Sport Kyler Murray talks about his viral mid-play smile, his 'big brother' Larry Fitzgerald, and what skill he'd steal from Derrick Henry

06:35  30 october  2020
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Kyler Murray's legendary Texas high school football career: The stats, the highlights, the best ever?

  Kyler Murray's legendary Texas high school football career: The stats, the highlights, the best ever? Kyler Murray never lost a high school football game. He won three state titles. He put up insane numbers. A look back at Murray's time at Allen (TX) High School is mighty impressive.Even growing up in Texas, known for its immense high school football traditions, Murray exuded all of the special qualities that led to him winning a Heisman Trophy and being drafted first overall in the 2019 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals. The speed, the arm talent, the winning. It was all there at Allen High School, north of Dallas.

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His brother Ellis sings him to sleep at night. Nine-year-old boy sings his big brother to sleep Their mother Debbie started recording the touching moments to share with friends and family, revealing how Alfie's face lights up when Ellis asks if it's time for a bedtime song - and responds with a big smile .

Kyler Murray standing on a baseball field: Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray. AP Photo/Jennifer Stewart © Provided by INSIDER Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray. AP Photo/Jennifer Stewart
  • Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is off to a stellar start to the 2020 NFL season.
  • After leading the Cardinals to a comeback win on Sunday night, Murray was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for the second time in his career.
  • Off the field, Murray has a new partnership with BodyArmor, joining an already stacked roster of athletes aligned with the brand.
  • Murray spoke with Insider about his new deal with BodyArmor, his big game on Sunday night, and how sliding became such an essential part of his game as a rusher.
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Kyler Murray is having quite a year.

How good was Kyler Murray at baseball? Former Oakland A's draft pick left a big 'what if' by picking NFL

  How good was Kyler Murray at baseball? Former Oakland A's draft pick left a big 'what if' by picking NFL Kyler Murray's baseball career was put on hold to play quarterback in the NFL, but his MLB performance with the Oakland Athletics could have been just as breathtaking.Only one player has ever been taken in the first round of both the MLB Draft and the NFL Draft: That's right, Murray. His rights are still owned by the Oakland Athletics if he ever decided to go for the two-sport route like Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders. For now, Murray is one of the NFL's most dynamic young quarterbacks.

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His father, Murray Wilson, steered his three sons, who became the Beach Boys, into singing and playing in the garage. His father’s family was near by but he doesn’t write about them or his father very much because of the negative feelings he had toward his father who was physically and verbally

After a dramatic overtime win against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night, Murray took home NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors for the second time in his career. In just his second season as the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, Murray has the team off to a 5-2 start to the season and looking like potential Super Bowl contenders come playoff time.

Off the field, Murray has just announced a new partnership with the BodyArmor, joining an athlete roster that already includes Christian McCaffrey, Trae Young, CeeDee Lamb, and Sabrina Ionescu aligned with the brand.

Murray spoke with Insider about how he paired up with BodyArmor, his big game on Sunday night, and what it's like to step into the huddle with Larry Fitzgerald.

Already a Texas high school legend, Cardinals QB Kyler Murray can further build fame in homecoming

  Already a Texas high school legend, Cardinals QB Kyler Murray can further build fame in homecoming Kyler Murray has never lost at AT&T Stadium, and all eyes will be on the Texas high school legend when the Cardinals visit the Cowboys Monday night.That’s what it boils down to for Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, he said, when he makes his much-anticipated Texas homecoming and meets the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on "Monday Night Football.

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This interview has been slightly edited for clarity.

You're now an equity partner with BodyArmor — how did that deal come together?

Over quarantine, I'm in the house, and all I could do was work out. I had to find a drink that I love to drink and got me great hydration as well. I started drinking BodyArmor as a daily deal. Obviously, them being interested in me and me being interested in them, here we are.

Do you have a go-to flavor?

Strawberry banana. I'm a strawberry banana guy.

And in quarantine, are you getting cases? Pallets delivered? One fridge entirely full of strawberry banana BodyArmor?

At first, I wasn't getting the shipments, so I was going to the gas station any chance I could to stock up, but now I got a whole fridge's worth.

I wanted to talk a little bit about your big game on Sunday. Your first touchdown to DeAndre Hopkins — you're smiling before you even throw the ball. You don't even need the laces on this one. Can you talk me through that play?

NBA confirms 2020 draft will be conducted virtually

  NBA confirms 2020 draft will be conducted virtually The plan is for NBA commissioner Adam Silver and deputy commissioner Mark Tatum to appear live at ESPN’s studios in Bristol, Conn., where they’ll reveal this year’s draft picks. As usual, Silver will announce the first-round selections, while Tatum will handle the second round.Although there won’t be a traditional “green room” for top prospects, a number of draftees will appear virtually, according to Thursday’s announcementThe NBA also conducted its August draft lottery virtually, while other leagues – including the WNBA and NFL – have completed virtual drafts already this year.

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President Donald Trump is making a late reelection pitch to voters in Michigan and Wisconsin, states in the Upper Midwest that were instrumental to his 2016 victory.

[Laughs] You kind of had to be there, but I'll describe it as best as possible. We got a hard count — playing with the cadence trying to get the defense to jump offsides. And we had one of our coaches on the sideline screaming, getting everybody's attention.

We snapped the ball on a random count, they're not ready, our receivers take off, and it's just my job to put the ball on Hop. He made a great play, obviously.

Did you know that you were smiling? Could you tell? Or was that something that you saw on the replay afterward?

After the game, everyone was hyped up, having a great time, and I saw it on social media that they had put out there that I was smiling or that I already knew that it was going to be a touchdown before I threw it. But I think it was just a heat of the moment thing — I can't recall, you know, smiling before I threw it. But it's funny for sure.

