Sport Smaller portions and “to go”: Germans produce more and more packaging waste

11:30  27 october  2020
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Read more : What to do about Germany 's mounting packaging waste ? Read more : EU unveils plan to make all plastic packaging recyclable by 2030 Read more : Sieren's China: Beijing will take less of the Startups around Europe are also experimenting with different approaches to wrapping produce .

Japan has one of the most successful _ in Asia. Read the article of a young journalist and choose the correct form of the verbs. INTERNET STARS I (1) ( to go ) to the gymnastics club four times a … week.

The consumption of packaging in Germany continues to increase. In 2018, the amount of waste rose again to a record high: 18.9 million tons were incurred, as the Federal Environment Agency announced on Tuesday. In mathematical terms, that was 227.5 kilograms per person, another kilo more than in the previous year. Private consumers again had a share of 47 percent. They produced over 8.9 million tons of packaging waste or 107.7 kilos per person - one percent more than in 2017 and a full 20.6 percent more than in 2010.

Gelbe Säcke für Verpackungsmüll und blaue Säcke für Papier in Hannover © dpa Yellow bags for packaging waste and blue bags for paper in Hanover

Das The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) therefore has no knowledge of how the Corona crisis has affected packaging consumption - the data for 2018 are the latest official. "Due to the closed shops and restaurants, however, it can be foreseen that above all more service packaging for food and drinks has been used," said the authority.

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The UK alone produces more than 170 tonnes of waste every year, much of which is food packaging . I have lots of videos to help you learn how to cook your own delicious vegan food and to avoid getting takeaway. Cooking from scratch will enable you to avoid the plastic packaging that so

As consumers become more conscious of their shopping habits, they’re looking not only for sustainable products but businesses dedicated to being They found a production partner that produces fabric from sustainably grown eucalyptus and beechwood trees to create pieces colored with low-impact dyes.

“to go” causes problems for the environment

In general, there are several reasons for the increase in recent years - in addition to economic growth, there are also consumer habits, the trend towards resealable packaging, dosing aids and generally more complex closures. "These functions can help to conserve resources through targeted dosing or to avoid food waste," it said. “However, additional functions are often associated with increasing material consumption.” In addition, there are still trends towards smaller portions, online shopping and eating and drinking “to go”.

UBA boss Dirk Messner warned: "Packaging should be avoided before it even arises." Reusable cups for coffee, for example, should become the norm, and those who take food with them should be able to do so in reusable containers. “The flood of pizza boxes and coffee mugs in rubbish bins and parks would come to an end.” Manufacturers should make packaging as simple as possible so that it is easy to recycle and use reusable packaging. "It is best to use recycled raw materials straight away for production," said Messner.

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The most obvious ways to help the environment are to conserve energy and use less water. As restaurant portions swell to epic sizes it’s getting harder and harder for some of us to lick our plates clean. More and more Americans have taken eating into their own hands by growing their own food.

More consuming produce more waste . Government and businesses encourage consuming because it leads to high Model Answer 4: Nowadays humans are producing more and more rubbish. Most of the litter seen on streets is fast food packaging . The plastic packaging does not break down easily.

Although there is a lot of packaging waste in Germany, a lot of it is also recycled - about 69 percent, as the UBA further announced. There are big differences depending on the material: for steel it is 91.9 percent, for aluminum 90.1 percent, for paper and cardboard 87.7 percent and for glass 83 percent. In contrast, only 47.1 percent of plastic packaging waste was recycled, and only 25.3 percent of wood.

These are also figures for 2018 - a new packaging law has been in force since 2019, which among other things prescribes higher recycling rates and aims to promote the recycling friendliness of packaging through financial incentives. The prescribed recycling rate for plastic packaging has been around 58.5 percent since 2019, and will rise to 63 percent in 2022. However, different calculation bases apply for these quotas than for the quotas given by the UBA for 2018, which relate to all packaging waste generated in Germany that has been recycled within Germany or in another country. (dpa)

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