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Klopp writes encouraging letter to eleven-year-old fan

 Klopp writes encouraging letter to eleven-year-old fan coach Jürgen Klopp from English football champions Liverpool FC has encouraged a young fan with a personal letter. © Adam Davy / PA Wire / dpa Encouraged a young fan with a personal letter: Jürgen Klopp. Eleven-year-old elementary school student Lewis Balfe had previously written to the Liverpool coach because he was afraid of moving to secondary school. Last week came the answer from Klopp, which the enthusiastic student presented to the newspaper "Liverpool Echo".

Jurgen Klopp complimented French translator in his Tuesday press conference. The Liverpool manager told the translator that he had a 'very erotic voice'. Klopp answered all of English journalist 's questions before taking French ones. As he received translations through a earpiece, he was 'wowed' by the

And how would that work with modern, elite, football as it is ? So to play differently might consume that again. Manchester City, for instance, no longer have a Dzeko-like figure to lead the line. Meaning modern managers appear snappy and self-absorbed. There is no time for depth or for a real

Virgil van Dijk and the consequences: Jürgen Klopp gave a snappy press conference before Liverpool's Champions League opening game. He slapped his forehead when asked a question.

Ärgerte sich am Dienstagabend über zahlreiche Fragen auf der Pressekonferenz: Jürgen Klopp (Archivbild). © imago images Annoyed on Tuesday evening about numerous questions at the press conference: Jürgen Klopp (archive image).

Jürgen Klopp was irritated anyway when a Dutch media representative had a very special question for the Liverpool coach: "Do you think that you have a chance tomorrow without Thiago and van Dijk?"

Klopp gave the only correct answer: "No."

Then he hit his forehead in disbelief, said "Oh my God" and asked, "Are you a journalist?" Apparently, he said, shaking his head, "people aren't interested in what we're doing. It's all just fun for them." For him it's the opposite.

Bella Hadid is autumn chic in hot pink Polo Jeans sweater out in NYC

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What sort of people are journalists ? MS: If you accept the picture so often given on the movie or television screen, newspapermen are hard-bitten, rude, hat-wearing, shouting people who unravel crime mysteries, call their Journalism is no place for the shy person who finds it difficult to talk to strangers.

As a journalist / columnist for a local paper, you don't have to interview people of attend events. You just have to express your opinions about the issue of the day. Are you thinking of a career in ___ ( journal )? Journalism . You don't actually get a lot of ___ ( inform ) from a news report on radio or TV.

"We have different problems. One is that you always have the easiest job." - Jürgen Klopp to a media representative

Klopp made that more than clear on Tuesday evening in Amsterdam. It was a long time since one had seen such a snappy press conference by the reigning world coach. And everything was somehow related to Virgil van Dijk, who will be absent for months after the brutal foul by Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford on Saturday Liverpool.

Will the Reds look for a new defender in January? Even after this first question, Klopp was clearly seething. "We have different problems," he replied. "One thing is that you always have the easiest job - you judge us, everyone."

error in the transfer market? Klopp's mocking counterattack for Carragher & Co.

Journalist blasts the media's 'silence' around Hunter Biden scandal

  Journalist blasts the media's 'silence' around Hunter Biden scandal Journalist Glenn Greenwald criticized journalists and the media on Monday evening by questioning why more coverage was not dedicated to Hunter Biden's alleged emailsOn Monday night, Greenwald unleashed a Twitter thread that questioned why media outlets weren't pursuing the reported details.

Journalist : How long have you been living on the streets? Jasmine: For six years now, since I was sixteen. Journalist : Why do you live here? Jasmine: Many people find it hard to understand why I gave up a home in to make it on my own but I wanted to be . Little did I know how hard it would be .

What Does a Journalist Do? Get the scoop on this essential profession. So you ’ve wanted to be a journalist since you were 12 and have a framed picture of Dan Rather on your “ Journalists educate and inform the public about events and issues and how they affect their lives,” says Rebecca Briscoe

He started the season with three central defenders (Van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Joel Matip), plus Fabinho, who has often helped out in this position. "That's usually a pretty good number," said Klopp. "Now, if anyone wants to tell us we made a mistake in the summer transfer window ... Jamie Carragher has already mentioned that." Klopp's response to the Liverpool legend and all other TV experts with a similar opinion: "There's a reason they don't have my job, they have theirs."

Klopp should also feel that van Dijk's failure is the "worst case" for England's champions. "He coaches everyone and everywhere on the pitch," explained teammate Gini Wijnaldum, who presented himself to the media in front of Klopp on Tuesday evening. "So he is. A leader." Liverpool's so far indestructible vice-captain and by far the best defender at that. "I don't think any of the boys slept on Saturday."

"Here only two players bear the consequences: Virgil van Dijk and Thiago Alcantara. Everyone else just carries on." - Jürgen Klopp

Klopp's anger

 Klopp's anger © Supplied by Sports.fr Jurgen Klopp Present at a press conference, Jürgen Klopp did not appreciate a question about the absence of Virgin van Dijk and its consequences on the transfer window. Lightning has struck Liverpool . A lightning named Jordan Pickford who indeed cut Virgil van Dijk Video: Why Ligue 1 clubs could soon go bankrupt (Le Figaro) Your browser does not support this video in the penalty area.

Why are you looking so pleased with yourself? Because I _ for some clothes and I´ve found something I like.(look). I feel sick. That´s because you _ a whole packet of biscuits. (eat).

1.Jack makes his.living..working as a journalist . 2.She has just lelf to go to .work ..,I'm afraid. 3.They worked very hard and now have their own..business. Read the passage below and answer the question? what time is you plan scheduled to arrive at heathrow.

Pickford's attack, which was not punished in any way and which now forces Van Dijk to undergo knee surgery and a long break, Wijnaldum found "nasty" and "completely unacceptable". And "that Pickford was not punished makes it worse". Klopp put it even more clearly, especially since Thiago had also received a blow in the derby at Richarlison's red kick and is now out.

"Here only two players bear the consequences: Virgil van Dijk and Thiago Alcantara. Everyone else just carries on. It's difficult!", Said Klopp, who accused the video referee of Pickford's foul of simply "forgetting the rules" to have. "In the last four years we were first on the fair play table. That means we don't get anything for it. Often enough it's something people joke about." His team has just shown that "you can play football without such attacks".

By the way, Klopp mentions that Matip is also canceled.

Van Dijks Aus keeps Liverpool in suspense, as does the media. And at some point Klopp simply asked: "Is anyone interested in the game here tomorrow?" All right: Liverpool will play at Ajax Amsterdam on Wednesday at 9 p.m. - even without Matip, by the way, which Klopp mentioned by the way. The ex-Schalke has to fit once again and is worsening Liverpool's defensive woes. Regular goalkeeper Alisson is still out.

"I like the team that we can field," said Klopp defiantly. "I may be the only one, but I like her."

Klopp’s verdict after Shaqiri, Jota connect for late winner .
A win is a win is a win, whether Liverpool created 500 chances, or just enough.[ MORE: Liverpool seal late comeback win over West Ham, go top ]

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