Another big moment in that game is your final drive of regulation. You need a field goal to tie, you're out of timeouts, and Larry Fitzgerald takes over duties grabbing the ball and rushing it to your center whenever a player goes down, making sure you are clocking the ball as quickly as you can.

TJ Watt says he knew how to stop Titans running back Derrick Henry by watching his brother do it the week before

  TJ Watt says he knew how to stop Titans running back Derrick Henry by watching his brother do it the week before TJ Watt is one of the most dominant defensive players in the NFL, but he still learns from his older brother from time to time.Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt made one of the most impressive plays of the game against Henry late in the first half. With the Steelers up 17-7, the Titans had the ball with just over two minutes left in the second quarter and were hoping to start a drive that could close the gap before halftime.

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Video: 'I'm Scared': Why Bills Should Be Nervous After Zero Touchdowns vs. Jets (RADIO.COM)

Is there a call before that last possession like "Okay, two-minute offense, Fitz's is getting the ball," or is that just Fitz being a veteran, knowing the situation?

We coach it every day, honestly. We've had so many hours over quarantine to watch film over Zoom, that's just part of our two-minute. Credit to our coaches for making us aware of those moments. We've practiced it so many times.

Obviously, we don't even have to tell Fitz that — he's played so many games of football in his life. So for him, that's just his natural instinct. Trying to get the ball as quick as possible and clock it so we can save time. But that was a huge turning point in the game to be able to go down there, 53 seconds, no timeouts, to be able to tie the game and go to overtime, that was a crucial moment.

Watching it, I couldn't help but think, "Man, that guy has played 17 years in the NFL. He knows what he's doing out there."

Yeah. You can't trick him.

What's your relationship with Fitz like? I'm imagining you coming in as a young leader on this team, and he's a legend. Was there ever any tension there?

Never any tension. Obviously, receiver-quarterback relationship, when things aren't ... Say we miss a route, or I miss a throw or stuff like that — he'll never drop the ball. It's always my fault. Let's put it that way. But he's like a big brother to me.

Robert Murray, Ohio coal baron who fought government regulations, dies at 80

  Robert Murray, Ohio coal baron who fought government regulations, dies at 80 He grew Murray Energy into one of the country’s largest mining companies and enlisted President Trump’s help in supporting the coal industry. His lawyer, Michael J. Shaheen, did not give a precise cause but said that Mr. Murray had recently applied for federal benefits offered to coal miners suffering from black lung disease. Mr. Murray had previously fought government regulations that aimed to combat the disease, which is caused by long-term exposure to coal dust.

Have you ever yelled at Larry Fitzgerald?

Have I ever yelled at Larry? [pause]

Yeah. Yeah, I have.

The game was originally going to be an afternoon game, but you got bumped to Sunday night due to the Raiders COVID scare. When did you find out that you would be playing in primetime?

I want to say it was Thursday. Pretty late in the week. Everyone in the building kind of had an inkling that we could be bumped, playing Russell Wilson and with the Seahawks undefeated, us just beating the Cowboys in the fashion that we did. It's a crucial division game. We got playmakers. They got playmakers. I think it did the job of a primetime game.

COVID is obviously the biggest story of the 2020 season. What's been the biggest adjustment you've had to make in the COVID era of the NFL?

It's definitely something that we had to get used to, but we're here to do what we love, and that's play football. Me personally, I'm a real low-key guy anyways, so as far as going out, stuff like that, it's kind of just made my job a lot easier.

It's unfortunate what's going on, but I can't wait to get the fans back and have them rocking with us.

I want to ask about your rushing style quickly. You've got the smoothest slide in the NFL, and you've been doing it since college. Was there a certain coach that helped you bring that into your game?

No. I've always been one of the smallest, if not the smallest guy on the football field. I don't think anyone on the field wants to get hit, especially at the quarterback position. So for me, being able to run, being blessed with the ability to run fast whenever I get outside the pocket, my kinda thing was, "How can I help my team when I'm on the sideline?"

Timberwolves meet with LaMelo Ball ahead of NBA Draft

  Timberwolves meet with LaMelo Ball ahead of NBA Draft There’s no reason to believe that Ball will last beyond the first three picks in the draft. His stock simply continues to skyrocket. That could lead to a trip to the Twin Cities and a newly minted Timberwolves jersey here soon.Subscribe to Yardbarker's Morning Bark, the most comprehensive newsletter in sports. Customize your email to get the latest news on your favorite sports, teams and schools. Emailed daily. Always free! Sign up now ▸More must-reads:Timberwolves in active trade discussions regarding No. 1 pickTimberwolves VP on NBA draft: 'We're ready to pick'The 'No.

That's something coaches have always taught me. So I had to protect myself, and [sliding] was one of the ways I could do that. I pride myself on being able to take care of myself and be on the field for my guys, so that's a big thing. But no, nobody ever taught me how to slide.

If you could steal a skill from any other rusher in the NFL, what would you take?

I mean, Derrick Henry, he's 6'4", he's got a stiff-arm. I think I would go with his stiff-arm.

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James Wiseman has No. 1 overall pick-caliber talent, but apparently he does not actually want to go with the No. 1 overall pick. © The Commercial Appeal-USA TODAY NETWORK via Imagn Content Services, LLC James Wiseman might have a specific reason for not wanting to be selected with the top pick of the draft. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst appeared this week on “The Scoop w/ Doogie.” In the episode, Windhorst said Wiseman does not want to go to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who hold the No. 1 selection in next month’s draft. “Wiseman does not want to come to Minnesota because Karl Towns is there,” said Windhorst.

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