Sport Tony Romo and Jim Nantz perplexed by the Bills’ correct choice to go for two late against the Chiefs

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Tony Romo cracks 'tip' joke after Drew Brees goal-line play

  Tony Romo cracks 'tip' joke after Drew Brees goal-line play Tony Romo was all about the sexual innuendo after a goal-line play by Drew Brees on Sunday. Brees tried for a quarterback sneak with the ball at 1 late in the New Orleans Saints’ win over the Chicago Bears in their NFC Wild Card game. Brees leaped and extended the ball before quickly pulling and tucking the ball to protect against a fumble.Replays showed that Brees actually pulled the ball back too quickly and it never broke the plane of the end zone. pic.twitter.com/BZz8cqX6k1 — Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer) January 11, 2021 Romo enjoyed pointing out that “just the tip” had to get over.

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Let’s start with this: the Buffalo Bills were probably not going to beat the Chiefs tonight, and they were much less likely to beat them once they trailed 38-15 with less than five minutes to go in the game.

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Bills coach Sean McDermott had already made one wrong call, kicking a field goal against a Patrick Mahomes-led offense from the Kansas City two-yard line. (You’re going to need touchdowns, opposing coaches. Please figure this out.) This time, though, the Bills made the right choice. Trailing 38-21, they elected to go for two. This surprised Nantz and Romo; an extra point, after all, would make it a two-possession game. (We’ll come back to this.)

Andy Reid's play call on that final 4th down absolutely blew Tony Romo's mind

  Andy Reid's play call on that final 4th down absolutely blew Tony Romo's mind Tony Romo has always been really good at predicting what a football team is going to do in crucial situations but on Sunday we found out he is, in fact, human as he got it wrong on the biggest play of the Browns-Chiefs game and then lost his mind over how things played out.…The Chiefs had 4th and inches in the final minute of their 22-17 win. The offense, with backup QB Chad Henne in shotgun, lined up for the play and Romo thought they were just going to try to draw the Browns offside and ice the game. He didn’t think they were going to run a play… but then they ran a play and Chad Henne hit Tyreek Hill for a short gain and a first down that ended the game.

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Buffalo failed to convert, meaning the lead was 17, with about four minutes left to play. When the Bills recovered an onside kick, Romo immediately hammered McDermott’s choice, with Nantz joining in agreement.

After a ridiculous sequence saw the Bills facing 4th and 28, leading to a long field goal try, Nantz and Romo again brought up the fact that the game should have been a two-score game already:

This is doing a disservice to the viewer, because the logic behind Buffalo’s decision is both simple and sound. Down 17 points, had the Bills kicked an extra point, they would have trailed by 16. That is technically a two-score game, yes, but only if you’re factoring in two converted two-point tries. By failing to convert then, they at least learned as quickly as possible that they’d need three more scores, not two. It’s always better to have the relevant information as quickly as possible, because it can affect strategy and urgency down the stretch.

Tony Romo and Jim Nantz perplexed by the Bills’ correct choice to go for two late against the Chiefs

  Tony Romo and Jim Nantz perplexed by the Bills’ correct choice to go for two late against the Chiefs Tampa Bay Buccaneers outside linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul channels Kobe after NFC championship win.

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There’s also the admittedly remote scenario that, had Buffalo scored two touchdowns and converted both two-point tries, a third touchdown then would have afforded them the choice between playing for a tie with a PAT and going for two and the win.

This is all fairly academic in this case. The Bills had basically zero chance to come back and tie or win that game no matter how their conversion went, or if they’d have kicked the PAT instead. It’s just unfortunate that one of the most famous (and highest-paid) analysts in broadcasting today wasn’t able to offer why Buffalo would do what they did. Even if Romo had a reason for disagreeing with the tactic, he could have offered that in response, but instead viewers were either offered analysis they knew was incorrect, or had their incorrect and outdated notions reinforced without insight.

That’s not good for anyone.

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