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15:20  18 october  2020
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Money back if there is no accommodation

 Money back if there is no accommodation Video: Has Danone pumped too much? Fight for the water from Volvic (Euronews) Your browser does not support this video holidaymakers get their money back from the hotel if they come from an area with high corona infection rates and have to cancel domestic trips due to the nationwide ban on accommodation. © Christian Charisius / dpa For holidaymakers who come from an area with more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, an accommodation ban is to apply in the federal states.

Can Yaman Ex-Lover Bestemsu Özdemir Statement About Can Yaman That " I Can Say Alot But I don ' t Want to talk ! " Disclaimer - video is for educational

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The DFL has set up a "Future of Professional Football" task force. Politician Cem Özdemir is part of it and explains in CHECK24 double pass what it is about.

Özdemir: © Provided by sport1.de Özdemir: "I don't want to harm Bavaria, but ..."

The politician Cem Özdemir (Alliance 90 / The Greens) is of the opinion that there is currently a lot of trouble in professional football.

Because he is not alone with this, the DFL has launched the "Future of Professional Football" task force. The ambitious goal: to save football. "The task of the task force is actually impossible," admits Özdemir in the CHECK24 one-two pass . Still, the 54-year-old believes the task force can be an important step.

Watzke sounds the alarm: "Then the lights could go out"

 Watzke sounds the alarm: The CHECK24 one-two with Jörg Schmadtke, Christoph Daum and Cem Özdemir on Sunday from 11 a.m. on TV on SPORT1 Rummenigge and Preetz also warn This coming weekend is due to a worrying incidence - Numbers in the home venues Augsburg, Bielefeld, Cologne, Mainz, Freiburg, Mönchengladbach and Gelsenkirchen no or a maximum of 300 spectators. "If the season couldn't be played to the end, it would be an existential problem for everyone," warned Hertha BSC's Michael Preetz.

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"I think that sport is primarily not a commercial enterprise. It is something for the fans who go to the stadium, look forward to it and keep their fingers crossed for their clubs. When I was a teenager - and my love for VfB Stuttgart began - At the beginning of the season it was not clear who will become champions in the end. It is now the case, it is clear that it will be Bayern and that makes the Bundesliga no longer exciting, no longer attractive and that ultimately harms Bayern too A 35-member commission will not be able to solve this problem, but things are there to be changed. That this commission was set up is a good sign. "

Özdemir: "I don't want to harm Bayern"

The task force's focus is on player salaries and the distribution of TV money. "There are two schools," explains Özdemir: "Some say that German teams have to be at the forefront in European competition. That's the way it is, the Champions League winner comes from Germany. Others say: The Bundesliga has to be exciting But maybe there is an intermediate way. I don't want to harm Bayern, I'm not a Bayern hater either. But I think Bayern must be interested in the games every week being exciting and not a routine task. "

Merkel eyes 'lockdown light' to tame virus

  Merkel eyes 'lockdown light' to tame virus Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to push for a "lockdown light" in crisis talks with Germany's regional leaders Wednesday, as the number of coronavirus cases soars and hospital beds fill up. Ahead of Wednesday's talks, Merkel said she understood that the coronavirus measures were asking a lot of citizens, and stressed that they would only ever be temporary. "The restrictions serve to protect our citizens and vulnerable groups in particular," she said, adding that she wanted to avoid "millions of people being excluded from society".

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In order to guarantee better equality of opportunity, Özdemir uses the CHECK24 one-two pass , for example, to use basic amounts for the distribution of TV money. The task force will also have a lot of work to do in other areas. However, the German politician is certain that many people hope for changes in professional football.

"It is starting now and these discussions are also being held in other countries. People notice that the system is sick. It will go on for a long time and there will also be setbacks, but there are many on the way right now who say that it can't go on like this. I don't want to put up with the fact that it is the way it is. That's not why I became a football fan. "

Europe’s Ever-Evolving Patchwork of Covid Rules Sows Confusion .
Keeping track of the evolving profusion of rules and restrictions designed to check the resurgent coronavirus in Europe has become a bewildering task. Governments are generally opting for a piecemeal approach, targeting local hotspots to avoid the nationwide lockdowns that devastated economies earlier this year. Yet the shifting patchwork of measures hasn’t curbed the virus, suggesting that even more rules may be inevitable.

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