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The roof _____ before winter comes. A. requires to be repaired. Before the computer could be repaired, a special part had _____ from Germany. If you need advice, Mr. Wisdom is the person you should talk to. Where is the computer that was sent this morning?

1. The should clean these windows before tomorrow. 2. The workes gave the boss some flowers. 3. The police followed the thieves into a building. 1. These windows should be cleaned before tomorrow. 2. Some flowers were given to the boss by the workers.

In addition to the well-known spring cleaning, there are also some important and quickly forgotten things that should be cleaned towards the end of the year and before the start of winter

Vor Winterbeginn sollten diese Dinge geputzt werden istockphoto © istockphoto These things should be cleaned before the start of winter istockphoto

Autumn is in full swing and winter is already approaching. But the cool temperatures also have their advantages. Important things can now be cleaned before the start of winter and without the summer heat. Things that you may have been putting off all year long. Now is the time to clean these areas thoroughly, preferably before the first snow falls.

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Очень срочно! 1. This necklace _ to me by my granny when I was sixteen. is given is being questioned. 27. He felt much ____ than before . 29 are cleaned . 30 will have been published. 31 Is it.

1. Window

It is best not to clean windows in midsummer. The water evaporates too quickly and can leave unattractive streaks. Winter is also not a good choice for cleaning windows. Due to the cold it can happen that the water freezes slightly. A cloudy autumn day is therefore the perfect opportunity to get to grips with dirty windows and balcony doors. Incidentally, the is the best trick for streak-free windows!

2. Radiator

The heater is not an object, because we clean every day or even weekly. But that should definitely be done once a year. Preferably before turning it up on cold days. You can clean the space between the heating elements with a long brush. Or you can try this ingenious trick with !

3. Winter coats

In the cold season we swap our denim jacket for a thick down coat. It is actually advisable to clean your winter jackets after the season and before summer. You can then be stored safely. However, if you haven't taken this step, now is the time to do it. Go through your coats and check the care labels.

4. Garden furniture

Before you put your garden furniture in the winter, you should remove the dirt from the summer. Blossoms, dust and other dirt must be thoroughly removed before chairs, benches, hammocks and the like are moved to a weatherproof place. This increases the durability of your garden furniture in the long term.

By the way: If you have your own house, you should clean the gutters before the start of winter. These should be clear before the first snow falls. It is also advisable to have the fireplace cleaned, if available. This removes old deposits and prevents excessive smoke formation.

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