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12:20  22 october  2020
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Europe coronavirus: Fight shifts from hospitals to the streets

  Europe coronavirus: Fight shifts from hospitals to the streets At first, the front line of Europe's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic was fought in hospitals by overstretched health care workers. Now as European countries seek to avoid the long-dreaded second wave, that line has shifted to the streets and is being manned by police forces. © Martin Meissner/AP Police enforce the wearing of mandatory face masks at the train station in Essen, Germany on Monday, August 24. In the last week, several European countries have seen record infection rates. Not since the spring have countries like France, Germany, Italy and Spain seen such a surge in the number of new cases.

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Pour lutter contre le fondamentalisme religieux et harmoniser la formation des responsables religieux, la Grande Mosquée de Paris souhaite chapeauter plusieurs instituts de formations d'imams en France. Un cursus en trois ans, aux conditions d'accès strictes, qui ne suscite pas beaucoup de vocations pour l'instant. Exemple à Marseille. © JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD / AFP To fight against religious fundamentalism and harmonize the training of religious leaders, the Great Mosque of Paris wishes to oversee several institutes of imam training in France. A three-year course, with strict access conditions, which does not generate many vocations for the moment. Example in Marseille.

To harmonize the training of imams in France, the Great Mosque of Paris aims to oversee several institutes, which will provide the same program in order to better supervise sermons. Institutes are therefore emerging in Les Mureaux in Yvelines, but also in Lille and Marseille. But on the spot, the candidates do not jostle: the course is long and the criteria to be retained quite strict. In Marseille, in the premises of the Al-Taqwa mosque, the brand new classrooms have not yet welcomed the first pupils.

Marseille. An owner finds her house, squatters had occupied it for two years

 Marseille. An owner finds her house, squatters had occupied it for two years © JOEL LE GALL / WEST FRANCE To avoid the arrival of new squatters, the family decided to call on a 24-hour security company. (Photo illustration) An owner has found her family home in the 12th arrondissement of Marseille after two years of squatting. The squatters were evicted on Tuesday, October 13, leaving the home in "unimaginable" condition, the owner said. Relief. On Tuesday, October 13, the squatters who occupied Monique Faure's family home were evicted.

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They are only six for the moment to meet all the criteria to access the training of imam: to be French-speaking, to reside in France, to have the bac, to be old between 18 and 45 years old ... And above all accept a three-year full-time training program, without financial compensation. "You have to find candidates who accept the training. It's complicated, because the training takes three years," said Amar Tazir, vice-president of the Islamic religious association in Marseille.

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A training necessary for an approved status

" The message we are sending today to the Muslim community is' Hurry up to organize yourself, to participate in the training of imams. We are advising young people to come. After three years, they will be imams. trained, with a diploma, approved. Imam status is in high demand, it will be a safe job, "he continues.

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Even more than employment, training is necessary to ensure the safety of the faithful according to him. "It is very important to have imams trained in France and French-speaking, because you never know who writes on the Internet. Is he an imam, a scholar, a thug? That's the danger." In fact, some men who preach here in mosques have no status and do not speak French.

Collapsed buildings on rue d'Aubagne in Marseille: the social landlord indicted .
© GERARD JULIEN / AFP One of the two buildings which collapsed in rue d'Aubagne, in Marseille, on November 5, 2018. After the collapse of two buildings in Marseille in November 2018, the social landlord Marseille Habitat was indicted, as well as the mixed economy company of the city of Marseille.

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