Sport Cameroon: skepticism dominates among many Cameroonians before the regional elections

07:10  30 november  2020
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Ethiopia’s Tigray leader confirms firing missiles at Eritrea

  Ethiopia’s Tigray leader confirms firing missiles at Eritrea NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The leader of Ethiopia’s rebellious Tigray region has confirmed firing missiles at neighboring Eritrea’s capital and is threatening more, marking a huge escalation as the deadly fighting in northern Ethiopia between Tigray forces and the federal government spills across an international border. Tigray regional President Debretsion Gebremichael, in a phone interview Sunday with The Associated Press, would not say how many missiles were fired at the city of Asmara on Saturday but said it was the only city in Eritrea that was targeted.

Elections in Cameroon , scheduled for October 7, will be held against a backdrop of uncertainty in the English-speaking regions and amid Many people have gone away. Too many people are dying, too many people are being displaced. We need to sit at the same table as Cameroonians and talk it out

Presidential elections were held in Cameroon on 7 October 2018. The previous presidential elections on 9 October 2011 saw incumbent president Paul Biya elected for another seven-year term following a 2008 constitutional amendment that removed term limits, allowing Biya to run again.

Photo du marché de Mokolo, à Yaoundé, le 11 otobre 2018. (photo d'illustration) © AP - Sunday Alamba Photo of the Mokolo market, in Yaoundé, on October 11, 2018. (illustration photo)

The regional elections in Cameroon will take place at the end of the week, Sunday December 6. A historic indirect suffrage: even if provided for in the 1996 Constitution, this will indeed be the first time that regional councils have been set up with regional presidents. This is the last stage of the decentralization put in place by the government. But in Yaoundé, the capital, few are those who follow a poll that seems to have been decided in advance. Report at the Melen market.

With our special correspondent in Yaoundé, Jeanne Richard

'Not a whole lot of innovation': 2020 election misinformation was quite predictable, experts say

  'Not a whole lot of innovation': 2020 election misinformation was quite predictable, experts say Much of the misinformation surrounding the 2020 election was somewhat predictable, but social media makes it easier to spread, one expert said."So much of this actually boils down to just, like, a set of narratives that comes up every time after the election," said Kate Starbird, a professor at the University of Washington. "And now there's just this ability to very quickly amplify them.

“You can’t sleep,” says bishop Andrew Nkea, of the Mamfe diocese in south-west Cameroon . “Even with all the stamina I have from my faith, I couldn’t sleep when I went to Kembong and saw the houses that had been burned down …

The road followed by Cameroon , when compared to those of most African countries, notably Niger and Benin, seems to be different in regards to what political framework was 4It is an overstatement to talk of a Cameroonian political system before independence, since Cameroon was under colonial rule.

In a tavern in the Melen market, men are seated in front of skewers. One of them is elected to the city's municipal council. Sunday, December 6, he will vote in the regional elections . "I am among the great voters," he confides.

He praises a new system closer to the population, even if the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (RDPC), the party in power, is almost guaranteed to win all the regions: “With decentralization, there is a local government which will have to manage. The central government is there just to outline. I am far from believing that the central power will continue to hold the reins. »

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“It's a facade democracy”

But two young people, sitting in front of a shop, sum up the general feeling. “I'm not interested, to tell you. My neighbors are not either, ”says one of them. The second adds: “Most people don't even know what it is. Few are interested in political affairs. "

Not far away, a man leaning against a door explains:" There is only one party in Cameroon. When other parties seek to develop, they are “branded”, in a way. This means that the elections concern, in fact, only one party. There is no match, no election. It is a facade democracy. "

Without political openness, without substantive debate, he does not believe that true decentralization is possible.

On the eve of the regional meetings, Cameroonians think above all of the end of year celebrations .
© Tim E. White / Getty Images View of Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon. (Illustration photo) The regional elections are due to take place this Sunday, December 6 in Cameroon, but the population is not very concerned about the ballot. Particularly because it is the electorate who are called to vote and not the general population, which rather has in mind the organization of the end of the year celebrations in a difficult economic context.

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