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17:25  26 november  2020
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Obituary: Argentine soccer genius Maradona saw heaven and hell

  Obituary: Argentine soccer genius Maradona saw heaven and hell Obituary: Argentine soccer genius Maradona saw heaven and hellMaradona had died after suffering a heart attack at his home in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, those close to him confirmed.

JUST WATCHED. Diego Maradona : Football icon dies at age 60. Photos: Soccer legend Diego Maradona . Maradona kisses his Boca Juniors teammate Claudio Caniggia after a goal Photos: Soccer legend Diego Maradona . Maradona gives instructions to Argentina star Lionel Messi during a

Diego Maradona stunned England with two of the most famous World Cup goals of all time at the 1986 World Cup © Reuters. In a way, this game was the perfect microcosm of what Diego Armando Maradona brought to a football pitch: unbelievable artistry combined with a ruthless 'anything at any

From the gutter to fame - Maradona embodied rock'n'roll in football. With all of its madness. A tribute.

Ein Kerl, ein Irrer, ein Fußballgott. Trauer in Neapel um Diego Maradona. Der Argentinier holte mit dem Verein der Stadt mehrere Titel und wird immer noch verehrt. © Photo: Alessandra Tarantino / dpa A guy, a madman, a football god. Mourning in Naples for Diego Maradona. The Argentine won several titles with the city's club and is still revered.

In one of the last videos in which Diego Maradona can be seen, he is dancing with his ex-girlfriend. But the attachments alone are not enough for Maradona. The football god pulls bare. Maradona presents his big ass. And continues to dance, bared, with the woman who does not show what she thinks of being an extra in a close-up fool.

The video is embarrassing and yet a message that suits Maradona. You can me. Lick my ass. The credo of an eternal rock'n'roller. If need be, into the depths of absurdity.

OBITUARY: Maradona rose from poverty to become one of the greatest

  OBITUARY: Maradona rose from poverty to become one of the greatest JEFF POWELL: To many, Diego Maradona is best remembered for the Hand of God goal that knocked England out of Mexico 86 and his later descent into drugs. But Jeff Powell, who was the first British journalist to recognise his genius, believes the little Argentine should be celebrated as the greatest player (bar one) to have graced the game © Provided by Daily Mail Diego Maradona, one of the all-time ultimate legends of football, has died at the age of 60 © Provided by Daily Mail Many will remember him for the  'Hand of God' but the little Argentine was so much more Two nights after Argentina's tumult

Diego Maradona played football at a time when the sport wasn't globalized, but the Argentine's To watch a player like that, an idol for so many, no distance was too far, no temperature too cold. Maradona will be juggling the ball elsewhere now. And everyone else will stop and stare , just like I

Brazilian football icon Pele has offered condolences after the death of Argentinian superstar Diego Maradona , whose sudden passing has shocked “Certainly, one day we’ll kick a ball together in the sky above,” Pele said in a brief statement to Reuters. Pele and Maradona are widely regarded as two

Maradona was the Elvis of football. Rebellious poses, rock star airs, drug and drug abuse, crashes, phases of resurrection, notorious excess, eternal puberty, a sad end as a fat, tragicomic icon. And everything is outshone by the glamorous genius with which Diego Maradona and Elvis Presley became historical figures.

Presley shaped the style of the rocker in pop history, Maradona that of the eccentric in football. Of the three greatest players of all time, Maradona is the one who was more than a footballer. The other two are Pelé, who remained well-behaved after the end of his grandiose, title-filled career, and Lionel Messi .

Maradona was never pale like Messi

He's still playing, he's also the only one who reaches Maradona's genius on the pitch. In April 2007, he dribbled over half the pitch when FC Barcelona won the cup match against FC Getafe and shot into the goal from an acute angle.

Naples' mayor begins process to rename stadium for Maradona

  Naples' mayor begins process to rename stadium for Maradona The mayor of Naples started the formal process to rename the San Paolo stadium for Diego Maradona on Thursday. The move comes with the city in mourning for the soccer great, who died Wednesday of a heart attack at age 60, two weeks after being released from a hospital in Buenos Aires following brain surgery. “We are already putting it together this morning, taking the first steps to dedicate Naples’ stadium to Maradona,” Luigi De Magistris said. “It’s a process but it will be a quick process, because when there is such a strong desire there’s nothing that will hold us up.

Diego Maradona , perhaps the most talked-about footballer in the history of the game, has died aged 60. The 5 feet 5 inch football wizard had been recovering from an operation to remove a blood clot from his brain and was most recently discharged from hospital near Buenos Aires on 11 November.

Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60. The Argentina World Cup winner and the national team's former manager had been in hospital in Buenos Aires The Argentine Football Association (AFA) said on Twitter: "The Argentine Football Association, through its president Claudio Tapia, expresses its

An insane copy of the goal Maradona scored against England in the June 1986 World Cup quarter-finals Argentina. But it is becoming apparent that Messi will never achieve the bizarre glamor that his compatriot Maradona had.

And you don't want to - if you ignore Messi's attempt to look less pale with shrill tattoos and hideous jackets. But no comparison to the lifestyle of a Maradona, despite his Che Guevara tattoo on the right upper arm. Maradona was never pale. He remains unique.

Video: The Myth of Chernivtsi (dw.com)

Günter Netzer, sexy contrast to the bored Beckenbauer

In Germany there is only one footballer who got the type of rock'n'roller crisp. Günter Netzer. He was never as crazy as Maradona, he didn't stumble and has largely lost its glamor, but in the collective memory Netzer remains the long-haired pop star from the sixties seventies.

Diego Maradona once said he hated 'everything' from the US, and called President George W. Bush 'human trash'

  Diego Maradona once said he hated 'everything' from the US, and called President George W. Bush 'human trash' At an anti-Bush protest in Argentina in 2005, Maradona also wore a "Stop Bush" t-shirt that had the "s" in "Bush" replaced by a swastika.Speaking in 2007 to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Maradona discussed his own personal belief in socialism, and denounced the US.

Football legend Maradona has passed away at the age of 60. I am creating this thread to collect tributes from across the Brendan Rodgers pays tribute to Diego Maradona following his passing. Both have lived more stable lives than the overweight former cocaine addict who tops this list, whose

With the Falklands War still fresh on Argentine minds, Argentina played England in the 1986 World Cup where Diego Maradona stepped into football legend.

The photo of the "King vom Bökelberg" standing on the Uerdingen Rhine bridge, cool look, lush mane, wide flared trousers, the Ferrari diagonally behind him with pop-up headlights, is an iconic picture. And a sexy contrast to boring people like Franz Beckenbauer.

But Netzer is far too much of a Prussian to savor the rock'n'roll lifestyle like Diego Maradona. Who maybe needed it more. Maradona dribbled her way to fame from a gutter in Buenos Aires. Apparently he still carried the filth from before.

Symbiosis of politics, pop and football

This is how rock'n'roll can slide into naivety. There's this photo from the noughties showing Maradona with Fidel Castro. The gray-bearded comandante in battle uniform and the small, overweight Argentine with orange hair.

The old rocker of the left and the old punk of football. Maradona went to Cuba several times for rehab, the effect was limited. Still an iconic picture, with a macabre aesthetic and a document of the symbiosis of politics, pop and sport. But also a pointer to the political abyss into which Maradona went. Not only because he had Castro's likeness tattooed on his left lower leg.

Maradona's ex-girlfriend banned from joining his family at state wake

  Maradona's ex-girlfriend banned from joining his family at state wake Rocio Oliva, who dated Diego Maradona for six and a half years, was abruptly turned away from the Argentine presidential palace under orders of the soccer legend's ex-wife Claudia Villafañe.Rocio Oliva arrived at Casa Rosada at 4:40am in hopes of saying farewell to Maradona, whose casket is lying in state, and was immediately informed by a security guard behind the gate that she was not allowed to enter the grounds.

propaganda protégé for dictators

rock'n'rollers can be quite naive. He was photographed as a propaganda protégé at the dictator's side. Then also with Hugo Chávez, the authoritarian left President of Venezuela who died in 2013.

The fact that Chavez ruined the country with his quick-start socialism does not seem to have been important to Maradona. Even as a footballer in Naples, he wasn't picky about the choice of his buddies.

Maradona befriended the family of Mafia boss Carmine Giuliano. In 1991 he had to leave Italy and was branded an "undesirable person" by the state. When he was gone, he was sentenced to pimping and drug trafficking, 14 months on probation.

But of course a Maradona doesn't end up in jail. Rock’n’Roll on the wrong track. Nevertheless: in the hereafter may the hand of God protect Maradona.

Remembering Diego Maradona, a leftie on the field — and in politics .
While Diego Maradona never ran or held public office, his success on the field, larger-than-life personality and friendships with leftist leaders connected him to political life in Argentina and across Latin America over more than three decades. “Fútbol is practically our religion. It’s impossible to separate Argentina from fútbol,” said Patricio Eleisegui, a fan from Argentina who last week visited Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca, the site of the 1986 England game. “Maradona was a representation of all our dreams.

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