Sport Whistles for Hertha: Clear words instead of dreaming about the European Cup

12:20  18 october  2020
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The 4,000 fans who were allowed into the Olympic Stadium whistled at halftime, they whistled even more after the final whistle.

Enttäuscht: Herthas Profis kassierten die dritte Niederlage in Serie. © Andreas Gora / dpa Disappointed: Hertha's professionals suffered the third defeat in a row.

coach Bruno Labbadia and his team didn't even try to gloss over Hertha BSC's 2-0 (0-1) against newly promoted VfB Stuttgart, the third defeat in the Bundesliga in a row. "The game hurts," said veteran Vladimir Darida. "We imagined it completely different," stated Labbadia.

Hertha is already back on its way into crisis mode. The record in the still young season: Embarrassing 4: 5 cup-out in the first round at Eintracht Braunschweig, the initially promising 4: 1 opening win in the championship at SV Werder Bremen, then defeats at home against Eintracht Frankfurt (1: 3), at FC Bayern (3: 4) and now in the Olympic Stadium against the Swabian Bundesliga returnees and former Labbadia employer.

General Assembly at Hertha BSC: Thin majority and whistles for President Gegenbauer

 General Assembly at Hertha BSC: Thin majority and whistles for President Gegenbauer Hertha's President Werner Gegenbauer is re-elected with only 54 percent of the votes. The club's finances are suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. © Photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa days in the east curve. Due to the corona, Hertha BSC held its general meeting on Sunday in the Olympic Stadium. Werner Gegenbauer has a good feel for the moods at the base. With his jovial manner, the President of Hertha BSC often hits the right note that ordinary members want to hear.

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I now want everyone to take responsibility.” Johan Carlson, the director general of Sweden’s public health agency, also said last week the strategy had been a success because it meant messages to the public had been clear and consistent, placing the emphasis on personal responsibility.

“We mustn't lose four out of five competitive games. At least not with such a claim that we have, ”emphasizes Hertha professional Maximilian Mittelstädt. How investor Lars Windhorst and his supervisory board Jens Lehmann processed the bankruptcy against the Swabians has not yet been communicated. It is obvious that, as so often, the dream world and reality are not on the same wavelength at Hertha.

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Three points, lower regions of the table. The opponent, who has returned to the upper house, is seven where Hertha would like to be. Labbadia's conclusion was accordingly clear. A defeat that was far too cheap, he emphasized: "It wasn't that VfB were so strong that we can lose 2-0 here." Too static, too unclean, playback errors that would surprise him too. The 54-year-old didn't really notice anything positive about his team. When guiding the guests, Marc-Oliver Kempf was able to choose the corner with his header in the ninth minute. “I've rarely seen a single player head off against three players so easily. That's just bad, ”complained Labbadia. After that nothing worked. Only a phase after the change of sides were efforts, will and a certain quality noticeable. The only difference was that not the Berlin team met, but VfB through captain Gonzalo Castro (68th).

FIFA 21 Ratings Hertha BSC: These are the new values ​​of the Berlin

 FIFA 21 Ratings Hertha BSC: These are the new values ​​of the Berlin At FIFA 21, Hertha BSC is guaranteed to be one of the most popular teams in the Bundesliga this year, after all, the old lady upgraded a lot this summer. We show the new ratings of the Hertha stars. The respective potential of the player is given in brackets. © Provided by 90min Hertha BSC at the goal celebration | Boris Streubel / Getty Images Order FIFA 21 now! 1.

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The fact that the Hertha players quarreled with each other on the pitch should “definitely not happen” in the negative. Otherwise, Labbadia again asked for more communication between the players on the pitch.

A lot of work for the coach this week, with the unloved opponent RB Leipzig waiting as host on Saturday. "Now it's time to put your head up and try to get points in Leipzig," said Mittelstädt. So far, there have been six defeats for Hertha in eight duels with RB. So the Berliners could now move even further away from the claim to European Cup place this season, which ex-national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann had formulated. Then President Werner Gegenbauer and Manager Michael Preetz made it clear who is in charge of the Berlin Bundesliga club.

Werner Gegenbauer re-elected as Hertha President .
Werner Gegenbauer remains President of Hertha BSC. The 70-year-old entrepreneur was re-elected on Sunday with 542 yes-votes from the members present. Gegenbauer has been president of the Berlin Bundesliga club since 2008. At the general assembly, which took place in the open air in the Olympic Stadium because of the corona pandemic, no other candidate stood for election. However, there were 421 votes against, plus 49 abstentions.

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