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15:55  17 february  2021
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GameStop, Reddit, and Robinhood are testifying to Congress today. Here's what to expect.

  GameStop, Reddit, and Robinhood are testifying to Congress today. Here's what to expect. Reddit may side with individual investors, Robinhood might try to condemn hedge funds, and Congress will likely call for market stability.The CEOs of Reddit, Robinhood, Melvin Capital, and Citadel will testify following an unexpected rally of GameStop stock driven by individual investors.

The share of the Chinese e-commerce specialist JD.com has made a significant leap and has thus surpassed the previous high of around 100 dollars. The trigger was the report that the company plans to outsource its delivery division JD Logistics and place it separately on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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With this, JD.com is part of an ever-growing line of Chinese companies that are using the current good stock market environment either for an IPO or for secondary listings. This mainly affects companies that are currently listed on American stock exchanges. As is well known, the ongoing disputes over trade issues there cause concerns that trading in Chinese stocks on Wall Street will be restricted.

Robinhood's Super Bowl ad won't let class-action lawsuits spoil the mood

  Robinhood's Super Bowl ad won't let class-action lawsuits spoil the mood Days after angry users slapped it with lawsuits amid the GameStop trading chaos, Robinhood has debuted its first Super Bowl ad. The upbeat, 30-second spot focuses on the idea that everyone is an investor. According to CNBC, the ad will kick off the stock trading app's biggest brand campaign to date, but it comes at a time when Robinhood is in crisis mode. The company restricted trading on a number of stocks with high volatility last week, including GameStop, AMC and BlackBerry. Day traders from the WallStreetBets subreddit fueled the rise of those stocks. The share price of GameStop, in particular, went through the roof.

According to the data available, the logistics subsidiary accounts for a good 4 percent of group sales. That corresponds to around 35 billion Hong Kong dollars, the equivalent of around 3.7 billion euros. JD.com has already announced that it will keep more than 50 percent of JD Logistics after the spin-off. The division itself could be valued at around $ 40 billion after going public.

Since the recent IPOs in Hong Kong enjoyed extremely high demand, analysts and investors naturally assume that the logistics division can also achieve a very good placement result when the time comes, which affects the evaluation in the JD- Balance sheet would have a positive impact. The current jump in the JD.com share does not have to be the end of the revaluation.

CO2 certificates: Gambling against climate offenders

 CO2 certificates: Gambling against climate offenders The price for CO2 emission rights is going through the roof. Investors can earn money with certificates. © dpa Industrial companies that chase more CO2 through the chimneys than they have in terms of EU emission rights, they have to buy them on the stock exchange. Three, two, one, mine. The power exchange in Leipzig (EEX) is something like the Ebay for CO2 emission rights. Because EEX organizes the auctioning of pollution rights for 25 EU member states.

Speculatively positioned investors can rely on the chances of further price increases at JD.com with a leverage product. We recommend an Open End Turbo from HSBC with a leverage of 4.4. From the current price level, we believe the paper has a 50 percent price opportunity with a price target of 3.00 euros. We set the stop loss at 1.20 euros.

• Underlying: JD.com

• Product type: Knock-Out Warrants

• Issuer: HSBC


• Term: Open end

• Price knockout call (02/17/2021 13:55 Clock): 2.05 euros

• Base price variable: 83.4381 dollars

• Knock-out threshold: 83.4381 dollars

• Leverage: 4.4

• Distance to knock-out: 22.1 percent

• Stop -Loss Put: 1.20 Euro

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Temporary restrictions on GameStop, other stocks lifted by Robinhood .
Stock trading app Robinhood late Thursday announced that it had lifted all temporary restrictions on stocks, following a series of backlash from users and lawmakers after the company placed limits on GameStop, AMC and other stocks last week. Robinhood announced the change in a blog post on Thursday, telling app users, "There are currently no temporary limits to increasing your positions."The trading platform last Thursday blocked users from buying or trading stocks that had been targeted by members of the Reddit subforum r/WallStreetBets to drive up the price of stocks that traditional hedge funds have shorted, including GameStop, AMC and BlackBerry.

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