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EU Wins Vaccine Deal; Doses Go Unused in Germany: Virus Update

  EU Wins Vaccine Deal; Doses Go Unused in Germany: Virus Update The European Commission secured hundreds of millions of additional doses and vowed to speed the clearance of vaccines targeting coronavirus variants. Meantime, fewer than one-tenth of the AstraZeneca Plc vaccine doses delivered to Germany have been administered in the initial days of the rollout. The United Nations is pushing for a worldwide vaccination effort. In the U.K., scientists are set to carry out the world’s first study to deliberately expose volunteers to the new coronavirus to speed research.New York City warned of vaccine shortages stemming from the winter storms that have paralyzed large swaths of the nation.

Ce repas de famille est une des scènes extraite du très riche ensemble de 700 plaques de verre qu’explore Jean-Michel Delage. survey © Coll. particular / DR This family meal is one of the scenes taken from the very rich set of 700 glass plates explored by Jean-Michel Delage.

Photographer Jean-Michel Delage has embarked on a fascinating investigation based on a rich anonymous photographic collection dating from the 1920s. Do you recognize this family?

About fifteen kilos of glass plates for 700 photographs of the same family from the 1920s ... The impressive anonymous collection explored by Jean-Michel Delage continues to reveal its wealth while retaining its mystery.

I don't know anything about this family apart from the few first names scribbled on the cardboard boxes, explains the photographer from Angevin. I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together and identify a number of places. I think it’s a pretty affluent Le Mans family. But I would like to know more and, if possible, to be able to meet descendants.

Hildebrand and Co .: The longest zero series in the Bundesliga

 Hildebrand and Co .: The longest zero series in the Bundesliga Falken Motorsport provides a seven-man squad of drivers for the Nürburgring long-distance series and the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring in 2021. Falken Motorsport to go to the Nürburgring in 2021 -Nordschleife with the drivers Martin Ragginger, Klaus Bachler, Sven Müller, Lance David Arnold, Dirk Werner, Thomas Preining and Alessio Picariello in the two Porsche 911 GT3 R. You are contesting the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS, formerly VLN) and the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring.

Germaine et Mimi autour de la table. © Coll. particular / DR Germaine and Mimi around the table. Le Mans from the 1920s in the La photographe photographiée. Très jolie scène de bord de mer. boxes © Coll. particular / DR The photographed photographer. Very pretty seaside scene.

Passionate about old photographs, Jean-Michel has "the eye". His expertise quickly enabled him to identify the paws of two different photographers: the man named Jean, and the woman, Germaine. They are not professional photographers but enthusiasts who have a real sense of staging. They know how to compose their photos and strike a pose. Back in the day, you had to stand still for several seconds in front of the lens.

La cathédrale Saint-Julien a aussi inspiré la famille de photographes. © Coll. particular / DR The Saint-Julien cathedral has also inspired the family of photographers.

We were a long way from instant selfies, but that didn't stop artists from indulging in self-portraits. Germaine made a very beautiful portrait of her, continues the photographer. She puts down and holds in her hand the pear that allowed the triggering of the device in her hand.

Netflix Taps Annenberg Inclusion Initiative for Deep Dive Into Its Own Content

  Netflix Taps Annenberg Inclusion Initiative for Deep Dive Into Its Own Content Netflix commissioned the USC Annenberg Inclusion Institute to analyze the diversity of its original content, and is now publicly sharing the results.To do so, Netflix commissioned USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, the leader in this space, to analyze all of its U.S.-based, live-action original scripted content released in 2018 and 2019, using the same rigorous examination protocols that AII applies to its independent studies of inclusion in the entertainment industry. (Last week, Starz partnered with UCLA’s Center for Scholars & Storytellers to commission a similar study of its own programming as part of its new #TakeTheLead inclusion initiative.

The plaques revealed very beautiful family scenes like this literary tête-à-tête around the table or the delicate game of a photographer photographed by the sea. And then there are the landscapes. This family knew the pleasures of the sea and the mountains. We find it in La Baule, Bordeaux, Lausanne… Le Mans and its surroundings also appear several times. Often maybe. There are still so many places to identify.

Une maison sans doute importante pour la famille. La reconnaissez-vous ? © Coll. particular / DR A home undoubtedly important for the family. Do you recognize her? Take the survey!

The investigating photographer progresses in his work thanks to his intuition, his deductions and his research as well as the helping hands of all those who have developed a passion for this story. Jean-Michel received many "tips" from these informants on the Facebook page "Photographer in 1920" or by email jm2lage@gmail.com. If you recognize this family or the places they photographed, feel free to participate in the survey!

The photographer's approach is not voyeuristic. Its only objective is the safeguard and enhancement of a rich photographic ensemble of both documentary and artistic interest. A set that it would have been a shame to disseminate or to see disappear.

Millions Of Women Face Health Risk From Cuts to Modi’s Fuel Plan .
Five years ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government offered Indian women a chance to dramatically improve their lives with cooking fuel subsidies in what became one of his administration’s most celebrated campaigns. Now, hamstrung by a widening fiscal deficit, New Delhi has been slowly reducing the size of those handouts -- a shift that risks upsetting women voters and potentially exposing millions to heavier levels of pollution.In Allauddinnagar, a village in India’s Uttar Pradesh state, Laxmi Kishore, a 35-year-old homemaker, is worried.

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