule keeper: Five substitutions also possible in 2021 Because of the corona pandemic, the clubs may also take the opportunity to make five changes in 2021. The decision lies with the associations. © imago images Five changes would also be possible in the new season. Since the beginning of May, the clubs have been allowed to make five changes in their games. The IFAB has now cleared the way for the possibility of continuing to do so.

Every end is a new beginning and every day is an opportunity to create yourself anew. Every second brings a fresh beginning , every hour holds a new promise, every night our dreams can – Desmond Tutu. There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing

The New Year holiday celebration is the most special time of the year and is like Christmas and New Year's Eve combined into one big party. The Russian Winter festival features performances of traditional Russian song and dance, games, crafts and ice sculptures.

You all have to think about what happens after sport, Real says. "Especially in sports like water polo or other supposed marginal sports." Nobody wants to think about what would happen if the Olympics did not work out in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the games were completely canceled. "In the end, you would have disappeared from the scene for eight years," emphasizes Real.

It is difficult to achieve top performance as a competitive athlete if the goal is not there, emphasizes Elisabeth Seitz's hope for medals. It has also happened to her that she has lost a bit of this fighting spirit, the 26-year-old recalls in another Sky Sport article about the training of the past few weeks.

On the other hand, there are athletes who have struggled with injuries and can now cure them. Like decathlon world champion Niklas Kaul, who had to end his season. He has had an injury to the elbow of the limb since 2017. He had an operation.

At the end of August, Kaul might have competed in the German all-around championships in Vaterstetten. Instead, the day after the procedure, he focused on Olympia again. After the rehab, the 22-year-old king of the athletes says: training, training, training.

Olympics 2022: Human Rights Watch criticizes IOC for the Winter Games in China .
© FABRICE COFFRINI Olympics to take place in China in 2022 The human rights organization Human Rights Watch has in clear words the International Olympic Committee (IOC) because of the planned hosting of the Winter Games 2022 in Beijing criticized. "Hosting the games in China means that the IOC and everyone involved is making the regime a propaganda stick," said Wenzel Michalski, Germany chief of Human Rights Watch, on Deutschlandfunk.

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